View Full Version : Final trip report for Dec 14-19th

12-22-2005, 01:41 PM
OK, So Sunday morning we wake up and get to the park around 9 (after a quickie McDonald's breakfast). We went straight to Space Mtn for FP. The ride was broken down, so we headed to Buzz after that to try and beat our score of 228,000!! We went back to Space to see if it was up and running (it was) so we jumped in line, because it was only about 25 min wait.
We then jumped onto Matterhorn and then over to Small World. After that we got a second FP for Space and killed some time at Innoventions (we love ASIMO) and if anyone knows if they sell miniature ASIMO's please let me know!!!

After ASIMO we took a stroll down Main Street because it was crowded so we wanted to look at all the shops. We watched the band play and bought 2 white hot chocolates, it was nice and relaxing!

We decided to have lunch at Carnation Cafe and that was quite the experience! While I waited in line, Dan went to get FP for HMH. I was seated right away, so I was waiting for him..and my throat was getting worse and I was feeling more sick. But the waitress wouldn't approach me until Dan got back (I was dying for some hot tea) anyway, this ended up being the longest lunch ever!! I don't know what was going on, but my half sandwich and soup and Dan's sandwich took so long that people who were seated after us (and I mean after dan got back and had his menu and ordered) were getting their meals and paying before we got our food!!! It was crazy!! We were there for a little over an hour-the waitress never really apologized but she was this older woman who was cheerful so we really didn't mind and the park was so busy anyway.

Since lunch took so long, we could actually get another FP so we got one for Buzz and then decided to head over to head over to DCA to get a FP for Soarin and then take our break early.

After a nice long nap at the hotel for me, and Dan got to watch the Redskins win (yeah!) we headed back to DCA at night. We first went on Soarin (requested front row center so you don't see any feet or the side of the screen!!) And then we went back to Screamin.
We then took Goofy to his very first Bug's Life and Muppet Vision ; ) and took a ride on the TOT.

By this time we were hungry for dinner so we headed back to DL. We headed over to Riverbelle Terrace for some great BBQ chicken, and unfortunately we could not find seating outside to catch s glimpse of Fantasmic again....but we could see some of it from the inside!

Then we went over to HMH during the show. Afterwards, we decided to take a break from Matterhorn during fireworks and see what it would be like on Splash-it was great!! Well, the first part of the ride when you are outside we could see all the fireworks, but sadly when we were going down the big drop at the end, there was a lull in the fireworks and we saw nothing : (

I think we rode Big Thunder after this and then slowly made our way back to Tomorrowland to use our three FPs. We ended the night with one Buzz and 2 Space rides-and Dan beat out our old score at 550,000 points!!!! (He was number 58 for the day!)

Sunday was supposed to be our last night and we were supposed to drive home Sunday afternoon but because we were both sick and missed out on 2 good days at the park, we stayed one extra night. So Monday we woke up late, packed and didn't get to the park until 10!! We got a FP for Space that wasn't ready until 3:20-guess we'll be staying until at least then! We decided to have a character breakfast at PLaza Inn-it was great-the Mickey Mouse waffles are the BEST!!

This was the busiest the park had been since we arrived. We couldn't believe how much busier it was on a Monday than even a Saturday. We hardly rode anything on Monday. We walked over to Matterhorn and decided the line was too long, walked over to Big Thunder, line too long...knew we would never get on HMH and Pirates was out the door and around the corner. So we went up into the Gallery in NOS and sat on the Fantasmic balcony to regroup-very relaxing up there-got away from the crowds. We decided to suck it up and ride Pirates because it may be the last time before they renovate it. So that line ended being about 30 minutes. After that, we decided to try DCA. It was much less crowded so we rode TOT and went into the animation studios to draw Mickey (dan and I know now we do not have a future in animation!!) Then we went back to DL to do all of our shopping. We walked up and down Main street, bought a couple of items (baby Goofy now has a new friend in a big plush Pluto : )
and then it was 3:20-time for our final Space ride : (
We had a great time, and afterwards realized we should eat before we get on the road so we had Pizza from pizza port. It was at this time we realized that AZ is an hour later and we wouldn't beleaving the park until almost 5 pm!!! And after California rush hour-we didn't get home until midnight! (and we had to go to work the next morning!) Ahhh the sacrifices for a disney day!!! All worth it.
So that's it for my trip reports-we had a wonderful time and we were sorry we missed MOnsters Inc by one day...but the good news is that we are only 49 days away until our trip to Disneyworld for my husband's 30th birthday!!!!!!!
Happy Holidays!!