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10-22-2005, 02:14 PM
After staying up until 5 AM on a SCHOOL night, 10 hours of work on my costume... It was all worth it. But boy am I pooped. After this post I'm going to collapse on my bed and recover.

My boyfriend(his 1st time at DCA!) and I arrived at the park around 7:20, right when the gates opened. First, I encountered the scariest thing I saw that night: the ENORMOUS Chicken Little head peering the esplanade from inside to the left of DCA. Refer to Darkbeer's thread to see what I'm talking about. That thing is creepy. I screamed. Literally. Once inside, I just gazed at the Halloween Treat banner they put up on the Golden Gate Bridge and took a picture of it:
And realized my camera's batteries were all out of juice even though I recharged them the night before; hence why I barely have any pictures.:( (So I really look forward to other's reports to provide me with them... :p) The whole entire park was Halloween-ized, the streets, the characters, the shops... There was a huge pumpkin projected on the big sky backdrop in HPB and the Mickey head on California Screamin', which were really cool, and Halloween music was playing all throughout the park notably songs from NBC and I remember the Heffalumps and Woozles playing…

Our initial plan was to trick-or-treat first, but after looking at all the long lines we decided to just skip it until later on. ToT, and pretty much EVERY SINGLE RIDE that night had NO LINE AT ALL, we walked on ToT and there was a 5 minute line for Screamin, that's including the walk through the winding queue area. Rode ToT, and headed over to Fisherman's Wharf(I think it's what this place is called) to meet up with some friends. There are some scarecrows in front of the entrance of "a bug's land", they're really funny and the idea is cute but I kind of felt sorry that they had to stand up on that post for 3 hours long!!

Arrived at Fisherman’s Wharf to find our friends waiting in line to take a picture with Mickey and Minnie!! There was some live entertainment nearby, so we just boogied to whatever they were playing to kill time, including the Hokey Pokey. 8 people… In line.. The Hokey Pokey. (One costumed CM told us to come back soon and dance with her near the stage, but after we got our picture taken we totally forgot to… We’re sorry!!!! I feel really bad for not coming back… Sorry to whoever that CM was :crying: Moving along… Mickey and Minnie went backstage at random times for awhile to get a drink of water and rest or something… And one time Mickey fell!! :eek: Good thing Nurse Minnie was there to help him back up!! Mickey was dressed as Zorro. After 30 some minutes of waiting, finally got our picture taken, Pluto in his cute Clown outfit jumped in the picture before us but left when it was our turn :(
Here is us overcrowding Mickey and Minnie :( (Me on far left in white/blue)

The Bridge looking over Paradise pier is BEAUTIFUL. I recommend everybody who’s going take a picture over there. Everything is lit up, the water is orange/yellow because of all the lights and pumpkin projection on Mickey’s head… Just beautiful. Sadly, I do not have a picture of it to prove you… Hopefully DaddyB or someone else took a picture of it… Speaking of DaddyB, I think I saw him, walking towards CS’ but I wasn’t really sure… The guy had his tripod with him and everything… If this was you DaddyB, sorry I didn’t say “hi!” :( Rode CS’ and then back to ToT for one last ride. By the time it was around 9:30… There were no more lines for Trick or Treating in the Backlot by then! (Not sure about the lines around Paradise Pier.) Walked up to two candy stations and got my candy. Only a handful each :( It didn’t help that I had a hole in my bag for who knows how long because the seam of the bottom tore open for some reason, so by the end of the night I probably only had half of my stash left. :( Left by 10:00, because boyfriend had to catch train back to San Diego at 10:51.

The park was a little more crowded than I expected it to be, but overall the crowds were mild. The whole entire park was open EXCEPT the area of GRR and Golden Dreams(Soarin' IS open!) The night I felt was a little too short, and the lines too long considering how much there was to do at the park. Still an awesomely great time was had by all including the CMs, it was like one huge party :fez:

Characters I saw:
Mickey(Photo Location&Characters)
Minnie(Photo Location&Characters)
Captain Hook(at station)
Lady Tremaine(at station)
Snow White(at station)
Aurora(at station)

Last two pictures: The map and a shot of Lady Tremaine and Captain Hook:

Tips for those going on future nights: I would head over to Paradise Pier first, as it looked like everyone was going to either HPB or Fisherman's Wharf first, and working your way from inside the park and out. Looks like character locations might be busy all night, but Trick-or-Treat stations get less and less busy throughout the night. Don't worry about candy running out, they have plenty! As in... crates full. Rides are walk-on or 5-10 minute waits, or at least ToT or CS', as those are the only rides I went on, the more kid-oriented rides might be 7-15 minutes, because the majority of the people going had children with them. Waiting in line for a character location could average 30-45 minutes. Trick-or-Treat lines, perhaps 15-20. Enjoy the craft-and-face-painting for young-uns, because I didn't get the chance to ;_;

10-22-2005, 02:35 PM
Great report, I'm glad you had a good time! I was planning to go, but changed my trip to the following week so now I won't be there. Hopefully they'll do it again next year.

10-22-2005, 08:36 PM
Awesome report! Now I'm all excited to go on the 29th! :D