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Trip Reports
10-16-2005, 06:16 PM
* Time of Year: Winter
* Travel Method: Airplane and Airport Shuttle
* Resort: Quality Hotel Maingate
* Accommodations
* Ages Represented in Group: Adult
* Disneyland Experience Represented in Group: Veteran
* Comments: Alan took one of his patented blitz trips to the park in Mid-February. He met up with some friends and family during the weekend visit. This is a shorter length report, but Alan gives some helpful information about the park.

Got back from Disneyland yesterday. I was there from 2/13-2/15.


Myself (m/44); meeting friends from work and their friends; also meeting up with my sister and brother-in-law.


Try to go there with friends from work at this time of year (celebrate a Valentine's Birthday) and I will use any excuse to go.

Trip started uneventfully (the best kind). Flew America West on the 12th after work from Las Vegas to Orange County (flight was on time). Airport Shuttle to Quality Hotel Maingate (my favorite). Registered had dinner and tried to sleep.

Friday 13th.

Early entry, weather was great, all rides were basically walk-ons throughout day. Rode IJ first (and was the first, really I walked the whole way) took me four times to do all three doors, since there was nobody there, it only took 20 minutes or so to do that. After that it was off to Fantasyland for PP and MT. Then it was back to Main Street for a locker and breakfast. Went back to NOS and did PofC a couple of times. Since it was getting close to regular opening, I stood in line for reservations at BB (I was the line). Got the reservations for noon for the seven of us, but not by the water :-( Met up with friends from work and their friends (we have done this before). Started the circuit all over again, HM, PofC, PP, MT, IJ, BTMRR, ST, JC, and while the guys sat down and rested before lunch, the girls went on the Matterhorn (What's wrong with this picture). We all claimed to have bad backs (that's my story and I'm sticking to it). Met my sister and brother-in-law at BB and had a great meal (I had the Pork Loin), still have not had a bad meal there. After lunch, I said goodbye to my friends from work and made plans with them to meet up tomorrow (2/14) at the hub. Left with my sister and b-i-l and saw the parade and you guessed it, since they had just gotten there, we did the whole circuit including CBJ, RR, Disney Gallery, TT, FofF, and every shop at the Park.

After all the shopping and rides in the afternoon with sister and b-i-l, that took us to dinner and for our traditional sourdough bowls of chowder. MMMMMM I can still taste it. Then it was back to more rides and shopping. We caught the first show of Fantasmic and it broke down twice during the show, once during the dragon scene (couldn't get it down) and the show stopped altogether just before the end :-( During the show the Pinocchio scene was cut out and the Columbia was pushed from behind (no croc in sight). We decided to stay for the second show, so we hung around the area and did the rides that were close in between churros and frozen bananas and popcorn. The second show when off without a hitch, but still no Pinocchio and Croc. It seemed to me that the water screens were larger than I remembered. After that show we headed for the exit, but shopped along the way (is there a pattern here). No trouble for me getting back to the hotel, just took their shuttle, just like the day I was the only one on the shuttle back. Got back to the room, showered and crashed.

14th Valentine's Day:

Woke up around six, had a nice leisurely breakfast at the hotel, walked to the park. Just as the park opened it started to rain, a rain that wouldn't let up until mid afternoon. Rode some of the rides and since I was not dressed for the rain only stayed til noon. Went back to the hotel, changed had a long lunch and took a nap. When I woke up the rains had gone, so I decided to go to the Disneyland Hotel area and you guessed it SHOP. Took the hotel shuttle to the drop off at Disneyland and then took the Disneyland shuttle to the Disneyland Hotel (not a bad way to get there). Shopped for a couple of hours and did the same thing going back to my hotel. Had dinner and crashed.

15th Departure Day:

Woke up at six had a nice leisurely breakfast, checked out of the hotel and walked to the park. A chilly day, but no rain (Woo! Hoo!). I wanted to make the meet today so I geared myself accordingly. Rode my favorite rides, and shopped some more (mainly for other this time) But by the time I went to meet, I was late again :-( (no button again this trip). Couldn't stay very much longer, so I meandered my way out (I hate this part). Caught the shuttle back to the hotel, got my bag, caught the shuttle to Orange County. Had lunch at the airport, and low and behold my flight was on time (Woo! Hoo!). Got into Vegas 5 minutes early, drove home, unpacked and caught up on the news groups, showered and crashed.

Hope you enjoyed this trip report, next one is tentatively in May.

Alan Kim