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10-16-2005, 06:08 PM
* Time of Year: Spring
* Travel Method: Plane
* Resort: Disneyland Hotel
* Accommodations
* Ages Represented in Group: Adult
* Disneyland Experience Represented in Group: Infrequent
* Comments: Laura's brief report on her trip to Disneyland included


My Husband and I just returned from our annual Disneyland trip 3/15-3/18). We stayed at the Disneyland Hotel for the first time. Our room was not clean when we got there, so called the front desk and they moved us across the hall to a larger room with a view of the park. (Sierra Tower, 8th floor). The hotel property did not seem crowded even though there were several conventions. We will stay again at the DL hotel, the convenience of early entry each day was worth it to us.

Thanks to Al's DIG for information on helping us get the inside scoop on several things within the park. Enter the park Friday night and the crowds also seemed minimal. Rode Indiana Jones with just ½ hour wait.

Saturday we took advantage of the early entry at 6:30 am. (1 ½ hours before the park opens to the general public). Indiana Jones, Pirates and Fantasyland was open early. Close to 9am we started the line for Blue Bayou Reservations. (also noticed that no one was waiting on the Gallery steps for fantasmic reservations). We enjoyed ourselves the rest of the day. Had 3pm reservation at Blue Bayou and decided to go a little early to see if we could get a riverside table. (No guarantee if you make a reservation). We did get a riverside table at 3:05pm. We left at 4:30 pm to get ready for the Disney's "Beauty and the Beast" musical in Century City. I love this musical. It looks like it will be leaving the LA area in May. Got back to the hotel at 11:45pm.

Sunday we headed to the park at 7:30 am (early entry again). I waited at the Gallery steps for fantasmic reservations, while my husband went on the attractions. (He was nice enough to get me the BatB tickets as a present). By time the park opened at 9pm, there was about 5 parties in line for tickets. We enjoyed the day and then at 8:30pm when to the Royal Courtyard under the Gallery, where a CM escorts you up the back stairs to your seat. Desserts were good (cheesecakes, chocolate mousse pie, fruit, tarts, eclairs). After the performance we waited in the Gallery and watched the crowds try to push their out. Word of warning... The CM told us that they will be changing the reservation system for Gallery Fantasmic viewing. The Gallery will soon be changed from a retail outlet to an attraction (museum, she thinks) and will no longer be able to take money. She said that it will not be advertised, so I guess watch for posts here or keep checking Al's DIG. Last thing we did was head to Toontown and got our picture taken with Mickey. They have a photographer there that takes a picture and then 2 hours later (or next day) you can purchase it at the maingate. $10 for 5x7 or $15 for 8x10. Or use your own camera and let a CM take the photo.

Monday again was an early entry and was the most crowded day of the 4 we were there. Around 11am noticed a helicoper circling the park. As we were heading down main street, there was a small parade honoring the dog who dialed 911 and the owner. Just one car, the DL band and Mickey and Friends. It was very fast moving. Had lunch at DL hotel (Stromboli's) and left for the airport.

One good tip that I have is on Saturday about 1:20pm, we found an empty concrete bench on the walkway around the castle facing the matterhorn. We were able to watch the dancing waters and at 1:30 had a good view for seeing Mickey climb the matterhorn. After Mickey finished it was only about a 5 to 10 minute wait for the Lion King Celebration parade. The benches around the walkway were empty until Mickey started climbing. Everywhere else the parade route was crowded.