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10-02-2005, 10:53 PM
Got to Mickey & Friends garage at 9:30AM, noticed that just as many people were leaving the park as were entering. What's going on, a bomb scare? Turns out there was a walkathon early this morning for Childrens Hospital of Orange County that's just finishing up.
Huge lines in the esplenade for both parks. Once inside the turnstiles, however, the crowds in Disneyland are noticably lower than they've been during the summer. All major attractions, however, have their qeues filled (maybe because of the phasing out of fastpass?).

Went on Indiana Jones, Jungle Cruise (lines already extending through all of upstairs), breakfast at River Belle Terrace, Haunted Mansion (Nightmare before Christmas), Pirates, Roger Rabbit (twice), Big Thunder Mountain, Tea Cups, late lunch at Plaza Cafe, King Arthur's Carousel, Innoventions, Autopia, followed Push around Tomorrowland for a while, Indiana Jones once again.

Spent the last couple of hours listening at Alan at the piano, a little shopping, and waiting for my sons to finish their pin trading for the day. Left the park at 8:30, wishing the fireworks were playing tonight. Skipped the tram twice today, opting to walk to & from the Mickey & Friends parking stucture instead.

Back home before 10:00 since we realized there was still one homework assignment that hadn't been completed for tomorrow morning.

10-03-2005, 05:06 AM
Oh the joy of being local!