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02-15-2002, 05:37 PM
mickeyfantasmic (http://mousepad.mouseplanet.com/member.php?action=getinfo&userid=544) and his staff at DLPTODAY.com have decided to close their fan site dedicated to The Euro Disney Resort.
Too bad; it was shaping up rather nicely.
If you haven't seen it, take a look by clicking here (http://www.dlptoday.com).

02-16-2002, 12:46 AM
Thanks for the concern and the nice words zappop!
DLPTOday will close sson because of the stress and the work load which is linked to running such an amateur site! We are corrently working on the idea of moving on another site some journalists (hey ask Al Lutz if he needs me please? ;-) )as content providers!
Anyways for sure youll find me on mousepad..Ill be sure to publish a review of the VIP Ceremony I was invited to attend on the 14/15/16 th of march (invitation receive dfor reasons whjich have nothign to do with dlptoday..)
ttfn tatafornow

02-16-2002, 05:13 AM
One Disney Fan website less is a sad news. :(
I really hope that Mickeyfantasmic & the rest of the team will continue his work elsewhere, as i loved your article!