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07-20-2005, 02:29 PM
Has anyone watched a movie here? Is the theater nice inside? I've been to DTD many times but never watched a movie. It's the only place I dont think I've been too. Just curious if there was anything special to see inside or if it's just like your own local theater.

07-20-2005, 02:39 PM
Its a good theater. I just saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory there the other night. To me, it just seemed like your local theater, but then again, it is located on Disney property, so that's pretty cool.

disney jones
07-20-2005, 02:42 PM
we saw Herbie Fully Loaded there a few weeks back - it's just like a normal nice AMC movie theater inside, the only thing special (and enjoyable) was the fact it was at DTD.

for a super special Disney movie experience, drive up to Hollywood and catch a Disney movie at the El Capitan theater.

07-20-2005, 02:57 PM
I saw Finding Nemo there!! Love that theater it is stadium seatting and everything! I highly recomend it. :D

07-20-2005, 02:59 PM
Yeah, like a normal AMC, I thought it was a bit bigger though. (the bathrooms, the theater itself that is)

07-20-2005, 03:58 PM
It has been over a year since I saw a movie there, but it's nice and clean.
There no Disneyana exhibit or anything like that.

I always tell myself that I will do DL in the A.M., then, in the heat of the afternoon, go see a movie, and then finish off with DCA in the cooler part of the day.
But I have not yet fulfilled my plan.

Heck, there is a lot of Downtown Disney I have not fully experienced.
I am not a shopping-mall person.
So dining for the sake of ambience (a la ESPN, or Rain Forest or Jazz Kitchen, etc.) is not a big motivation, for me.
It is just expensive, and too transitory to justify the cost.

07-20-2005, 04:21 PM
My favorite thing to do here after a long day is put the arms on the chairs up and lay down on about 3 or 4 seats. :~D It's a good way to rest and watch a movie.

07-20-2005, 05:13 PM
I saw several movies there including Van Helsing and The Village. The theater has a couple of huge rooms and each one has very nice stadium seating. It's a nice place to get away from the crowds. My only complaint is the cost of ten dollars for an adult to see a regularly priced showing of a movie.

Disney Vault
07-20-2005, 07:18 PM
We make sure to see a movie there everytime we go to the resort. It is a very nice theater imo.

07-20-2005, 08:30 PM
Costco--at least the Palo Alto/Mountain View Costco--has prepacks of two AMC movie tickets for $14.99. AMC prices run in the $9-11 range, so obviously this is a good deal. The tickets are "unrestricted", which should mean that you'll be able to use them even within the first couple of weeks of a new movie opening. However, you'll have to stand in line at the ticket booth to redeem the coupons you get for actual tickets.

A very good deal if you are a Costco member and plan on visiting the Downtown Disney AMC (or any other AMC).

07-20-2005, 08:32 PM
It's the only theater we will go to know. Comfortable seats, roomy theaters. The only complaint is that there is only one bathroom. But it's not too far away I suppose.