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07-06-2005, 08:47 PM
We usually spend 2-3 days at DL but this was a quick jaunt cuz I needed a breather after taking my midterm. We left Phoenix early Thurs. morning June 2 and were in DL by 1:00. This was our first trip w/ just the three of us (DH, my niece Morgan, and me). We were in DL most of Friday w/ a quick run over to DCA. Sat. we spent a few hours eating and shopping in DTD and left for home at about 2. Here are some of my memories not in chronological order.

> POTC new effects were fun. I hadn't told DH or Morgan and was just going to let them be surprised. Well I was the one who was surprised with an eye full of water. That water cannon blast caught me directly in the right eyeball cuz it is so dark there that you don't even see it coming. DH says I now have Pirate blood running thru me. Luckily I also still have my contact lens.

> This brings me to my worst trip moment. One spin we took on POTC we were behind a row of screaming teenagers. (I know ya'll have been there and can sympathize). They were not just loud but ear piercing to the point where I just sat there w/ my fingers in my ears.

> Which brings me to my best trip moment. By the time we reached the room right before the ship battle, Morgan had had enough. She yelled very loudly to the teenagers "Stop Screaming!!! The ride isn't scarey and you are hurting my ears!!" We didn't hear a peep from them the rest of the ride. I love her so much (not so much when she smokes my score on BLAB, LOL).

> The very first ride Morgan wanted to go on was the Jungle Cruise. As we waited in line she saw the Gold Boat and stated that was the boat she wanted to ride in. It didn't look promising tho. Apparently this little girl is good luck because we were the last 3 people they let on the gold boat. We rode jungle cruise one more time on Friday and she remembered the gold boat but I told her that it isn't easy to get to ride that boat cuz everyone wants that one. Wouldn't you know it, we got the gold boat again. :)

> We saw the fireworks both nights. First night was to the left of the castle, not really a good view because we got there late but still amazing. Morgan said "This is my favorite nite in my whole life!" I, of course, was crying. :D Friday nite we decided to view them from the Main Street train station so we could hop on the train after the fireworks and not have to battle the crowds. I really liked the view from the train station. They had a roped off spot, front and center, for the tour people. The CM told us we could not be on the steps but then let a bunch of others stay on the steps. Sometimes it doesn't pay to get to a spot too early. Seems like the closer it gets to showtime the more rules the CM's are willing to break.

> After the fireworks we took the train to NOS and rode HM. A few doombuggies away from us was someone who was filming the ride w/ a camcorder and a CM had to announce over the loudspeakers several times to turn off the monitor light on the video camera. Kinda ruined the mood but it was interesting that they were at least trying to get people to follow the rules.

> I think that this trip was the most crowded I have ever experienced. Food lines were long but manageable. One night we had fish and chips at the StageDoor and the line wasn't very long but didn't move for 15 minutes, not an inch. I looked inside and there was a lot of fish ready to be handed out (read getting cold) and every register was being used but the line wasn't moving. How do they do that? The CM that finally took my order was so nice. I asked for water and she was patient enough to ask me if I wanted bottled or in a cup. She pointed out that if I wanted the cup she didn't have to charge me. Wow, free ice water in the same size cup that the soda comes in. What a tip I never knew before. I also got the glowing Tink straw here too. Neato!

> There were so many rides down at once during this trip. One time I told Morgan we couldn't go on a ride because it was broken and she replied "When are they going to find someone who can fix these things"? There were also more wheelchairs than I ever remember seeing on any trip. The assistance line for POTC was always out the exit door and blocking the side entrance to Pieces of Eight. Everytime we rode HM the ride was slowed or stopped at least 5 times, yes we counted. Not complaining, just observing.

> We never did get to ride Screamin'. It was always down and eventually you get tired of walking up that way to find out what's up. After another Screamin' disappointment we wandered over to Mullholland and got in line, so of course it went down. They announced that it was down for a few minutes for regular maintenance. We waited and that is when I heard my name and looked around and saw Disney Jones!! It was good to see him again but missed seeing his kidlets. We chatted for a few and then he decided to go ride something else. We stuck it out even after they announced that they didn't know when it would be up again. Two minutes later it was up and the people who decided to leave were really angry. Oh well. That's life I guess.

> I had a chocolate dipped marshmallow thingy for the first time, yum. I also stopped into Emporium and asked about the 50th mousepads. As I pulled out my horribly crumpled coupon the CM said Yes, they had some and then spent 5 minutes looking for them. Luckily it was early in the day and no one was in the store. I really appreciated her looking for it. I really treasaure it since I collect TInk stuff.

We were so exhaused by the time we got home we slept for 12 hours straight. We had to cram a lot into a small amount of time but it was great. Morgan made the trip special. I swear she is 7 going on 25!!. :D

07-06-2005, 09:09 PM
That is so great! You gave a terrific trip report. When I came to the part about it being the best night in Morgan's life, I myself was feeling the tears! And then, in the very next sentence, you said you cried! Excellent report.