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02-03-2002, 12:21 PM
Saw a brand new advert on the tv today about DSP.In it Donald Duck travels around the new park trying out all the new attractions.The advert is very well produced .

Now one of the things that Donald and guest were looking at was a show called Animagique which caught my eye in a big way.Because it looked so good.

So I decided to go to DSP official web site to learn a bit more about it.The site said the following

Prepare for a journey into a world where the magic of animation and imagination is real.In a black light fantasyland of mirrors and avant-garade special effects,amazing puppets and Disney characters come alive like never before and draw you into a magic poetry of the best loved Disney Classics like The Jungle Book,Pinocchio and Dumbo The Flying Elephant.
Discover a new dimension in animation that takes you beyond the screen and into your imagination.

The site also had a picture of Donald flying around on a book.Another picture had Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket standing on a raft.In the ocean.And in the background Monsro the whale with his mouth wide open about to eat them.

Does anyone else know any more about this brand new attraction soon to be opening at DSP.

02-04-2002, 05:14 PM
I got a package from Disneyland Paris today, about the new park opening.
I guess I got on their mailing list since we are going over there next month, and I booked a stay with them.
I'll look closely to see what the book says about it.
I was just thrilled to get another package from them!

Cool....only 5 more weeks. Woohoo!!:D