View Full Version : Has Anyone Ever Stayed at Best Value Inn?

05-22-2005, 10:15 AM
Trying to get some info about the Best Value Inn on Ball Rd.
For the price, is it clean? A decent place to stay, considering that we will only be in there at night?


05-22-2005, 10:25 AM
I haven't but was wondering the same thing!! The price is awesome which can sometimes be scary!! I searched MP for reviews but couldn't find any!

05-22-2005, 10:34 AM
I just happened upon another hotel site which came up with some good prices for other hotels in the area...Katella Palms, Days Inn...and am going to look into those, also. This is a lat minute BUDGET trip and I definetely need "inexpensive"!!!!

We spend all day out but I do want a clean place!

05-23-2005, 10:46 PM
I saw the website they have too. If you sign up and they give you a member number the rates can even drop lower.... I thought about booking there but then I saw the expedia.com reviews.... they sounded eww.


We are staying the Days Inn for 3 nights instead.

I once stayed at the Colony Inn across from Knott's. We did it because they were the cheapest. They only had one of the 3 (I think 3) buildings still open. As in... not condemned and covered in caution tape. First we went in and no lights worked except in the bathroom. We took the lamp into the bathroom and it worked. It was the outlets in the room... they were ALL blown. We asked for another room and they didn't have one. So we went to the store and bought a cheap extension cord. We got the lights on..... and then we saw the ants. The room was COVERED in ants. We went back to the store and bought a lot of ant spray. Thinking of that hotel gives me shivvers.

Never but the CHEAPEST hotel... I learned my lesson.

05-24-2005, 08:14 AM
It is so hard to tell which hotels will turn out to be ok. I go to Tripadvisor and they seem to always have both "I loved it and I hated it" for all their hotels reviewed!

I am looking at Super 8 and it is the same...good and bad. I guess we all have opinions and it is the luck of getting a good room vs a bad room at a hotel. Sigh....

Just want a reasonable place with NO BUGS! I had a bad experience, at a reallynice hotel in Florida....some flying bug flew into my ear when I was sleeping!!! It was the worst thing that ever happened to me. You CANNOT imagine what it feels like! What it sounds like! I was ready to go to the ER to get it out because I was pouring water into my ear and it wouldn't die! It made me really freaky about going to sleep for days!

So I just want an inexpensive hotel, with no bugs...is that too much to ask!!?? :confused:

We are gone from the room all day, come back there just to sleep and shower, etc....

05-24-2005, 08:25 AM
Here's the page for Best Value Inn and Suites (http://www.mouseplanet.com/cgi/reviews/do/display.cgi?product-sku=dlrresidenceinnorange) on W. Chapman in Orange that's in the MousePlanet Review Database.

If you stay at the Best Value Inn on Ball, please be sure to submit a review!

05-24-2005, 09:05 AM
Stay away from the Katella Palms. My good friend was there in April and she said it was scary. There was some random purple goo dripping from the ceiling and the carpet was filthy.

Another friend, who works at Getawaytoday, said that they won't even offer them as one of their hotels anymore becuase it's such a roach motel.