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01-23-2002, 01:23 PM
it's now confirmed , the fantastic show Fantasmic will arrive to Disneyland Resort Paris in few years .

bye from Paris

01-23-2002, 02:58 PM
Confirmed by who ?

01-23-2002, 11:00 PM
That would be so cool - if they do a Fantasmic!, I hope it's of the Disneyland style and not the WDW version. While I wouldn't expect to be as elaborate, it would be nice around the river and with thunder mountain as a backdrop.

01-24-2002, 02:27 AM
IF we get Fantasmic, it will go into WDS not DLP.
It would also be the cheaper cut down version from WDW as this version seems 'good enough' to pull in capacity crowds every night.

01-25-2002, 04:01 AM
Hi !
As for now only Fantillusion is confimed for DLP. (there is really not enough space in our frontierland for the show).
The parade looks terrific & i loved (very good just not great) Fantasmic in MGM studios.
But it is exactly the SAME story/plot/theme:

1: Mickey sweet dreams
2: Villains take over
3: Mickey win with the love of the royal couples...

What about a *new* concept ? To be honest i would prefer a big fireworks show ala Sorcerer in the sky or illumination for the WDS than fantasmic...

01-25-2002, 04:11 AM
I agree with French Mouse, better to have Sorcery in the Sky than Fantasmic.

But 2 things come to mind :-

I thought that there was a French legal issue with having fireworks every night, and that DLP are limited to a maximum number of displays a year. That would make Sorcery a limited performance, and to some extent might prevent big fireworks in Fantasmic.

The big issue with Fantasmic is the long wait before the show, at MGM people start to get into position 1-2 hours before the show. This would be fine in the summer, but unless the seating area is covered it will be terrible in the winter, to sit and wait in the cold and the rain in Paris.


01-25-2002, 01:21 PM
As for the fireworks "large size" i think it would be ok: there's no such fireworks because of the village that is just behind Fantasyland. Remember in the early 90's it was shoot above Buena Vista Lake (now Disney lake). Just like the WDS, there is no village nearby. But it would be very easily saw from DLp and there is no icon to shoot the firewoks above...

Parky you are right on the target !! Gee we chat about the Fantasmic rumour for so long and no one pinpoint the issue of waiting !! This summer we took our food 2 hours before the show & we were seated 1h30 before it!! With the stunt show many people will experience wait in open field. Tram tour is another thing where you will freeze: open air and you just seat... In winter Animation attraction and the 2 shows enclosed will be pack with people wanting heat !

So they would built Fantasmic only for summer ?

Darn at worst i thought about rain but forgot cold. In DLp you have arcades, covered passages everywhere but according to the photo there is no such things in WDS...

01-25-2002, 04:31 PM
I was just looking at the map of Walt Disney Studios and I noticed there are no large bodies of water in the park.
Maybe EDL will get Fantasmic after all.
Personally, I no longer like Fantasmic. I thought it was okay but it's just not worth the wait. Out here in California, some people start waiting up to 4 hours before the show starts !!

02-02-2002, 05:34 AM
that is why persisten rumors claim Mermiad lagoon being though of for Walt Disney Studios - a totaly (excep for 2 small ridies) enclosed land for the studios which could prove fundamental during the cold winter months.
Toontown had always been planned for Disneyland Paris (the overflow guest corridaor from Fantasy to Discoveryland) it was simply being considered for the studios as it's Fanatsyland, but Mermaifd Lagoon could fullfill that goal, probably even better!
and Zappapop please stop refering to Disneyland Apris Park as EuroDisneyland..it seems as if 6 years of markeitng campaing have served no good ;-) ...he only thing 3 things whaich are still "EDL" are the holding company (and even there its "EuroDisney SCA" - no land) and the trains, which say "EuroDisneyland Railroad"!

note: no EURO and no PARIS in the single parks name..lets give the thing (and its managment) a chance please shall we....

TTFN tatafornow

02-02-2002, 06:34 AM
Has it only been 6 years ?

I never considered the park to be bad and don't associate it with Paris anymore than Disneyland with Los Angeles, so I reject the " new name".

Yay for Euro Disneyland ! :D

02-02-2002, 07:11 AM
well you have a point....I also loved EuroDisneyland (hey I was there on April 12th 1992 in the Disneyland hotel) but I find the new managemnt very interesting and capable, most of all different from previous one!
If you really are so interested in EuroDisneyland jump to www.dlptoday.com , I am covering myself the whole backstoryies of EuroDisneyland (Jim Hill style).
for know you'll find the comlpete descprition (with pics and concept art) of :
Disney MGM Europe (the original 1995 plans with model)
Managemnt changes
and this week Im coming out with Beauty & Beaast show and little mermaid ride (all with phot's and concept art)
soon Discovery Moutn ian, SPlash mountian and Indiana Jones Adventure...
TTFN tatfornow

02-02-2002, 12:36 PM
Do you know why the beauty and the beast ride never happened ?

02-03-2002, 02:13 AM
...yes I do and once the seriores gets strted (possibly tonight ot tommorow max) and I get round to write also about the little Mermaid ride and Discovery Mountian Ill do a sum up of the mangerial issues/thining for the higher capacity plan of 1993, which meant th loss of the real Discovery Mountian, B&B, mermaid and many others beautifuyll Eurodisney things- which Im writng about!
see you on www.dlptoday.com