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05-11-2005, 10:58 AM
Well I figured I may as well do one too. why not ;)

I haven't yet uploaded any of my pics, but I will probably get to it this weekend.

Tuesday May 3rd. I got off work at 5:30. We had packed the night before and Will picked me up and we drove straight down to Phoenix to catch our flight out. We had just enough time to get to the airport an hour before the flight left (at 9:30).

Once at The Duke we had thought we would just take a cab to our hotel, but decided a shuttle was cheaper so we went that route. The shuttle driver apparently was not happy that we were his only fare. He did not speak to us once throughout the drive there and we went from parked at the airport to parked at the hotel in 13 minutes flat. He was FLYING on the highway. I kept trying to peek to see just how fast we were going, but he had his panel lights turned down really dim so I wasnt able to see. But if the average car was driving approximately 60 to 70 there is no doubt we were going closer to 90 to 100. I am not exagerating. When we finally came to a stop light I leaned over and whipsered to Will "Permanencer sentados por favor" (or however thats spelled), because it truly felt like we were on a coaster ride.

We checked into our hotel (Best Western Park Place Inn & Mini Suites) and was pleasantly surprised at the size of the room. This was our first visit there and it was clean and had plenty of hangers (I always have to ask for more, not this time). The decor reminded me a bit of the Tiki Room (the furniture had a bamboo look to it) and although it is not brand new was just fine by us. We have always just desired a place that is clean. We sleep and shower there and nothing more, who needs fancy schmancy? We had a king sized bed and the room was separated by a half wall and there was a sleeper sofa and coffee table on that side. Plenty of room. The fridge was way bigger than any other regular mini fridge I've ever seen in a hotel, plus there was a microwave, coffee maker and iron and ironing board. Like I said they had plenty of hangers (I always like to hang my clothes) and the drawer space was quite sufficent. (yes Im one of those weirdos that likes to unpack fully)
The only complaint I have about the room was the shower. The water pressure was great but the shower head was way low!!! I am only 5'3" and even I had to duck to wash my hair, My husband at 6'3" had an awful time. And the curtain was so low that I couldnt be in the bathroom at the same time he was in the shower because the water splashed out over the top and soaked EVERYTHING in there. Not a huge deal but certainly not the best hotel shower ever. Not enough of a big deal to make us not stay there again. We most certainly will. We are already booked at the Tropicana for our trip in July and I wish we could switch it to tell the truth. The proximity to the park simply cannot be beat. You walk out the front gate and across the street and the hotel it right there just maybe 20 feet to the left. We were on the ground floor on the other side of the hotel and it was very quiet.
We never used the pool so I cant comment on that, and we only did their 'continental breakfast' one day. Your basic fare. Criossants, muffins, pastries, cereals juices and fruit. Nothing special, and not bad, but we just didnt utilise it. We grabbed a couple of criossants the first day and that was it.

So we get all checked in and crashed for the night.

We were up the next day (Wednesday the 4th) by 7 or so. We had thought that since Disneyland was closed there was a good chance that DCA would actually be crowded, so we wanted to get there early. We were wrong. No biggie. We got to DCA by 8:45ish and headed straightaway to Soarin'. We thought we had better get a fast pass for this one ASAP and ride it immediately. (Again we still thought it might get busy later on) So we rode Soarin', (no wait, walked right on, and even got to sit in B1 where we prefer to sit) grabbed our passes for later and then walked over to ride ToT.
I get extrememly nervous when we get in the queue for this. I have ridden it before I dont know why it freaks me out so. I guess it's just the anticipation. It's not my favorite attraction by far, but Will loves it so I do it for him.

We walked right onto it, no wait at all. After that we went into the 'Off the Page' store and picked up the Olszewski pieces we had missed since our trip in December. We got the Emporium, the Market House/Disneyana and the Opera House as well as all the accessories pieces including the princess set. We now are caught up. I cant wait for the train station and Mad Tea Party to be released. We should be able to get them when we go in July. (IF we go in July).

We looked really hard at that 6 CD set but couldnt make up our minds. That new Mickey Big Fig was calling to us too (we collect the Mickey Big Figs). We had them hold our purchases there and decided to head on out before we spent all our money.

As we walked out we ran into two dear dear friends of ours. They are part of of our New Years Hub Club group. They had another friend with them as well. We all decided to hang out together for the day. They were heading to ToT. Will was frothing at the mouth to go again so He and Arnie and Chris went to ride that while Doug and I went to the Animation building to sit and soak up the vibe and catch up on all our gossip since we last saw each other at New Years.

Within 20 minutes the boys were back sans Will. They had ridden ToT (it was Chris' first time). When the ride was over, since there was no one else in line the CM asked them if they wanted to just go again. Will immediately said yes, but Chris was done with it. Arnie went with Chris.

Will was back with us within another 5 minutes or so.

We ended up back in 'Off the Page' and this time the call of the 6 CD set was too much, so we nabbed it. Added it to our stack o' merchandise and then ran off to catch the Alladin show.

After Alladin we convinced them that D.U.H. was a must see, so we managed to make it just in time. Of course it was great, and they thanked us for sharing it with them :)

After D.U.H. we headed over to Grizzly River Rapids and Doug opted out of it and offered to hold all our various backpacks while the four of us rode it.
Again, walked on, no wait.

We still had a little time before the Block Party Bash and truth be told I wasnt all that enthusiastic to see it, so we decided it was lunch time. Off to the Boudin tour and the Mission tour for a pre lunch snack and then a bread bowl salad for me with yummy green apples and cranberries and a roast beef sourdough sandwich for Will and the other three guys all got soup bowls.

Still some time before the Block Party Bash so we trotted off to Mulholland Madness. This time I was the bag holding lady and the four guys rode it. Kelsey Grammer was in the car right in front of them and they got a picture of him afterwards. He was limping a bit from his fall off the stage at the Hyperion the night before, but was very nice.

By now it was getting close to time for the Block Party Bash so we hung out to watch it. Again, I wasnt enthused at all, but I was proven wrong. It was a great parade! So much energy! I swear they must give those kids major caffiene before they go out!! You just cant help yourself.....after watching a bit we were all tapping our feet and really enjoying it.

After the parade we headed toward The Sunwheel. Arnie, Doug and Chris rode the Orange Stinger while Will and I watched and enjoyed some frozen lemonade. Then Arnie, and Will rode the Maliboomer. Not me, not ever. No way.
(Neither of these had any wait...all walk on...we reallised that DCA was never going to get busy today and we pretty much had the place to ourselves)

The Sunwheel was the only line we ever waited in. It was about 10 minutes. Chris and I rode a red car while the other three opted for a swingey evil purple car.

Then off to Screamin' and then to Golden Dreams.

By this time Doug and Arnie had to leave (they were meeting Dougs parents for dinner). Chris and I went to Muppets 3D while Will ran our purchases back to our hotel for us.

After Muppets Chris was hungry too, so he took off while Will and I rode Soarin' again and then headed over to closer to the front of the park to get a spot for the Electrical Parade. He wanted to look in a shop while I kept our bench and this was when this lady came up to me and said "Is your name Victoria?"
Me: :confused: "Umm...yes?"
Her: "Are you a member on Mouseplanet?"
Me: "yes?" (still wondering who this person is who knows me) LOL
Her: "I'm D-Lander 1956 there, Jodi"
Me: :eek: :D "Ahhhhhhhh"

Mystery solved. She recognized me from the pic I had posted of our New Years group. What a lovely lady. We chatted for the remainder of the night till the parade started. Jodi, it was so nice getting to know you!!! I hope we get to hang out again sometime :)

After the parade we decided it was best to get a good nights sleep since we knew were needed to be up at the crack o' dawn in the morning.....

We had dinner at Tony Roma's, Doug and Arnie joined (just to chat while we ate since they had already had dinner) and then afterwards we went to the hotel to get them a parking pass to use for our hotel so they wouldnt have to wait for Mickey & Friends to open in the morning.

(more later)

05-11-2005, 11:26 AM
Great report... is it later yet!! :D

05-11-2005, 11:27 AM
Great report... is it later yet!! :D

ditto! couldn't have said it better ;)

05-11-2005, 11:33 AM
Park Place !!!! I'm so curious about that one. I'm thinking about extending my trip by one or two nights, and I can't afford a 4th night at GC.

----So, that's where Park Place comes in. I saw it on my last trip. You couldn't help but see it, right outside the Maingates. But, I don't know how affordable it'd be for Dec. 31-Jan 1. ---Those are usually the most expensive days anywhere you go. So......

...don't know what to do.

Still, I knew my eyeballs were not deceiving me. I eyeballed it, and it looked to be the absolute closest to the Park.

It's important, because I don't want to be wandering around NYE, up and down Harbor. I'm assuming it's well-lit at night-safety etc.

Hakuna Makarla
05-11-2005, 11:38 AM
Oh Victoria I am so glad you had a good time and we missed you!! I am so anxious to hear more and see pictures, ( guess what the mailboomer is not as scary as tot! )If I had my way I would go on the maliboomer 200 times and tot 2 times :)
So looking forward to hearing more! wish it was me you met, I would have loved to visit with you!! :)

05-11-2005, 11:41 AM
A note about the BWPPI, ask for room 172, LOL! The shower head has been replaced and is way higher. I thought they'd changed them all since my visit in December but based on this trip report, it seems they haven't. So room 172! ;)

05-11-2005, 12:02 PM
:( Yes Karla...one day we will meet. ((((karla))))

room 172 eh? ;) We were in 163. Bummer. :p

Allrighty then....next day Thursday May 5th

We got up way early (5:30ish) showered and headed on over to Disneyland. We were very excited. We were in line just to get to the security bag check. Once those opened it very quickly and we were at the very front of gate #13. There was one couple ahead of us in line.

This was our first vision of Disneyland and loved the new 50th floral arrangement in the front with the floral standing Mickey Mouse.
I cant even remember how long we stood there...all I know is at some point I looked back and saw that the line (allllll the lines) were stretched allll the way back to the gates at DCA!!! Christii called me, they were trapped on the outside of the security checkpoints. No more people could fit in the esplanade! Crazy. I have never seen that many people in line. Not even on New Years. Wow.

We were really starting to geek out.

We had 'Come Home to Disneyland' as they had asked us to. And we Came Home in droves!

Michael Eisner came out to do the photo blitz for the first family (which was a good 15 minutes before we were actually allowed in). And although I refused to 'Boo' him I didnt cheer either. He was 'boo-ed' mightily though. The 'first family' appeared to be your basic mom and dad, 2 children, a boy and a girl (maybe aged 6 and 8) and another woman (maybe a sister to one of the parents?)

The energy was just amazing there. You could almost taste the excitement. Everyone was hatching plans....where to go......which direction to head for the best view of the 'show'. Who was going to go to the Tomorrowland side ~vs~ the Adventureland side.

Imagine our surprise when we passed through the tunnel (left side only, thankyouverymuch) and headed down Main street only to be stopped at a rope blocking our way.

We were right in front. It was at this time I saw Darkbeer and Lisa (Deogge's mom), they were right next to us right in the front.

We were stacking up there at that rope and people were starting to get anxious.

Eventually they let us go a little further.

Finally we ended up (Tomorrowland side) and the edge of another rope. To our dismay, this was as far as we were going to get. Even though I was right in front we couldnt see anything. There were chairs set up in front of us. Besides the fact that we were so far away. And the screens they had set up for your viewing pleasure? They were positioned facing inwards so that the VIPs could see....not us. :(

Yes, we were home...but it was the equivalent of being told to wait outside the house in the yard while the party is happening inside. You can maybe catch a glimpse through the blinds but you arent welcome to come in to participate. :crying:

It was at this point that I encountered the most horrible CM I have ever had the misfortune to see.

Here we were....we had 'Come Home' (again, as they had asked us to)...and it was obvious that we werent welcome. We were the pee-ons.

It was extremely disheartening to realise this.

I mean they had already had their big media day the day before. The whole park was closed to the pee ons on that day.
May 5th should have been about us...the people who go to Disneyland...the people who love Disneyland. But it wasnt. It was obvious that we didnt matter one iota. :(

That was bad enough.....but the CM in front of us was just awful. And yes, the entire group of people right there behind him went to City Hall later to file a complaint. He was so rude and obviously on some kind of power trip.

We were right against the rope and there was a cart in front of us that held water for the important people (yes I'm bitter). And there were 5 CMs posted at that point. Not that big of a deal really. The one though that was standing in front of us was HUGE!!! He was easily over 6'5", and built like a wall.

The lady beside me asked him, very nicely, if he was gong to stand 'right there' through out the entire presentation. Could he maybe scoot a couple of inches so we could see. He refused. And not only did he refuse, but he made it a point to stand directly in front of us. I watched him (and I even took photos to prove it.) The other 4 CMs were standing off to the side a bit and standing shoulder to shoulder all together (they were much smaller BTW) and I watched him as he would kind of glance sideways at us using his peripheral vision and would position himself 'just so', so that we couldnt see a thing. He absolutely did it on purpose. He was standing at least 18 inches away from the other CMs just so that he could block our view. He was enjoying himself. :mad: He kept checking to make sure he was in our way throughout the whole thing.

I have never once in my life filled out a complaint on any CM. I have always made it a point to make sure to fill out compliment cards for CMs, but no....he deserved it. It was not only my group of friends BTW...These were complete strangers to us that also agreed what a jerk he was. If everyone did it he got no less than 6 well deserved complaints.

I refused to allow him to ruin my day though. After everything was over our group decided we would meet over at Rancho de Zocalo for an early lunch.

It was closed for lunch, they told us, and it would open later for dinner...unfortunately we got separated in the mass of folks from our group.

Will and I headed to the Golden Horseshoe. It too was closed....for Media only (another fine example of us not being welcomed home...another place we couldnt go)

It was getting close to our time for our tour (The MP 50th tour planned for 12:15) so we headed back to Main Street. Maybe we could eat at the Carnation Cafe'. No such luck, by now there was a two hour wait for a table. We walked down to Coke Corner and grabbed a hot dog and a drink.

Immediately after eating we waded our way through Main Street to meet up with our tour group.

What can I say about the tour? We loved it. Honestly we didnt 'learn' anything new (except for one thing...the hidden Walt) but I really feel that with the press of people in Disneyland that day we got way more out of the park than most everybody else. We got to see the First 50 years movie, got to ride Big Thunder, and Splash and Buzz (after a faulty first try) and great seats for the Parade of Dreams. I'm looking forward to receiving our package in the mail to see what our goodies are.

I am a geek and I loved that since we used the Tour Ears (which were great IMO) that no one in the crowd realy understood why a group of people would just spontaneously burst into song as we walked through. I truly truly enjoyed it. I really think the combination of a super sweet tour guide and a fabulous group made it perfect. You were all awesome. I dont know if it would have been quite as fun with any other group of people.

OK so after the tour we were looking desparately for another couple of our friends (from our New Years group). We were supposed to meet them in the Hub at 5. But we didnt manage to get there till about 20 after so we missed them :(.

We (Will and Christii and I) did manage to hook back up with Doug and Arnie though and staked out a spot for the fireworks.

We thought we could now finally do Rancho de Zocalo for dinner (it was Cinco de Mayo after all). Our placed for the fireworks were saved (Will and a few others stayed behind) while we went to get dinner. Again it was closed. *sigh* Doug, Arnie, Christii, Chriss and I ended up in NOS for dinner and brought something back for Will. But there was no way I could sit on the ground for 3 hours....so I grabbed a chair over at the Plaza gardens to wait it out over there till time for the fireworks.

Oh My God. Simply the most stunning show I have ever seen. I literally bawled. I loved every millisecond of it.
Nothing can compare. :eek:

Afterwards we were talking to these two other guys (who are also part of our New Years group) and they had been standing right behind us (we didnt know it at the time) Right behind them was the guy who had actually created both the Parade of Dreams and the new firewarks extravaganza. They said that he was just geeking out over how the crowd was reacting to it. And it truly was wonderful. Since the crowd that day was mainly hardcore geeks we were all quoting the spiels and cheering like crazy. The video that was posted here (done by Visions Fantastic) was filmed way behind where we were. We had a wonderful view...no trees blocking our way at all. Best show EVAR!!!!

Wow...after that we were just bushed. We simply had to go back to the hotel after that long of a day....

(more to come)

05-11-2005, 12:24 PM
WOW! I am loving your trip report! I cannot wait to see the fireworks. :)

05-11-2005, 01:07 PM
Day 3 :)
Friday May 6th


After such a big day the day before we were BUSHED!! We slept in till 10 AM :eek: !!!

We determined that this would be our lazy day. ;) (Good day to be lazy since it really wasnt all that slammed there)

After a leisurely morning, we showered and headed back to the park. Much of this day was spent meandering. We wandered through shops and picked up trinkets for friends and family. The 50th Mickey beanie baby thing and a couple of bracelet charms for Wills mom. A few magnets for our fridge. A really super cute purse and wallet for me (they are both brown leather with a pink stripe and three patches, one of tink, of the the old classic Disneyland logo and one of the Mickey Mouse Club logo. We also got our golden mouse ears our 50th nametags (both personalised) and a 50th cap for Will and a Fab 5 cap for me. We also found a couple of things for my (ex) co-worker (yes, 'ex' but thats a totally different long story about how bad my boss sucks :mad: )...but since she (Sarah) reads this board and I havent seen her yet I wont tell what we got her ;) (Sorry Sarah) :p

I know you are all thinking we have bought ALOT of stuff. But we budgeted for the Olszewski pieces and we plan on shopping while there. If you recall the thread I made before we left about our past financial woes and how happy we were to pay off some bills....you will know that we did this whole trip on cash only (no credit cards at all). Will worked a buttload of overtime to pay for this trip so we could splurge a bit ;)

We ended up where we tend to always end up...in NOS. It is simply our favorite place in the the park.

We decided to go ahead and have lunch early (we had had no breakfast) since we had dinner reservations at the Blue Bayou at 5:30. So off to the River Belle Terrace for BBQ which was quite good. We sat outside as we ate and people watched.

Afterwards we did the Mansion. Believe it or not this is the first time we have been able to go in the Mansion when it wasnt Jack Skellington'd out since, well, when did HMH start? 2000? Since then (Besides WDW in 03., which doesnt count :p) Since we are always there for New Years and no other time thats the only way we get to ever see it. I was psyched to see the original. Oh and I dont ever remember seeing Madame Leota's crystal ball hovering before...is that new?? Well 'new' since last time I saw the original like at least 5 years ago or so I meant ;).

We rode Big Thunder after that and then headed to Pirates.

More meandering, poking around in shops and eventually ended up back in NOS for our dinner.
Yum! I had the Tri tip, Will had the Prime Rib. We got two Dining pins for that meal.

We got a call from Doug and Arnie and they told us to come and meet them in the Hub to watch the Fireworks. What great fun. Not as good a view as the previous night and we had to stand but Doug and Arnie are good friends with a character CM (he is Eyeore). We have met him several times (he took us to Company D the last two years) and he was there with alot of his character CM friends. We watched the fireworks with a an Eyeore (Eddie, Doug & Arnies friend - ours too), and a Pooh, a Mickey ,a Minnie ,a Donald, 2 tiggers, a goofy, Peter Pan and another guy who plays both Frozone and The Queen of Hearts, plus a few dancers from DCA's Block Party Bash. Way cool getting to meet them all. :)
For many of them it was their first time getting to see the new fireworks. They were all appropriately awed. And this show just gets better each time we see it IMO.

After the fireworks we chilled with Doug and Arnie for a bit (Doug had a silhouette done) and I showed them the hidden Walt that had been shown to us on the tour.

Then that night was over...it was time for bed.

(and yes there is still more)

05-11-2005, 01:44 PM
Hmm wondering if I can squeeze the last two days into one post...Probably

Saturday morning we were up and in the park first thing (again)

We could definately tell this was going to be a much busier day than Friday had been.

We headed over to River Belle again (this time for breakfast), and after that we did the new and improved Jungle Cruise. It was a hoot. And I got way wet, which was a surprise. We grabbed a fast pass for Indy and then walked over to see if we could catch Laughing Stock. Ended up going inside to watch the Billy's first though. Then afterwards caught one show of Laughing Stock and Will got to be Bachelor #1 :fez:
One more swing by Thunder Mountain then back to watch the storytime at Alladins Oasis (we love this little show).

Then over to Tomorrowland (with a quick swing by The Matterhorn - Tomorrowland side). We did Buzz Lightyear again and Will way enjoyed the 'walking talking trashcan' over there. A few years of my life got sucked away while Will was in the star Trader and then we noticed people staking out spots for the parade. We nabbed a bench (just outside the hub on the Tomorrowland side) with an absolutely perfect view of both the castle AND the Mattterhorn...so far it was my favorite spot of the three times we had seen it. We chatted it up with the folks around us, and watched the parade from there and then, eventually Doug and Arnie showed up to watch the fireworks with us. Perfect spot. Loved it!!! Probably my normal hub spot (like we do on New Years) would be the best but it was still unavailable. (Set up for Regis and Kelli) but this was way good. Third times a charm.....if its even possible, it was even better this time than the first two times we saw it!!

After the show we followed the crush to head to the late Fantasmic show. We hadnt eaten since breakfast and with good reason. We had booked the dessert balcony :D
Yumm. I had at least 5 skewers of the fruit (huge strawberries, canteloup, honeydew and pineapple). I had a very decadant chocolate mouse cake, and some cheese and crackers. Plus all the mint Julips I could handle. Will had the same but he had a piece of raspberry topped cheesecake instead of the chocolate cake and he also had some apple frittery thing.
We rolled on out of there and looked at some of the art and I spied what I felt to be the perfect gift for Wills dad (a PotC print). Will was unsure, so we decided to get on back to the hotel. We walked instead of taking the train since we had such a decadant 'dinner'.

Sunday morning we had to check out, so we were up early but by the time we packed up everything and got checked out we didnt get to the park till around 10:30 or so. I saw where they were handing out flowers for all the moms and I thought that was really sweet.

We went back to watch the First 50 years film again that morning and then had lunch over at the Plaza Pavilion. We decided that the print was a good idea for Wills dad so we went back to the gallery in NOS to get it and also got a little Belle musical box for Crystal and a Darth Vader t-shirt for Michael (our niece and nephew). Will got a matching Darth shirt (Michael likes it when they match) and he also got storm trooper shirts for him and Michael (but we will save that one for his birthday).

We meandered some more, soaking up the vibe and then stopped by Gibson Girl for an ice cream cone before we had to leave :(.

We had arranged for a shuttle (one we had used once before that we liked) to pick us up at 4:15.

Flight home was at 6:30...and we pulled into Flag around 1AM. *yawn*

I had to work Monday morning too! :eek: (Will took Monday off :rolleyes: )

The only things we didnt get to do that we wanted was Casey Jr, Peter Pan and Indy. But we have decided if Will keeps getting overtime we may be able to afford to go just for the weekend of July 17th. :D We are already booked and have great rates for our hotel. We just need to see if we can swing it. By then the Olszewski Train Station and Mad Tea Party will be released :D

But if we go that weekend I have made Will promise that one day in total will be spent dong NOTHING but riding Space Mountain :~D over and over and over and over and over!

Plus we have tentatively planned to meet up with Doug, Arnie and Eddie and some others to go see Charlie and the Chocolate factory in July in DTD.

Hope we can make it

Thats it.....the end

05-11-2005, 01:46 PM
Great trip report. We are 28 days away from DL and can't wait.

What are dining pins?

05-11-2005, 02:05 PM
Dining pins are pins that you can get in certain restaurants if you have an AP. You get one pin for every $25 you spend.

The ones we got this time have Mickey and Minnie on them and they say Main Street Ice Cream Shoppe

Hakuna Makarla
05-11-2005, 02:36 PM
I loved the report!! I can not wait to see pictures))))))) Thank you so Much Victoria!! my eyes are misty from trying to imagine me in your shoes and me walking thru the park. wow I could almost see me sitting there during the fire works, a nice trip ( for you and me :) ) again thanks hon :)

05-11-2005, 02:59 PM
Great trip report!! Thanks for sharing. :D

D-lander 1956
05-11-2005, 03:22 PM
OMG, such a great report! And, yes I so enjoyed our visit while waiting for the EP. I have to tell everyone here that Victoria and Will are the nicest people, I almost feel like I've known them for a long time. I guess we all share that "MP vibe." :)

Victoria, what and where is the hidden Walt? :confused:

05-11-2005, 03:35 PM
Victoria, what and where is the hidden Walt? :confused:

pshaw, you are the nice one ;)

Hidden Walt

Go into the First 50 years display room. (previously Great Moments with Mr Lincoln). In there on the right hand side of the room is a model of the castle. Duck down and look inside the castle door, there is Walt standing in there

Hakuna Makarla
05-11-2005, 04:11 PM
Victoria did you get a picture of it????? oh man that would be great!!

05-11-2005, 04:13 PM
Victoria did you get a picture of it????? oh man that would be great!!

I did actually. When Will and I went back to watch the film again we got a nice pic of it, and some of Maynard :D

I heart Maynard.

When I load my pics up I will post it I promise

Hawaiian Cinderella
05-11-2005, 04:13 PM
Thank you for taking me to Disneyland for a visit...it's been almost 2 months and I REALLY miss it!!!! :crying:

05-11-2005, 05:31 PM
Awesome, Victoria. Thanks a bunch.

05-11-2005, 06:02 PM
Victoria, I enjoyed your report so much. Thank you for taking the time to write it. :)

05-11-2005, 08:25 PM
Thanks for your post. I'll be there in 7 days, I was excited before now I'm even more excited. I just found this board it's terrific. Can't wait to see your pictures. :)

05-12-2005, 09:33 AM
pshaw, you are the nice one ;)

Hidden Walt

Oh my! I had taken these pics and didn't even notice him! LOL. Here is a crop of the pic I had on my site already, too funny, thanks!


05-12-2005, 10:34 AM
Thanks for the trip report, Chyk! I don't think we are going to make it in November as originally planned so trip reports are all I have for now. :D

D-lander 1956
05-12-2005, 11:21 AM
Oh my! I had taken these pics and didn't even notice him! LOL. Here is a crop of the pic I had on my site already, too funny, thanks!


Good photo sriggins! Now I can't wait to go see it myself, just when you think you've seen it all at DL you learn something new everyday. ;)