View Full Version : Help-Do wheelchairs and crowds mix?

04-29-2005, 04:45 AM
So here is my dilemma- My dad (who is in a wheelchair) and I want to go to DL on May 5 and participate in all the wonderful and magical events but I am having second thoughts because of the anticipated crowds. Am I crazy for even considering in going? We've been to disneyland many many times but the most crowded time we have atttended is probably a summer weekend. We're not really concerned with riding, seeing, doing everything mainly parade and fireworks (which is why I am really interested in doing the 50th tour for the reserved viewing). We just want to be able to enjoy ourselves.

05-01-2005, 12:26 PM
I would think you'll do fine with the 50th tour. On crowded days wheelchairs can be frusterating. For some reason people don't always look where they are going :D :D and it isn't unusual for us to have a few near misses. Do realize that I'm not exactly dashing through the park at break neck speed either, DH and I both have mobility issues so we aren't out running folks down. If you are going to have a leisurely day and are ready to speak up if needed and say "excuse me" I'm sure you'll do fine. I was planning to go wheelchair and all but reconsidered because my son just missed a school day friday because of a headache.

We have APs so we use the wheelchair at DLR a lot! The wheelchair on the 5th wasn't going to be a deterrent to me!! :D