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04-28-2005, 09:10 PM
Another Thursday, another trip report:

So I got to Disneyland an hour beofre it opened and stood right at the Rope. At 9am, the announcement was made, and the secutiy guards there said repeatedly said to walk to your first desitnation. When the Rop Droppped, of course, about a few dozen kids ran towards Adventureland. I love how people follow directions. It was raining earlier so the ground was a bit slippery; if they slipped and fell, it would've been their own fault.

Anyway, I planned to go straight to Splash Mountain and when I saw all these people speedwalking (and running) to Adventureland, I thought, "Crap, there's already going to be a long line by the time I get there." But I was happy to know that all these people were heading for Indiana Jones and not SM. So, when I got to SM, I was one of the first people to get on. Last Thursday, Splash Mountain was closed; I had hoped that they were going to fix this log problem, but with it being only one day closed, I wasn't surprised to see that they are still using the first 5 seats and not the back row. After SM, I hit Winnie the Pooh. I only ride it because of the musical aspect of the attraction, and it's the musical aspects of Disneyland that make me keep coming.

Over at The Haunted Mansion, they have takedn down those eloquent black drapes/curtains and replaced them with a black fake spider web. All I can say is, What were they thinking?

Gum is still a disgusting issue of the Pirates of the Caribbean bridge.

It was not crowded at all today; when I went over to Matterhorn Bobsleds, only one line was open, but both tracks were open and for some reason no one could figure out that the other side was open, that is until I actually went to the other side and 30 people followed. Even the Cast Member standing at the entrance said twice that both sides were open, but still people couldn't figure it out. As a result, the Fantasyland side was no wait at all and we could choose where we wanted to sit. The Tomorrowland used up the entire queue and were assigned seats.

I noticed they had put a 50 Golden Mickey on the Clock doors from "it's a small world." I looked quite good.

It was good to see the Tomorrowland Train Station open again, I was able to utilize the station later in the day.

Innoventions is boring than ever. Seriously, there is absolutely nothing "great" to do in there. But I have to say that the blue paint job looks excellent.

Space Mountain sat glorified with its rich white peaks and mysterious silence.

The Enchanted Tiki Room experienced some minor problems today. The Bird Mobile would not spin as it is supposed to. Hope they get that fixed.

I do have some pictures, but I am confused as to how to post them.
Next Thursday's Report will be very detailed, because guess what, May 5th just happens to be on a Thursday!

04-29-2005, 06:54 AM
Thanks so much for the report!