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05-06-2005, 11:23 PM
Hi Adrienne,
I appreciate your post. It was just really annoying after a while, because there were several times I was nearly knocked over in the chair and it would've been really, really bad for that to have happened!! This was mostly from people who were standing in the wheelchair area on two feet, except for the woman in the chair behind me, who kept kicking my chair, all thru the parade!! I nicely asked her to stop, but she wouldn't, so I just gave up trying!

I make it a practice, as much as possible, to avoid days that I know will be crowded, even without a chair, since some people are so rude - not watching where they're going, running into you, etc. and this wasn't exactly the case on Wednesday. It was probably the LEAST crowded day the park will see until the 50th promo is over. When were were moving from one spot to another, it wasn't a problem. It was those times when we had to be in a confined space for a length of time, that the people got really rude. Like during the wait for the Buzz thing to happen.

When we found out there was no wheelchair viewing area, we found what we thought was going to be a safe place, since the CM there when we came up early for it, said it was supposed to be a walkway in front of us, so we felt we were in a good place, since no one would be stopping, they would keep moving. Until the CM refused to enforce the walkway at a certain point and just let all those people in on top of us! I would've had my hubby wheel me out of that area, to another spot, so I wouldn't have been so crowded or sunburned, but we wouldn't have been able to get out, til the thing was over anyway. So I just resigned myself to make the best of a bad situation and give up being able to see anything that was happenning.

Hi Jennia,
Thanks for your encouragement about getting a second opinion about the surgery & all. We plan on doing just that!! I really appreciate that you said that 50 isn't that old!! :D I've never felt that old mentally, just physically, since the back & knee problems started way back when!!