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03-04-2005, 08:09 AM
How far in advance can you make reservations for character meals? We are going to DLR 5/13 and it is my daughter's 8th birthday so I'd like to celebrate at one of the meals. Is dinner or breakfast better (is there any difference in character interactions, etc.)?

I've read some of the reviews of these meals and I'm leaning towards Goofy's Kitchen but I can be swayed.


03-04-2005, 08:54 AM
1714 787 DINE. That's Disney's dining line. They will be able to answer your questions. Have fun :)

03-04-2005, 10:17 AM
:) If it was me and my daughters 8th birthday I would choose the Princess breakfast. I was there last week with my three daughters(12,11,8) and wife of course. The Princess breakfast is buffet style which I like better for the kids. They get to choose from made to order omelets to standard b'fast fare like eggs, bacon, sausage, french toast(very good) crepes with creme cheese filling, waffles, ham, eclair swans(great), worm pudding(gummy worms in chocolate mousse), lots of muffins and croissants. The best part was the character interaction. We saw Mary Poppins, Belle, Alice, Jasmine and Aladdin, Fairy Godmother, Aurora, the Beast came inside the door-I think he's to big to visit the tables, and a few more but I'm zoning out on names. We went there twice and I remember thinking the second time(I wish the characters would give us a break and let us eat) since We got all the autographs the first time and this time was mainly to eat. The inside is very nice and clean and bus service was very good about taking empty plates.
Goofy's Kitchen was good also and so was Ariel's Grotto-My favorite cause of teh Conga line and the Limbo the kids did with the characters-plus the view of paradise pier sitting outside under the heaters. I think any you choose from your daughter would enjoy-but for me and an 8 year old girl I'd choose Princess Breakfast. Have a great time!!

Hawaiian Cinderella
03-04-2005, 10:23 AM
Thanks for your report on the princess breakfast...that's reassuring after the others that i read. we have ressies on the 18th and i considered cancelling but my 6 year old daughter REALLY wants to go...was cinderella there??? that's her fav...

03-04-2005, 10:23 AM
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Searching on "character meal" or "character dining" or "goofy's kitchen" will also get you a large amount of previous discussion. You can also check out the MousePlanet Reviews (http://www.mouseplanet.com/reviews) section.

03-04-2005, 05:31 PM
I had to ask my 8 yr old but she said Cinderella was there along with Snow White and Prince Charming too

03-05-2005, 08:21 AM
60 days in advance is when you can get res. You need to go through the "DINE" number previously posted. I heard you don't get a confirmation number. If you are staying at the resort, you can get an itinerary from VP which will have your res listed and they can make it for you. That itinerary was like a VIP pass when we went. All I had to do was show it and no problem!