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02-15-2005, 08:46 AM
Yay! We are now Annual Passholders!I have been waiting the past 5 years for this!

Ok, So I am new here to posting at mouseplanet, so if I make any mistakes I'm really really sorry. Please point them out to me so I don't do them again.

We went to disney on Friday. My husband warned us not to go but I was determined to go. I packed up the kids- my stepdaughter Denise whos 10, and my sons Brandon (first time going) age 4, and Bryan (first time also) whos 18 months. Thank goodness for the rain cover on the stroller- the boys were really dry. Also, I'm so glad they have a guy there helping load you into and out of the trams. That was my biggest fear was trying to get 2 little ones and a strolelr by myself. We bought our passes, went in, and visited the lovely Disney bathrooms. We then walked to Pirates which was broken, so we went to the Haunted mansion. We walked right in and onto the ride. THe boys didn't have any time to think about the scaryness- they just didn't like the dark. THen We walked right onto Pirates, it was working. The kids seemed to like that ok. We processed our passes (no line!), then headed to innoventions. Hung out there for a bit and decided to ride Autiopia. No line there! We decided after that to splash over to IT's a small world. The poor boats were sooo flooded. When that ride was ending, it started to POUR. We decided to go home. IT was toooooo wet. The kids however, had more of a blast splashing in the puddles all over the place. Thank goodness for pajamas waiting in the car.

Sunday- We came back. I can't remember exactly what we did all day though. I know we went on the Pinnocio Ride, the Casey Jr Train (isn't that a little quick? that train has some speed!), the Pooh Ride twice (found a ride my 4 year old actually liked), the jungle book cruise, Pirates again, We went to toontown (the sign is all covered up) and walked through Mickeys house (which was waaaay longer then I ever remember, they fool you with the nice house, you walk and keep walking and BAM, your stopped in a line waiting for who knows what, which turns out to be Mickey at the end I guess- we ducked out an exit). Then we rode Roger Rabbit, Teacups, and the storybook boats. When the boys fell asleep, we headed to DCA, and people watched for awhile. We then saw Playhouse disney (try convinceing a 18month olf to stand in line for a half an hour, they need someone to sing and dance for the line!) Cute show though. After that we headed back to disneyland. We walked around a bit (guess I could say I'm on the disney diet) decided to do pirates again (I'm desperate for a thrill, no matter how small), then got dinner and watched fantasmic. Kids loved it, and then we went home. I couldn't believe we were coming back the next day.

Sunday- To be continued

02-15-2005, 09:03 AM
Ok Not Sunday- MONDAY (My brain is so well rested I can't remember what day it is)

We rode pretty much the same rides, but managed to squeese it Snow Whites Scarey Adventures (never again on that one) and Peter Pans Flight (oooo I loved that one, well worth the wait). My 4 year old can sing, in the true way 4 year olds can, It's a small world. We spent more time over at DCA. There were no lines there. We saw its Tough to be a Bug. It's not tough to be a bug, its tough to sit in the audiance. What a show. Never again will I watch it, just not for me. We then went to Flicks fun fair and rode the ladybug boogie. My 18month old thought this ride was the funniest thing invented. Everytime we would hit the bump between the two platforms he would scream with laughter. I was laughing at him so hard my sides hurt. People thought we were nuts. We then went on Hemlick's cho cho train. Sure smells good on that ride. It was pretty cute. Then we went back to the bug boogie (with all that laughing we couldn't help it). We rode the flying balloon looking things too. We then walked out to see what else there was, and the park was closing. So we headed over to disneyland, along with the entire population of DCA. After checking out that most of the lines were awful, and the kids were sleeping (well, except for Denise) we walked to ToonTown to eat. I have to admit- when I bought the AP, I thought we would just bring our lunches with us because eating was too expensive. Well, I packed juice and waterbottles for everyone, and bought food. Each time I fed all of us for under $20. One time even with the drinks. Not bad. Dasiys diner with the pizza and salad for $5.25 was really good. After that, we walked around the park with our snoozing duo, and checked out the pin trader cart. I was debating getting pins, either for trading or for just having. Patty the pin cart castmemeber was so helpful, and explained what the "rules/guidelines" were, and another castmemeber George (I am practicing remembering names- I'm so terrible with them) told us about his pin collection. He had all nightmare before Christmas ones, which was neat. He was thinking of starting stich or start wars. We talked about what would be neat to see on a starwars one. It was really cool. So, we walked away ($50 less) a tinkerbell and a buzz lightyear starter set. I then spent the next hour trying to explain the whole pin trading thing to Denise. We walked down main street and decided to go see the Mickey cartoons. I hoped it was stroller accessable. We went in and started watching. Then we sat on the floor and started watching. The room went from empty to about 10 others all sitting on the floor watching movies. Then we left after watching a few of them. I talked to the ticket lady thats there (the fake one) and some girl walking with her mom starts asking her mom "What's that lady for?? What's that lady for??" I was cracking up. Then they said Disneyland was closed and told us to go home. Seeing I actually have to attempt to get some work done so I can keep my roof over my head and money to spend at disney- I left. Though we are considering a Trip on thursday, in the rain. This time I will get rain panchos. I am going to propse to my boss that I take Thursday off and work Saturday insted. I might as well work on Saturday, I can't go to disney. But I can go on Thursday, you see.

Ta Ta for now. :)

02-15-2005, 10:22 AM
Congratulations on the APs!!! That's awesome!! I am thinking of getting one, but then I will want to move to the anaheim area ;) . Thank you for a fun trip report!!!

02-15-2005, 11:20 AM
I am just loving all of the trip reports. I agree, you can eat in the parks without breaking the bank :) Thank you for sharing.

Shortiee, I am getting my AP in March too. I am going to upgrade my Hopper after I use the early entrance and give the ESPNZone thing to Javanod or Kyle.

02-15-2005, 12:30 PM
Very cool Rentayenta....I am really considering getting one now and posted a question earlier. When I get paid next week I am calling to find out how long I have until I have to activate it if I buy it online! I understand the prices will go up in March and was trying to avoid that...and that way I can go for a few days in may and july...all by myself!!! ;)

02-15-2005, 12:33 PM
Very cool Rentayenta....I am really considering getting one now and posted a question earlier. When I get paid next week I am calling to find out how long I have until I have to activate it if I buy it online! I understand the prices will go up in March and was trying to avoid that...and that way I can go for a few days in may and july...all by myself!!! ;)

PM Darkbeer; he is the king of AP info.