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02-14-2005, 09:48 PM
First A Review On The Hotel...
We had 2 sperate rooms for the 4 of us, Rachel and I Got there at about 2ish. After We drove for what seemed forever through rain, pretty much the whole 5 hour drive. I was raining there as well. So we had the bell hop take our bags and we went and self-parked. Which wasnt bad at all, all you had to do was cross at the cross walk, way better than paying $12 a day.after a short way we checked in, only room was ready. So we headed up, and the wonderful bell hop named mike brought up our very heavy bags and talked to us, he was great. We didnt have a view i guess, we could see downtown disney,hear the music and smell the food. we were on the top floor, #6. The room was wonderful, from the pillows to the bambi shower curtian and the robes. We loved the turn down serivce and the choclate. the list of things we could do. we had a DVD player and a fully stocked fridge. (Which we didnt use) it was great. the roomservice, was very busy, but it was good. we were ariubd the corner from the elevator, and a few rooms down from the ice machines and vendeing machines. We had the sliding door open most of the time we were in the room, even slept with it open. but as soon as it was shut, you coulod hear nothing. it was great. Check out was so easy, they left the bill under the door before 7AM as promised, we called the desk and let them know we would be done at 10am, they said to keep the room keys as a souvioner,so we did. At 10am the bell man was at the door to pick up the luggage. he left it out there while rachel went to the car. so we had to load the car ourselves, which was fine. If i could get AP rates again, i would stay here again in a heartbeat. The private entrance to DCA was also wonderful. i know there is more i am forgetting about it...Overall (from A - F) it was a Very High A. It would be a A+ but a few things happened..which i will get to later. well until after work this is what you get....(i forgot to post this so a update is coming soon!)

02-14-2005, 10:10 PM
Day #1- Friday
After a 5 hour drive in the rain and a quick check in, we headed to DCA to get a umbrella. $10 sounded good, so we each got one. we walked around the park and rode sorian', which we walked right on. (As with all the rides that day) then we headed to Disneyland. We rode all the big rides, Everything in fantasy land (minus tea cups, they were closed) then we did haunted manison,Big Thunder RailRoad, and everything else inbetween, in under 2 hours. (YES 2 HOURS!) We walked around for a while and Then headed to the room so we could decide where to eat. We found that everythign had been turned down and there were choclates too. We decided we wanted to do the thing a Seporha, since i was planning on heading there before we left. We wanted sunday in the AM but they were booked (only 10 people) so we decided to go Sat. At this point i am Starving and not in the best mood, so we head to taste piolts grill, we get a chicken sandwich, it was decent. Then headed to the cand place and got rice crispy treats. We were ready to head back up to the room for the night, so i got in my P.J.'s and put on the robe, then headed outside (it was misting a bit, but the patio was well covered) read a magazine,had my rice cripy treat and some water, it was SO nice. Rachel wet down staris the meet her mom and sister, who were just arriving at about 8 pm. The Valet parked at the hotel. They then ordered room serivce (minus the $3.00 10 oz sodas) and rachel got cookies which were great. we aslo paid $2.50 for a bottle of soda, but it was a better deal. we set our alarm for 7:20am and set up a wake up call too. we had to be a seporha by 8:20am, Then we headed off to our what turned out to be very comphy beds and pillows.

02-15-2005, 07:07 AM
You had me at sitting on the covered patio, in jammies, eating a Mickey Rice Krispie treat. Pure heaven! Can't wait to read the rest.

02-15-2005, 10:33 AM
We got our wakeup call from mickey at 7:20 am, i got up and hoped in the shower then Rachel did (i take longer to get ready) we headed down to DTD for our class. However we did not know that yo could take a little short cut through the hotel to DTD so we walked all the way around! Which wasnt too bad, a little misty but ok. we had to wait a few minutes, then they let us in. They gave us a list of different products for skin care and talked about it. we tried some vitiman water that was nasty, then on to the makeup. It was SO nice to have someone due my makeup, if you visit the store i highly recomend jennifer and heather, they are awesome. We were there from 8:20ish until 10:30am. We bought some of the stuff that they used one us and i got my lip plumper as well. By this time i am starving again...so we decide to head to white water snacks for a bite to eat. on the way we dropped by the hotle room and left our stuff. We bought the mug at whitewater, which we learned can be used in ANY of the hotels at the disneyland resort and walt disney world, that was cool. We had a muffin and fruit, which were both wonderful, the fruit was fresh and the muffin was moist. it was great! Then it was off to DCA, we walked to park and took pictures of the mickeys, then we ment a couple friends and headed to the park, rode rides which i think the longest wait was around 30 mins for the roller coaster. we went to the amanation building, watched the shows and had some fun in the beasts libary thing. Then we had our picture taken with Herclues. we also saw some pricesses and mickey. Then it was time for the alidian show, which as always was good. For dinner we headed back to whitewater snacks, Amber and I got sandwiches, Rachel and Debbie got hamburgers, after waiting for 30 mins. we asked what was going on, another 20mins. and they finally got them.(They lost the order!) Rachels was wrong, by this time its 6:40pm (they close at 7pm) and the manager comes out and says that their was only 1 cook and he had alot of stuff to cook and it was going to be 20-30mins before they could cook it. She offerend anything else and everyone desserts to go. So we took the deal and rachel got a turkey sandwich and we got our desserts, they comped her and debbies food as well. after finding a place to sit outside, we cut through DCA and headed to Disneyland, where we rode jungle cruise and pirates, then watched fantasmic. We headed to the monorail and once we got on decided to ride it all the way around. once we got back to tommorw land, they made us get off and get back on, it worked in our favor becuase we got to ride up front with the driver. that was cool. Rachel and I went to World of Disney to shop, bought a few things (i got the cutest villain checkbook wallet thing) then it was midnight and we headed to the room, and i got in my jammies and sat on the balcony and listened to the music until 12:30 and headed to bed. Where is Slept SO SO SO Great.

I for some reason unknown to me woke up at 7:15am, to the birds singing and very pretty looking fog. (i could heard the birds becuase we left the sliding dorr open) i relaxed on the balcony until 8:30, noticed th bill under the door, which was nice. got ready and packed up. Rachel got up at 9 and we were ready to check out by 10ish. the bellman came up and got our luggage and just droped it off and then left. They were busy and he wasnt very nice. When we got down there, we seen debbie and amber who had checked out 30 mins. before us..they were still waiting for valet to get their car. I waited with the luggage and rachel went and got the car. we loaded up and heaed off. we wanted to go to DCA because rachel wanted to exchange a pins she bought 2 of. the lines were crazy...i mean insane. they were the longest i have ever seen them for DCA, which was busy. the shortest libe was 45 mins. we just people watched abd traded pins and had lunch. debbei and amber ended up wating for over an hour for valet to get the car, they lost it. they comped the valet fees. at just after noon we left the resort and headed to rachels aunts and visited for a bit. we got home at about 7:30 - 8:00pm. It was a wonderful trip,i cant wait to go in April. I dont think i forgot anything....we did so much in 3 days. Thank heaven for the rain!

02-15-2005, 10:36 AM
The patio was wonderful, as where the robes if i had $75 to spend on a robe i would have bought it.

02-15-2005, 10:38 AM
It was SO nice to have someone due my makeup, if you visit the store i highly recomend jennifer and heather, they are awesome. We were there from 8:20ish until 10:30am. We bought some of the stuff that they used one us and i got my lip plumper as well.

So glad you did the Sephora thing, QueenAlisha! My girls and I just absolutely loved it and sounds like you did, too.

02-15-2005, 11:12 AM
Wow, the Sephora thing sounds awesome, can I ask how much it is? In December I just found out my daughter will be joining me for a few days, and I would like to treat her there as one of her Christmas gifts! Thank you for the wonderful report, glad you had such a great time!!!

02-15-2005, 12:10 PM
it was $35 , but thats for the gift card. So really you just have to buy $35 in stuff from them, which is easy! and we got a bag of free testers too.

02-15-2005, 12:23 PM
Thank you!!! That's very affordable!!!! :D

02-15-2005, 02:07 PM
I tried to get to Sephora once and was told it was only for the Disneyland hotels. Does anyone have any info on this?