View Full Version : Nothing like an extra DL trip!

01-12-2005, 07:48 AM
When my stepson visited us over Christmas he said he wanted to go to Disneyland. He is almost 17, so this was a shock to us since the last time we went, he didn't like it other than Screamin'. So, DH said we would go during his spring break, he goes to school in MT, and his break starts the week of March 14th. I am excited since we didn't have a trip planned until April. YEAH!! Of course DH is still working on getting that Long Beach 33 hour layover for Feb too. Hey maybe I will go in Feb., Mar. and April. Might as well get my money's worth on the AP. hehe

01-12-2005, 09:14 AM
Great news! Extra trips to DLR are always great news. :D

And heck...since your stepson wants to go to DLR...maybe this time will be just the 'ticket'...and a new Disney fan will be born! :D