View Full Version : Haunted Mansion Holiday Radko orn. Oct 1

09-09-2004, 03:52 AM
According to the Disney Gallery website (which is the only place I saw it, so if it has been mentioned here my apologies), a new Christopher Radko ornament, exclusive to Disneyland, of the "Haunted Mansion Holiday" will be released soon. For those who are not familiar with his ornament line, they are sold at the Boutique de Noel in NOS, which used to actually be a Radko operated location I believe, but is now I think just a Park operation. In any case, he will be there October 1 to sign the ornament, which is I recall $44. There are pictures on the website and there also appears to be additional ornaments for Jack and Sally which I am sure will be popular! The signing that Friday is from one to three pm; however, I would recommend (since so many Nightmare collectors will I am sure want this, signed or not) being at the store at opening to prepurchase your ornament. When he was at the China Closet in the late 90's, early in his "Disney ornament craze" days, there was a loooooooong line on Main street for that event. Good luck folks!