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11-19-2001, 10:48 AM
I'll try to make this brief ;)

DocKrock's bday is this Wednesday, so Grandma came over Sat night to watch the boys and Mom and DocKrock escaped-- er-- well-- we went to dinner at Napa Rose. I had heard multiple positive reviews and we were really hoping for a nice experience after some recent disappointments (you may recall that when we went to Brennan's for our anniversary, the experience was just beyond disappointing.)

Well, when we arrived, the hostess wrote a name of a server on a card that identified what table we would sit at. I saw the name and thought: "Oh, I hope he's good." OH MY GOSH. Our server was amazing. He was delightful. He was efficient. He was helpful. He was friendly. I could go ON AND ON. We asked questions about menu items, he had informative answers. We asked about wine (we were trying to choose between two lower cost cabs,) and he offered to bring us samples.

A few minutes later, the sommelier arrived to help us make our wine selection. Remeber how I said, "lower cost" cabs? Cabs on the NR list range in price from $30 to $1200. The sommelier, Michael, could not have been more helpful, or more friendly. Not a bit of snootiness about him. When I said, "We're a little cheap," He looked at me and said, "No, you appreciate a good value!" We discussed what regions my husband and I prefer and Michael instantly said, "oh, then you prefer a wine that is velvety, you're looking for a fruity wine..." and continued to describe a wine that sounded great to us! When we made our selection, Michael spoke quite favorably of it and he was right! It was a wonderful wine. Michael even suggested a few wineries we might like to visit in the future, based on our conversation during the selection process. Kevin and I are not high rollers when it comes to wine drinking, but we do like to think that we have a decent knowledge of wine and can appreciate a nice California cab. Michael made us feel very comfortable discussing wine and making a selection.

Our meal was divine. Our Saturday night ritual has become "Watch Food Network." Well, I teased Kevin that he's been watching a little too much Iron Chef ;) Kevin had a steak that was topped with foie gras and bleu cheese. He said that cutting it was like cutting butter. His soup was a portabello mushroom "Cappuchino" with foie gras foam. I was skeptical of all that liver, but I tasted it and was pleasantly surprised.

I had a butternut squash soup- yum, and Osso Bucco. I love Osso Bucco and this portion was not only tasty but the serving was very generously sized!!! Before our meal, we had a little pizza with brie,proschutto, and carmalized onions. Again- YUM.

For dessert, we had creme brulee (Tahitian Vanilla Bean Creme Brulee to be specific.) Now, this came with Mango. I asked our server and he told me the mango was on the side. Good. I don't care for Mango, but I LOVE creme brulee. Remember that amazing waiter? He insisted that I try a dessert wine with my creme brulee: a late harvest Reisling.

OK, I was in HEAVEN. The combination of the creme brulee with the wine tasted like butter. Oh, it was so smooth and divine. I could not believe what a perfect suggestion that was!!

When the bill arrived, we tucked an AP inside to get our premium AP discount. The discount only applied to food, of course, not the wine, but that was ok, every little bit helps. We left a very generous tip, based on the original price of the meal. We felt that our waiter deserved every bit of that tip! Usually I like to tip 18-20% anyway, but this entire experience was above and beyond, and I hope our tip reflected that.

The atmosphere was not "quiet." The dining room was full, but the noise level was pleasant (especially after the two boys at a nearby table decided not to wrestle in the middle of the floor anymore....... but they left pretty promptly. I would've spoken to the waiter or manager about moving our table if their behavior had continued.) I was glad to see a full dining room because I would like to see this restaurant thrive if it can consistently provide the experience we had on Saturday.

Before we left, we asked to speak to the manager. This was when we learned that Michael was not only the sommelier but the manager as well. We first thanked him for his excellent wine recommendation but then we told him that our waiter and meal were superb. So often, when a meal or experience is below expectation, people are quick to call over the manager, but on the occasions that we experience excellent service, we want the management to know: This server was GREAT.

Michael seemed very grateful that we took the time to compliment his staff. And with that, we strolled out to our car, stuffed and with big smiles on our faces.

I hope that this experience is indeed an accurate reflection of Napa Rose.

Adrienne K

11-19-2001, 11:08 AM
Wow, I'm full just reading your trip report!! Thanks Adrienne!

11-19-2001, 11:24 AM
That was an excellent report! When we stayed at the Grand Californian last Feb., my hubby asked if I wanted to dine there. I said no...we ate at Storytellers. Now, after reading this report, I could kick myself. Oh well, there will be other times.

11-19-2001, 11:42 AM
what a special way to celebrate DocKrocks b/d..I'm glad it was so spectacular!

11-19-2001, 02:21 PM
I am glad that it turned out to be such a wonderful experience for you! When we dined there last spring we found the food to be outstanding and the service to be the best we had ever encountered at the Disneyland Resort (that includes Club 33). I'm glad to hear that the restaurant has apparently maintained that level of quality.

Just to give one small example of the service, we were blown away to learn that they not only refill soft drinks when the glass is nearly empty, but also at regular intervals. One of the members of our party had drunk maybe a fourth of the liquid in the glass and basically gave a "Why are you replacing that?" response when the server came over and replaced it with a fresh glass. He then explained that they didn't want the ice to melt too much and dilute the drink...

Another prime example of this place going the extra mile was at the dessert. While they had an impressive dessert menu, nothing on it really appealed to my wife's tastes. She asked the server if there was any chance they would be able to just bring her a chocolate sundae. The server responed that he would see if they could "throw something together" for her. What he returned with was probably the most impressively presented chocolate sundae any of us had ever seen. It consisted of three scoops of vanilla ice cream carefully arranged on a shallow dish. A generous amount of chocolate sauce had been neatly poured over the ice cream and the plate had been further decorated with chocolate drizzle. They had then further decorated it with sticks of candy neatly placed into the ice cream. Keep in mind, this was something that they "threw together" because it wasn't on the menu...

This restaurant is really a major gem and we have definitely been talking about wanting to go back again soon.


11-19-2001, 02:30 PM
good thing you had fun!

11-19-2001, 09:46 PM
I've eaten at Napa rose many times. However I do not think that it's not as good as granville. Napa rose to me is full of fluff , all show with little go. Go to granville and have a meal and it will be your favorite place like it is mine. Besides top brass outside the restaurant is a blast. Napa rose lounge is less that exciting even the bar tenders think so.

11-20-2001, 02:43 AM
I agree completely with the glowing reports on Napa Rose. I ate there twice last February, when it first opened. Then I returned in May. Each time I visited it seemed to improve from an already impressive level of service and food. My last visit this past summer was just as stunning as the original poster's.

I keep kicking myself for not venturing into the Grand Californian for meals more. They finally got rid of that stupid security gaurd at the Sephora gate, and the world didn't collapse. But I find myself heading to Catal or Brennan's (my new fave) instead of popping in to Napa Rose to see if a table is available.

Now that it's been getting all the rave press, it will probably require reservations. But I really need to get back there as a special treat before the Christmas rush.

It really is a wonderful place. However, I have had some unfortunate children seated near me, with less than attentive parents who apparently think they are dining at the Pizza Port or Burger Invasion instead of a 4 star dining room in a resort hotel. Parents, shape up or get out of the dining room!

11-20-2001, 07:38 AM
Oooh I can't wait! Thanks Adrienne K for the report. Made reservations during our trip in December, while our youngest son is at Pinnochio's Workshop(with a little help from two MP's) and our oldest will be checking out DTD. A parent's night out! Yippee!