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10-19-2001, 09:46 AM
For decades now, Disney has been upgrading Tomorrowland by keeping as much as possible from previous versions.

'What can we put in the CoP building?' 'What can we put in the CircleVision building?' 'How can we re-use the PeopleMover tracks?'

I say enough of this.

They need to take a bulldozer to the whole crappy land, with the possible exception of Space Mountain.

I'm as nostalgic as the next guy, but this has gotten out of hand. History be damned.

I want a NEW Tomorrowland!!

10-19-2001, 10:48 AM
I have a great idea for a truly new (to us) Tomorrowland that retains Space Mountain and pretty much nothing else (what else of value is left?)

Give us the FutureWorld that was systematically destroyed in Florida from 1990 thru 1995. Most especially and importanly, build us HORIZONS. The greatest, most future-oriented, frankly most Tomorrowland attraction ever created by Disney was itself brutally and inconceivably bulldozed earlier this year. If you haven't experienced this attraction, trust me - we don't want Tower of Terror or Rock'n'Rollercoaster or Muppet Vision or Bugs Life or any other Florida hand-me-down one-tenth as much as we NEED HORIZONS.

The rest of ruined and discarded FutureWorld wouldn't do us any harm as a revised Tomorrowland either. The wonderful film Symbiosis could play in the Circlevision Theater (even though it's not a Circlevision film), Primeval World could be turned around to face Tomorrowland and be converted into the foolishly discarded version of Universe of Energy, and the shamefully tossed-away Journey into Imagination would make a perfect bridge attraction between Fantasyland and Tomorrowland. And let's take the submarine lagoon and turn it into the original vision for The Living Seas that was never realized but would make one of the most fantastic attractions ever seen. Last but not least, let's combine the concept of Body Wars with an old favorite of mine and make an actual environmental attraction (i.e. not a movie motion simulator) that takes on a 'fantastic voyage' through the human body, shrinking us ever SMALLER AND SMALLER till we finally and triumphantly return to a place Tomorrowland should never have left - the incredible universe of the molecule and, dare I say it, the atom itself!!!

10-19-2001, 11:15 AM
I agree on shutting down and starting over in Tomorrowland.

I'd rip out the tracks of Space Mountain, and put in a single Rockin' Rollercoaster type coaster, spinning and flipping around asteroids and such.

The theater and Star Tours can stay, but design them to be able to run multiple shows. When a new show comes out, we'd need full capacity to get everyone through that wants to see it. I'd create a new movie for each every 4 years. Starting with Star Tours, we'd get only the new show for two years. Then we'd get a new movie in the 3D theatre, and Star Tours would go to half the pods showing the old and half showing the new. After 2 more years of only the new movie in the theatre, we go to half the showings being the new, and half being the old, just in time for the new movie in Star Tours.

As far as circle vision and subs, bulldoze and redo that whole side of Tomorrowland. An updated Inner Space would/could be AWESOME! Something WDW Buzz Lightyear'ish would also be cool.

I like the idea of transportation running between the buildings, so I rebuild the entire people mover track with somethig sturdier to take an inproved Rocket Rods type ride. Higher capacity, but rocket rods like.

Autopia, boat cruise, and circle vision area could also use a total redo. Perhaps convert that whole area into an entirely new land. Or better yet, Tomorrowland hotel! Part walk through exhibits of science and technology (not heavily sponsored) of the future, and part working hotel. Take the Innoventions idea, but place all those highest tech devices into the rooms so people can play with them during the hours the park is closed.

Redo the monorail so that it goes into this hotel, then continues on to the property where the 3rd park is planned. Don't forget connecting the monorail to the parking structures.

Too bad that DCA is going to need so much money in the next decade. With $1-2 billion, we could really bring Tomorrowland out of 20-40 years ago....

WOW, it sure is easy to plan when you are spending other people's money. No wonder TDS is so great!

10-19-2001, 12:34 PM
Exactly! I totally agree that a wrecking ball and crew are in the tomorrow of Tomorrowland.

We know from David Koenig that the lagoon is leaky and has caused a sinkhole waiting to happen underneath Innoventions. The whole land is run down/abandoned to a marked degree.

10-19-2001, 12:40 PM
Some sinkholes are better than others, I suppose.

I can think of no better fate for Innoventions than to sink to the depths of hell.

The sinkhole that attacked Horizons in Epcot, however, was the work of demons from that same hell.

Calling all angels to keep an eye on Disney parks and make sure the devil takes only those attractions that are hellworthy. :)

10-19-2001, 12:57 PM
Originally posted by innerSpaceman
I can think of no better fate for Innoventions than to sink to the depths of hell.

Hear, hear!

As I've said though, if they really need an Innoventions it would be more appropriate in DTD.

BTW, I like dshimel's idea of a Tomorrowland Hotel! I wouldn't have thought of that...

They should really rethink the whole layout of the land. Something different than the 'straight and narrow corridor betwen two large buildings' that they've always had.

Any large show buildings could be near the eastern berm, possibly adjacent to a hotel.

10-19-2001, 07:47 PM
I like most of your ideas innerspaceman, and I like some of those presented by dshimel, BUT, I cannot abide the ripping out of our beloved Space Mountain. What I suggest (and have suggested, on many a previous thread), is that they tear down Innoventions (if they refuse to give us CoP or America Sings back) and build the DLP version of Space in there - but to avoid a duplication of theme, they'd have to retheme it a bit. Either as a trip to Mars, or a "Fantastic Voyage" kind of trip inside the human body, and yes, the atom. Instead of dodging asteroids as DLP's SM does, you'd be dodging zooming electrons, or something.

Yes, Journey into Imagination would be a good transition ride. They could build it OVER the Autopia track, allowing for a show building area of Autopia on the bottom level (maybe a nighttime city scene kind of thing, or at least a tunnel!) I admit as I got older the attraction began to bore me a tad, but the song is cute, the characters are lovable (how can you not love FIGMENT!!!) and it could be done in a way to make it once again a classic dark ride.

Lose the Rocket Rods. A slow, relaxing Peoplemover is what the people need :) Maybe rethemed. Maybe the "time machine" ride I suggested which would actually board on Main Street. You know what would be a cool variation? If it had board points on Main St AND TL, so you could go backwards or forwards in time! Yeah!