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03-31-2004, 08:41 AM
Can anyone tell me the specific benefits of upgrading to concierge at the Grand Californian? We are only going to be there for 2 nights...2 adults, 3 children...are the benefits worth the extra $$$. Thanks :D

03-31-2004, 12:56 PM
mouseluvr: Iíll be staying at the GCH later in 2004 (probably October), and have asked your same question. I canít answer you from personal experience, but I can summarize what Iíve been told. Iíve found that there is quite a difference of opinion on this question.

1. Supposedly there is special treatment with the check-in process, but this sounds like it is not as well executed at the GCH as it may be elsewhere. Either there is not a separate check-in desk or it is not always open, so the special treatment may be limited to having a CM stand in line with you as you wait.
2. Your room will be on a higher floor than non-concierge room, although I understand this does not improve the view significantly.
3. Your room will have a DVD player Ė this may be the only difference in a concierge room from a non-concierge room Ė and you can check out DVDs from the concierge lounge. For a short stay like yours, you probably wonít be spending much time in the room to watch DVDs.
4. The concierge lounge is open to you for breakfast during the morning, wine and cheese in the late afternoon/evening, a childrenís story time at night, and pop/bottled water and salty snacks and/or fruit 24/7. They let you grab 2 drinks/person from the lounge to take with you. The lounge is evidently the biggest concierge benefit.
5. Opinions on whether it is ďworth itĒ vary widely. It seems the answer is more likely to be yes for larger parties than for smaller ones. A party of 5 may be large enough for it to be yes. Some find the lounge very convenient, especially for breakfast. Others found it crowded and noisy during peak times. The wine and cheese and other appetizer type food is evidently only available for a 2-3 hour period, so consider how your schedule is likely to line up with that.

That is all second-hand information. Perhaps others can give you a different opinion if they think Iíve misunderstood anything.

03-31-2004, 02:58 PM
Thanks for your info bduff...I too have gotten a wide range of answers depending on who you speak with at the resort...I haven't even been able to get an accurate quote on the fee to upgrade. :confused: I appreciate your help.