View Full Version : Going this Sunday

Lost Boy
09-14-2001, 09:01 PM
I am going to Disneyland this Sunday just because I have too. I want to be a part of the Retreat at 6:20pm. I will be there early and will go to the Hub at 10:00am to see if anyone from the group can make it. I will return at noon also. I hope some of us can get together for whatever happens. I just have to go. Between the Playhouse Last Show on the 9th and the tragedy on the 11th, I don't know how much more I can take. The emotions this week have just been too much for this Elf.

09-17-2001, 08:15 PM
Sorry Lost Boy, we were at the park at 10am sunday but I thought you were coming at noon and we left around 11:30. We would have stopped by. Did you have a worthwhile trip?

Lost Boy
09-17-2001, 08:53 PM
I was unable to make the 10am meeting as I was busy riding the Canoes for the very first time. I had a great day, rode many attractions and rides that I have not been on in a long time, and the canoes which I had never done in 46 years. I met a new friend at Noon at the hub and we went to see Animazement and Tiki room before he had to leave to meet friends.
All in all it was a wonderful day, and the Flad Ceremony at Sunset was one of the most emotional events I have ever seen at Disneyland. Very well presented, and everything on Main Street just came to a complete standstill. Very powerful images. I plan to see it every time I go from now on. The Park looked wonderful, the weather was nice and the Park was not crowded at all.

09-17-2001, 10:22 PM
I went to both parks on sunday and was amazed at how empty it was, I even got a primo spot in the parking structure, basically as close to the escalators as possible without being in the handicap spots.