View Full Version : Tell me about Vero Beach

07-02-2013, 02:11 PM
We are hoping to do a 3 night Vero Beach stay at the end of our trip next June. Anyone been that can tell me about it? What kinds of things did you do (I have seen the list of things to do there but am looking for real experiences)? How hard is it to book at the 7 month window? We would want a one bedroom but would be fine in a studio or inn room if we had to (looking at the second week of June, a Monday- Thursday stay).

07-03-2013, 04:07 PM
We stayed at Vero Beach in 2006. We had a family of 7, so it was 3 rooms for us, and it was no problem getting rooms. There was one one-bedroom and two studios. The highlight of the trip was watching the sea turtles coming up to lay her eggs at night. It was an amazing experience - people who live on the beach turn their lights out at night as to not disturb the turtles - the hotel does have tours to try to find them, but we went out on our own and were lucky enough to see one!! The only other thing I remember is being right on the beach - it has a great location with the beach right there and a nice pool for those who prefer that. We did have a vehicle, so we did go into town for dinner and shopping - cute little town. It was a very nice vacation - would definitely go back!!