View Full Version : Welcome Home Wednesdays at WDW

04-04-2013, 06:27 PM
Can anyone give me a brief overview of these? I know they provide snacks, but is it fun & games? If so, are the prizes decent? Or is it just a sales presentation? How long do they last? Not sure if I want to take time away from theme park time to attend. Thank you.

04-04-2013, 06:52 PM
They have gone through a few different variations over the years. A couple years ago, Deevee Cee was there in all her splendor. Last year, there was some sort of game show. They do have some door prizes that the draw for and pretty much everyone gets something. (We all got DVC hats.) We did win a $25 certificate to Portobello's as well as a $25 gift card to Curl another year.

Its a chance to meet other members, hear some DVC news, have a snack, and take a break from the parks. We tend to go if we are in the area.

Its not really a sales pitch, though they do give you the low-down on the current add-on offers and the like.

It usually lasts less than an hour. People tend to line up early to get in, which if you want to go, I would recommend as well. Have your DVC member card handy.

Id say give it a shot if you have never been.