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08-23-2001, 09:29 PM
What are the rules for disabled guests at the parks? I know that people in wheelchairs get access to the front of the lines via exits or something like that. But my friend was recently in a car accident and sprained her knee and occasionally must wear a cast type thing and wants to know if she has to stand in line like the other guests or if she can get the disabled advantage. If so, exactly how does the disabled access work? Do they have to get a special pass or just walk up to the exits of attractions? Thanks.

08-23-2001, 09:57 PM
Have her go to City Hall and ask for a Special Assistance Pass. If she is not in a wheelchair most rides have you use the fastpass enterence. If she is in a wheelchair most rides you go up the exit. SOME rides are wheelchair accessable and you must wait in line.

If you use the exit be prepared not to get immediate bording, and not get to pick where you sit. Be polite to the CMs too, many SAP guests get rude when they have to wait.

If you read the pass carefully it says something like: this does not guarentee immediate bording or: Guests may still have to wait to ride the attraction. Recently this section has been highlighted. If your friend does not go on the ride, the rest of her party has to wait in line.

08-24-2001, 01:28 PM
I read in Tony's TAG-theme park access guide-that DCA doesn't like to give out SAP's for mobility issues. Due to the fact that DCA was built after ADA was in effect, most if not all of the lines will accomodate a wheelchair. Therefore, there is no reason for special access. But do ask for special assistance if she needs it-for example if she can't stand for long periods of time-the CM's can get her a chair to sit on.

I've heard different stories as to whether some type of "proof" of a disability is needed to obtain a SAP. It might be better to be safe rather than sorry and have a doctor's note.

08-24-2001, 03:34 PM
If you use a cane or have a visible brace or cast, technically, you don't "need" an SA Pass because your brace, cast, cane, etc, serves as your SA pass. That said, often times, CMs don't know this. I've been with people who have said, "I don't need an SAP, I have a cane." and the CM won't listen. Meanwhile, at City Hall, they don't give SAP's to people with canes because they expect CMs to know the policy.

I do know of one person who had a really cool SA Pass. On the back it said something to the effect of: "If you asked to see this SA Pass then you should not have. This person has a visible brace and does not NEED an SA pass."

Adrienne K

08-25-2001, 04:51 PM
It is best to get the disablity hand book that they have at City Hall. The pass that you use is a special needs access pass, the book tells you what to do at each ride or show. They aren't allow to ask what your disabliity is and they will ask how many is in your party. You can't take over 6 people, which is good since some people abuse this right. You never now what a persons disablity is so don't judge people by how they look. they are some rides certain disablities can't go on, so read the book carefully. If you have more than 6 people they have to wait in line, but you can ask the cm to allow someone in your group to get when you get near the front to get you, then you would enter thur the exit. Just make sure you let them know a head of time. The cm are very helpful when you ask. They aren't allow to help the person in and out of rides, your group members must be able to move the person.