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07-09-2003, 01:48 PM
ok, you know those people who ask for your picture at DCA or even Disneyland? I know they are apart of a different company, but does anyone know if they recieve any disney perks, like free admission or like a discount on park admission? because ill be working there and i was wondering. Its the only closest thing of actually working at Disney because im too young to work at disneyland....lucky for me my birthday had to be in late August and i still have to wait until im 17:(

07-09-2003, 03:15 PM
No, I believe they are resort cast members who have been trained to work as photographers. It's probably easier than learning the SOP for a ride

07-10-2003, 01:02 PM
I thought they worked for Kodak and not necessarily for Disney? We once had a lead that quit, worked for Kodak at Universal for a short period, then moved to DCA (still with Kodak). I can't remember, a friend who worked at one of the photo shops told me something about that once a long time ago.

07-10-2003, 05:15 PM
well folks, they do work for kodak...NOT DISNEY. But they do work with disney though. i just did my interview and i pretty much got the job. And lucky for me i get to go to the parks for free so i don't need to worry about buying a pass...and i still get to work in teh disney parks without having to be 17 or older to work with the disney company...yay!

07-10-2003, 10:15 PM
So is your pay better than what the Disney CMs get? And were you able to get any information about your opportunities for growth there? I was just curious!

07-11-2003, 09:38 AM
well the starting wage is 7 bucks an hour...and i know u make a bit more than that at disney...even custodial gets paid a bit more.However they do set goal and if we photographers meet it or like pass it, we get paid a bit more...but no commission is involved. As for opportunity for growth...not really because they are pretty much a department on its own, they just get to work in teh disney park or property. so if i wanna work for disney in the future (which im planning to do) i would propbably have to go have an interview with Disney to change...but im not sure if it will be a bit more easier because i would have my info on their system already, because i will be getting those ID's. so im not quite sure on that..anyone else know?

Bill Catherall
07-11-2003, 10:33 AM
It's interesting to hear that they aren't actually Disney CMs. Why did Disney do it this way? Do they go through some of the same CM training so that when they interact with park guests they give the same "CM vibes"?

07-11-2003, 10:48 AM
oh my gosh!!!! Im 16 and i want to work at disneyland so bad! how do i get into this!

07-11-2003, 09:57 PM
Okay, so I was wrong then. How did this happen? Was there a deal involved?

07-11-2003, 09:58 PM
Okay, stupid question. OF COURSE there was a deal involved. What was it?

07-12-2003, 11:08 AM
deal? as in kodak having people work for them but also work in the disney parks? well if that was what u meant...ionno how that happened. but as odd as it is..we're somewhat considered as castmembers though we don't for disney.:)

07-12-2003, 11:19 AM
You have a green ID, right? There used to be a few more of you around. They're called operating participant employees. Over at DCA, when the winery was still run by Mondavi and the old Avalon Cove was still run by Wolfgang Puck, both locations' employees worked for their respective owners as OPEs.

Some of the DTD employees are also OPEs.

07-12-2003, 11:21 AM
yeah..i think so. I've seen some of the phtographers have green ones.

07-14-2003, 12:42 AM
Actually, Kodak didn't even take over the photography at DL until earlier this year. Before that a company called Spectrum Photo or something like that handled the photography and in-park photo developing. Kodak has handled the photography at DCA since they first started their photography back in 2001 as one of the park's first quick-fixes.