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06-10-2011, 06:44 PM
Travel dates: Wednesday 27 April to Tuesday 3 May (6 nights)
Accommodations: Room 2102 (9B oceanview)
Cast of characters: Myself, 40. 1st time on DCL
DD, 8. 1st time on DCL

Trip Planning

If you are joining us from the DLR trip report board - welcome back. If you are new to my trip report, then you should know that we had already spent five fun-filled days at DLR and we now eagerly anticipating our first Disney cruise that was a year in the planning.

I should let you know that just like all Disney vacations, a little planning and research can really maximise your enjoyment of your cruise. We learned lots of tips from the online community here and on other boards.

The only detail that had changed between us booking the cruise in February 2010 and actually travelling in April 2011 was that I managed to luck out with the wait list and got Main dining. For whatever reason, we were given second seating (dinner at 8:00) from the start and I knew there was no way I could handle that, never mind DD. But after checking my reservation many times in the few months leading up to the cruise, I noticed that we had been changed to Main seating. Yay! I could go into the trip without having a small obsessive-compulsive breakdown.

I booked an Execucar Express to get us from Anaheim to the port and this turned out to be a great decision. There were shuttles available to be sure, but the DCL shuttle went from DLH and we would have had to cart our baggage all the way over there from the HoJo. Not fun. For only about ten dollars more than a shared shuttle would have been, we got our own car straight from the HoJo to the port.

We didnít book any Disney excursions. I figured that we could definitely do Victoria on our own (since we live here!) and since we were in San Francisco for two days, there was no panic to see anything and we could probably manage our own sightseeing.

06-10-2011, 06:45 PM
We didnít have to get up too early, our car wasnít arriving until 9am. Execucar actually phoned about 8:30 to say that they wouldnít get there until 9:15. That was fine with me, I knew the check-in at the port wouldnít start until at least 10am. We checked out from the HoJo and waited outside. We saw lots of people with teal luggage tags and we knew they were headed for the same adventure we were. Execucar arrived promptly, we had a nice clean car, nice driver and the ride to the port only took about 40 minutes. It was $68 for the car (which I pre-paid when I booked the car), and I tipped the driver $15.

It was at this point that our holiday could have taken a tragic turn. DD seems to have an issue with recycled air. She has never been carsick at home, she has been sick on a plane trip once though. I know that she is sensitive to the heat (red hair, porcelain skin, you know the type). Anyway, she was complaining in the car that she wanted to open the window, I said ďyou canít honey, itís air conditioned and the AC wonít work if you open the windowĒ. The driver turned up the AC and we thought that was it. Not really. After we were dropped off by the driver and as we are walking to the line, she throws up. Oh no! I knew they asked questions about nausea, vomiting and other stomach maladies before we boarded. Plus, I didnít know what to do about the mess (we were outside), so I cleaned up DD as best I could (a couple of good Samaritans gave me some wipes) and we handed our luggage to a porter and just joined the line. I didnít know what else to do really. I was only mildly comforted by the fact that we had insurance. My little OCD brain was working overtime and I had to force myself to accept that I could not control what happened next.

We waited in line for about 45 minutes - it was a nice day. DD felt much better out in the fresh air and she was getting very excited. It only took a few minutes to get through security and we were handed a no. 4 boarding card (I knew this was a good number!) From there we moved on to the form filing station. I looked at the form with furrowed brow and DD said ďMom, we have to be honestĒ I said she was absolutely right and we filled in the form truthfully. We only waited a few minutes in the check-in line and the lady who checked us in barely looked at the health form. I guess we just didnít look sickly enough to worry about.

I breathed a sigh of relief, we had our Keycards and just had to wait to board. I am so glad we arrived early though. When I did the pre-check-in online when our window opened (60 days for first-timers I believe, or is it 75?), the port check-in time I was given was 11:00am -11:30am. I knew that I didnít have to pay any attention to that if I didnít want to. Like the Pirate Code, they are more like ďguidelinesĒ than actually rules. I didnít really care what time we checked in or when we got on the boat. I just like to be early, it makes me feel better to be able to leisurely scope everything out and have extra time to deal with glitches. No last minute dash up the gangway for us! Actually, now that I think about it, between the waiting outside and the run through security, we were pretty darn close to our check-in time anyway. But it was a good thing we were early, because I understand the computer system went down shortly after we sat down. We saw the line grow, grow and then grow some more.

After about 30 minutes or so, we started to hear the boarding calls and it was not long at all before it was our turn. A quick boarding photo and then we were heading up to the ship. It was surreal to have our name called as we entered the Wonder lobby atrium for the first time. I knew our stateroom wouldnít be ready until after 2pm so we headed to Parrot Cay for lunch. DD loved the peel-and-eat shrimp from the buffet and we had a nice meal before heading out to explore the ship. First things first, I wanted to get DD checked in to the kids club before it got too busy. DD had her RFID tag and wristband but didnít want to stay and see anything else at the Oceaneer Lab. We found the Walt Disney Theatre and the shops (closed while we were in port).

It was a warm day and I knew that DD was dying to try out the pool so we headed for Deck 9. I had DDís swimsuit in my carry on but didnít want to join her and leave our bags unattended so I just read a book while DD had fun frolicking in the pool. We were out there until about 2:30 and I wanted to check out our room. I also knew we had the Muster drill at 4pm and I wanted to be ready for that. We met our stateroom host, Rommel, on our way and our luggage was waiting for us. I really liked our stateroom, the Disney touches are subtle but unmistakable. DD watched cartoons while I unpacked. We had a copy of the Navigator in our stateroom and I read that until it was time to head to our muster station for the safety drill.

After the drill, we dropped off a blank photo-mat to Guest Services with some markers for the characters to sign and then went to the sail-away party. Only we werenít sailing away yet, I donít think we left port until after dinner started. We had fun at the party anyway, although I stayed in the shade like the pasty-white Canadian that I am. The day was just flying by and it was soon time for our 5:45 dinner seating at Parrot Cay. We met out server Line (pronounced ďLeenĒ) from France, our assistant server Becca from Cornwall and head server Kerry Sean from Jamaica. We had tables 33 and 34 right by the window. DCL decided to put a bunch of single moms at our two tables (there were 5 pairs of Mom + one child) and we couldnít have asked for a nicer group of people to chat with. There was only one little boy at our table, the rest were all ladies.

I had the chicken medallions to start and it was quite good. I didnít care for the dressing on my salad but that was more my problem than Disneyís. I had the rib-eye for main course and it was probably the worst main course I had the entire time. The meat was tough and gristly and far too much of it for my taste. I had the dessert trio after and that was really good. DD opted for the Mickey ice cream bar for dessert and that would turn out to be her go-to dessert for the whole voyage.

We had just enough time to browse in the two shops before we planned to go to the Toy Story 3D movie. DD had saved $200 spending money for this trip and I made her save at least half of that for the cruise. It was hard for her not to spend it all in DL but I think she was glad we waited. Anyway, she was even more restrained on the cruise because she wanted to see what was on offer in San Francisco before she spent anything. We watched the movie in the Buena Vista Theatre rather than the All Aboard show at the WD Theatre and had to go to bed after that as we were so tired. Upon returning to our stateroom, we had our Navigator for Thursday and a towel snake. It was very peaceful being rocked to sleep as we headed into our first day at sea.

06-10-2011, 06:46 PM
I was awake by 7am but DD slept in until 8. I liked that we didnít have to rush around so much like we do at Disneyland. It would only take us a few minutes to get where we needed to go on the ship. I wanted to check out the line for the wristbands to get the Pacific Cruise exclusive pin. That was a long line! We waited about 40 minutes so it was well past 9:45 before we could head for breakfast.

I originally wanted to go to Tritonís for breakfast but it was getting too late for that so we headed up to Beach Blanket Buffet. We had a fabulous breakfast, although we ate inside because it was a bit windy outside for me. The selection for breakfast was truly outstanding. I kept running into different food stations every time I turned around. There were lots of CMs around to whisk away dirty plates and such.

DD wanted to go out to swim so we both changed and got in the Goofy pool. It was overcast and windy but the water in the pool was very warm. We paddled about and watched Cinderella until it was over. By now it was lunchtime so we went to Tritons. I didnít care much for my turkey and cheese sandwich but it probably didnít help that I was still relatively full from breakfast.

I persuaded DD to try the kidís club after lunch and I went to the Animation class at the Promenade lounge. I kind of wished she had come with me instead, she would have enjoyed it. I picked her up after about an hour and we went to see Gnomeo and Juliet at the Buena Vista theatre. The place was packed and I guess when you donít have to pay for a movie, you feel entitled to be much louder because it was quite distracting in there.

It was formal night tonight and I made the effort to bring some very nice dresses with us and we went back to our stateroom to change. I wish I had forgone the pantyhose though, because I played the discreet tug-of-war game all night to keep them from puddling around my thighs. We lined up to see Mickey and Minnie in the lobby and had some pictures taken.

We had Parrot Cay again for our restaurant rotation; it was the Golden Mickeys dinner as that was the show that was on tonight. I didnít note what we had for dinner although I distinctly remember having the dessert trio again. DD had -what else?- a Mickey ice cream bar.

We saw the Golden Mickeys show after dinner and really enjoyed it. We did go to the after-party at Studio Sea where I discovered that my daughter doesnít have much rhythm for dancing. Never mind, we will just have to practice some more. Afterwards, I picked up my Pacific Cruise pin using my wristband and then I wanted to get hot chocolate on Deck 9 to wrap up our night. But I think that everyone else on the ship had that idea because there was no hot chocolate to be had. I thought that I could make up for it by ordering cookies and milk through room service but that turned out to be an ordeal in itself. I spent 5 - 7 minutes on hold just to order it and then it took 45 minutes to get the order (they hadnít told me how long it would be). I was just about the cancel the whole thing when we got the knock on the door. Better late than never and it was really late!

06-10-2011, 06:46 PM
I know we were coming in under the Golden Gate Bridge very early in the morning, but I just couldnít make myself get up that early. I think I did wake up early (about 6:30am) and stumbled over to the porthole to see that we had just passed under the bridge but I quickly snuggled back under the covers for some more snooze time. I opted for a room service breakfast this morning. That worked out well although my order was slightly incorrect (they had some of the quantities mixed up and they had brought my cream cheese but no bagel!) No matter, there was enough to go around. I also watched a bit of the highlights from the Royal Wedding on the TV.

The day was sunny and warm and we set off early. The plan was to go to the Exploratorium which is a kidís science museum. Now I had done some online research and had a guidebook with me but I wished I had planned our public transportation options a bit better. I knew we would have to bus or cab it to the museum so I planned to pick up a one-day Municipal pass so we could also ride the cable cars later in the day. But we had to walk several blocks just to find a place to actually buy the Muni pass.

We caught the right bus to go to the museum but it was going the wrong way! By the time I realised it, we were half an hour into the ride. So we had to get off and go the other way. So it took us almost 2 hours to get where we were going (after the half hour walk just to buy the pass). But we got there in the end and it was well worth it. I highly recommend the Exploratorium to those of you who have kids in your party. DD had a blast whizzing through all the hands on science experiments. We spent about an hour and a half there (and could have been much longer except we had lost so much of our morning by getting lost) and DD bought a wind-up-robot in the gift shop before we headed back. We caught another bus back to where we started from since I knew where we were going this time.

For lunch, I wanted to go to In-and-Out since I had heard of their burgers and wanted to try it out. We had seen the signs in the morning and knew where the restaurant was. That was some busy restaurant! After we ate, we lined up for a cable car. There are two cable car lines, and one wasnít being used today so we waited quite a while. The cable car drivers are quite abrupt and they sure packed a lot of people on to the car. It was exciting to ride and see some more of the city. We saw the famous Lombard street too from a distance.

Our destination was the shopping district - specifically the Disney store. We had to ask around for directions quite a bit but we finally found it. DD really wanted an Oswald stuffy but they were sold out. She was pretty disappointed but found an Ariel doll to spend her money on. I bought some t-shirts for my friends and we both got some Disney San Francisco pins. It was getting quite late in the afternoon so I decided that we should head back to the ship for dinner. I really wished that we had more time for shopping but for the sake of my bank balance it was probably better that we didnít! The plan was to get the cable car back but there was a huge line-up and we waited fifteen minutes in it and there was no sign of a cable car at all. I figured we would be in the line for quite some time and we decided to get a bus back instead.

Once back on the ship, we had just enough time to change for dinner. We had dinner at Tritonís but I honestly donít remember what I had for dinner - I just know that I had the chocolate mouse for dessert. I liked the mousse but I really loved the passion fruit puree they had on the side. We stopped by Shutters after dinner and our formal night pictures were up. I liked the one with Mickey and Minnie but I really loved the one we had take at the table. Since I am usually the one behind the camera, there arenít a lot of nice pictures of me and DD together. So I bought that and even bought the special folder with the character picture and the ship picture included. As we were not into the big show that night (the Premear of Prom), DD went to the kids club and I think I just wandered around the ship for a bit. I ran into one of our tablemates and her friend in Diversions and had a drink with them. The plan was to see a late showing of Tron 3D in the BV theatre but we only made it about half way through the movie. DD was getting really cold and tired too, I think. So we just went to bed.

06-10-2011, 06:47 PM
We had another warm and glorious day in San Francisco. After breakfast at Tritonís, where I had the Eggs Benedict and DD had eggs and bacon, we headed out to see some more of the city. Since all aboard was at 3pm, I wanted to stay within walking distance.

The first thing we did was go to the Aquarium on the Bay which was only a couple of minutes from the cruise port. They had some people handing out coupons for the Aquarium when we were disembarking the day before so we saved some money on admission. After that, we walked around Pier 39, looking for some souvenirs for my parents. We saw all the sea lions - you canít miss them with all the noise they make!

We had chatted with a couple on the cable car yesterday who were singing the praises of the ice cream at the Ghiardelli square shop. Since I hadnít found anything I liked for my parents, we decided to walk over and get them some chocolate. DD complained about the walk but I thought it was quite interesting to walk along the waterfront. We saw the Boudin Sourdough Bakery (and even got a sample on the way back, just so we could say that we had sourdough bread in San Francisco). The ice cream we had at the Ghiardelli store was well worth the walk. Neither one of us could finish our sundaes but we gave it our best shot!

I had pretty much done what I wanted to and DD wanted to swim in the pool while it was still warm so we got back to the ship by 12:30pm. Unfortunately, the Goofy pool was closed so she had to use the Mickey pool. It was so crowded in that pool! I ran into one of our tablemates who was there with her son. We chatted while the kids jostled for some pool space. We had a quick lunch of chicken strips, fries and some fruit. I really liked the quick dining options and having the beverage station right there to get a cool drink.

DD tired of the crowds before too long and wanted to go to the kidís club. Once I had her signed in, I decided to try the adults only pool. It was nice, but the water was really way too warm. I understand that Disney may have wanted the water a bit warmer for the trip to Alaska but really, it was just frustrating not to be able to cool off. So I got out and headed back to the stateroom to change. I didnít really know what to do next so I decided to try Bingo. It was very expensive - $40 (electronic cards) for six games. I didnít win of course, I never win at Bingo.

Tonight was pirate night and I very much wanted to meet Jack Sparrow and Stitch in his pirate costume. When we got to the Jack Sparrow meet (early so we would be sure to see him), we found out that it would be pirate Goofy instead. Well, that wasnít of much interest to me so we went off in search of Stitch. I wished we had a better picture of us in our pirate shirts but the one that showed up eventually in Shutters was an 8x10, and that was too big, and the one that a CM took with my camera came out blurry. Oh well.

Tonight was our one and only night to dine in Animatorís Palate. I loved the pirate bandanas that they left at the table for us. The decor and the show in Animatorís Palate were very cute, but I found the restaurant to be slightly claustrophobic because of the lack of windows. While we were eating, the captain made and announcement that we would have to return to San Francisco for a medical emergency. Again, I forgot to note what we had for dinner. I know that DD had soup for her appetizer (not to mention the Mickey bar for dessert) because our server began to refer to her as the ďsoup girlĒ.

We watched the Toy Story musical after supper, which I enjoyed and planned to do some laundry after that. We were lucky that we were just a few staterooms down from the laundry room and this did turn out to be a good time to do it. However, I misjudged the time and we ended up being late for the pirate show on deck. We caught the last half and had a whale of a time dancing and singing even though it was really cold and windy! When the fireworks went off, I remember looking over at DD and the awe in her eyes as she watched the fireworks and thought that I really couldnít get any better than this - hanging with my girl and just having so much fun. We checked out the buffet afterwards, but I really donít eat much late at night so we made a poor showing of it. I loved the ice sculpture they had at the beginning of the buffet and joked with the CM that the person who had the sculpting job must have it pretty easy since they only have to do two or three per cruise, but as it turns out, itís a full time job since there is someone who does not only the ice sculptures but all the carved fruit we had been seeing all week.

We staggered to bed sometime after midnight and we were really rocking and rolling that night. I figured that the ship had to be going faster to make up the time we lost returning to San Francisco.

06-10-2011, 06:48 PM
Well, we were holding on to the sunny weather, but because of the wind, it was cold! Not so many people in the pool today.

Today was our character breakfast at Parrotís Cay. I was quite thrilled that we had the opportunity for a character breakfast as they are usually only offered on 7 days or longer cruises. We saw Mickey, Minnie, Pluto and Goofy. I understand that Chip and Dale also show up but we didnít see them this trip. I was thrilled to be able to have some more Mickey waffles!

DD and I took it easy after that and play some travel games in the Promenade lounge after breakfast. I had bought Disney Uno while we were at the parks and we also had travel Blokus with us. DD wanted to go play on the computers in the kidís club so I went up to the Cove Cafť to read. It sure was crowded and I had a little trouble finding a seat. I picked DD up at lunchtime and we went to Parrotís Cay to try the buffet since we hadnít done a lunch buffet since the embarkation day. After lunch, I wanted to go to the DVC presentation to see if I could win an OBC and convinced DD to go back to the kidís club.

I enjoyed the DVC presentation, I really liked that there was no hard sell at all. I didnít win the OBC of course. I really wish I had the money to buy in DVC, it would make sense for us since we like Disney so much but if you donít have the cash, you donít have it. I nipped into Mickeyís Mates real quick to pick up a DCL t-shirt for DDís birthday, which would be a week after we returned. I actually ended up getting a nightie for her (which she loved BTW).

I canít remember what we had planned next, because when I picked up DD she was very upset about all the noise in the kidís club. They were having a cooking activity and there was a lot of screaming which was a bit overwhelming for her. The ceilings are very low in the clubs and it does make the noise level quite a bit louder than it would be in a normal room. She was pretty upset, so I know I abandoned whatever I had planned and asked if she wanted to see a movie instead. So we headed up to Deck 9 because I just had to see Stitch again. I wasnít sure if he would be outside in this weather though. We had to ask a CM if he was coming out when we didnít see him at the appointed time. The person we asked didnít know, but he went above and beyond to find out for us. After a photo with Stitch (who did turn up where he was supposed to be), we went to Mars Needs Moms at the Buena Vista theatre. I canít comment on the movie because I slept through most of it - guess our late night at the pirate party was catching up with me!

We hadnít used room service very much and I knew we couldnít go home without having Mickey ice cream bars delivered to our stateroom at least once. So we went back to our stateroom to ďchillĒ out with some ice cream before we had to get ready for dinner.

Back to Parrot Cay tonight and it was lobster night. Most people had the lobster but I wasnít in the mood. I had the seafood salad instead which had some lobster in it. It took a looooong time to get our main course, we were the last table served. Not sure what happened there, but our server and head server were most apologetic. I donít think anyone at our table was very stressed out about it though, someone has to be last right?

After leaving Parrot Cay, I notice a couple of people peering out the porthole just outside the restaurant so I was nosy and wanted to have a look. It was a school of porpoises swimming in the opposite direction to the ship. I was so excited - I love dolphins and nothing pleases me more than seeing them in the wild.

Our show that night was Disney Dreams and we were extra early so that we could get a good seat. We had very nice seats right in the middle. The show was excellent! Best of the whole trip, by far. I couldnít believe the quality of the musical numbers and when they made it snow during the Beauty and the Beast number I was literally slack jawed with amazement. I know how they do the effect, but for some reason as we were so wrapped up in the show, it really seemed real. Fantastic show, I would recommend that anyone see it if they can.

We were jazzed after the show so I decided to take DD to Who Wants to Be a Mouseketeer? at Studio Sea. We each had a special drink and had great fun with Disney trivia. We didnít get picked despite shouting our fool heads off, but everyone who did displayed some impressive knowledge up there in the hot seat.

Our long vacation was taking its toll and I decided that an early night and a long sleep-in was in order. Back to our stateroom where we had a towel dinosaur waiting for us. Except that I didnít know thatís what it was, I thought it was an elephant!

06-10-2011, 06:48 PM
Well, our good weather luck had to run out sometime. Pity that it had to be Victoria, because the city really shows well in the good weather. The weather was overcast, cool and raining although it would clear up later in the day.

After a wonderful breakfast at Beach Blanket Buffet (still miss that buffet, even two months later) we just chilled in our stateroom so DD could watch cartoons and I could read. We werenít going ashore until 11:30, presumably because we had to clear customs.

We had some greeters meet all the passengers as they were getting off and I had to refuse a map because I knew where I was going! Now, the local taxi firms were in a dispute with the Harbour Authority and they were boycotting the cruise terminal. So I wasnít sure how we were getting downtown. Turns out that the Harbour Authority had laid on a free shuttle for us between the cruise terminal and downtown. That was a very pleasant surprise, itís a nice walk to be sure but maybe not so much in the rain.

I had made reservations for tea at the Empress, which I wanted to do because DD enjoyed it so much last time. But she was a little more fractious this time and I donít think I will spend that kind of money again. I wanted to get some treats to the crew on top of their tips so we popped into London Drugs to get some teabags for our assistant server and chocolates for our stateroom attendant and server. We stopped in to give a wave to our travel agent who has arranged half a dozen trips for us but has yet to meet DD in person.

We took the shuttle back to the ship after only a couple of hours. We wanted to maximize our time on the ship and anything else we wanted to do in Victoria could wait until we got home! DD wanted to go to the kidís club one last time and I went back to our cabin to pack. I checked on DD after I finished and she had fallen asleep on one of the bean bags. Poor thing was just exhausted from all the fun we were having.

I popped in to the Promenade Lounge where they were playing Who Am I? The premise being that you were a Disney character and the CM would show everyone else who you were. Then you would ask 20 questions to see if you could guess who you were. I took a turn and was Kevin from Up. Itís a lot harder to think of those questions when you are up in front of the audience. We won a little DCL key-chain just for participating. It probably would have been more fun if everyone hadnít been so tired or if the CM had been a little more ďintoĒ the game. He tried his best though.

Back to the kidís club and DD was awake so we went back to our stateroom to rest before dinner. Our final dinner was in Tritonís and I had a very good steak that made up for the lousy one I had the first night. Our assistant server was so happy with her teabags - I think she teared up a little.

So hereís the story behind the tea. I used to live in the UK and becamse very fond of Tetley tea-bags. A lot of Brits are. So after trying DCL Twiningís tea, I realised that I would have to bust out my stash of tea-bags that I bring to DL to have hot tea at the hotel. Becca (our assistant server, who if you remember, is from Cornwall, England) laughed at me for bringing my own tea bags to dinner. She also said that she missed Tetley tea very much. So I brought her very own box as a gift along with her usual tip money of course. I had popped a little extra Canadian money in everyoneís envelope too, so they would have some spending cash for Vancouver the next day - I know our Line and Becca had shore time coming to them in Vancouver.

We saw the after-dinner variety show in the WD theatre and I wish I had know how funny the comedian was on the Wonder, I would have made some effort to see him earlier in the week. Then we turned in DDís wristband from the Oceaneerís Lab and caught the ĎTil We Meet Again show in the lobby. We got our last pictures with Mickey and Stitch, but DD was definitely not ready for the cruise to end. So we caught one last movie at the Buena Vista theatre and saw Tangled in 3D.

06-10-2011, 06:49 PM
We had the early breakfast seating at Tritonís and despite having to leave our wonderful cruise, everyone seemed in a pretty good mood. After breakfast, we waited in the Promenade lounge until they called our luggage tag colors to disembark.

I understand that the Vancouver terminal is not very big, so they had left coloured luggage tags in our stateroom the night before and were unloading one colour at a time so they would have room for everyoneís luggage. Our purple Minnie tags were called sometime around 9am I think. Disembarking and customs went very smoothly. We found one of our bags right away, but not the other. I was just starting to panic when someone said that they hadnít unloaded all of them and there was another load coming out just now. Our other bag was with that load.

I donít know why I was worried though. Our way home was by mundane bus and ferry. We bought our ticket at the cruise terminal but the bus itself wasnít there yet and wouldnít be leaving until 11am. So we had to wait in the cruise terminal for an hour and a half. We did find some chairs so it wasnít too bad of a wait. I promptly fell asleep on the bus and I think DD slept for a bit too. She was quite excited to go on the ferry. We live on Vancouver Island but really have no reason to leave the Island unless we are flying to DL so this was DDís very first ride on BC Ferries. We had lunch on the ferry and we caught a cab home once our bus arrived at Victoriaís downtown terminal. It was after 3:30pm when we got home and our kitty was so glad to see us after we had been away for 10 days.

06-12-2011, 01:20 PM
Thank you so much for your great review! Our family is booked on the 6 night cruise in September 2012 from Vancouver to LA to be followed by a Disneyland visit. We are also BCers, (we live in Burnaby). I've been looking and looking for a review of a repositioning cruise similar to what we will be going on and yours is the first I was able to find, so thanks so much! I have a better idea of what to expect... Glad you had a great time :)

06-21-2011, 02:55 PM
I love the trip report. We had Line as our head server when we did the 2-night Cruise to Nowhere :) I hope she is still there when we cruise next year.

06-22-2011, 06:24 AM
Thank you for writing your trip report. I haven't read much about cruise trip reports, but in 2013 I plan on taking a cruise, so I am going to start reading them so I get an idea of how things work.

Glad you had a good trip!