View Full Version : Huge Lot of Disney Scrapbooking Supplies (for sale)

03-10-2011, 12:25 PM
So last year I had noble aspirations of assembling a fantastic scrapbook of our trips to Disneyland. I spent weeks buying and ordering all the papers, stickers, borders, details, spent way too much money and never even ended up making the scrapbook. I just got busy and never got around to it.

But it's been a year and if I haven't made it yet, I probably never will, and the boxes are taking up too much space in my room, so they have to go!

I thought I'd check it out here before I list them on ebay. Would anyone be interested in purchasing the entire lot, or any particular pieces?

I planned on doing a few pages for every land or ride, and the stuff is all themed accordingly. There's probably too much to list, but there are many scrapbook pages, mostly ordered from mouse memories, a ton of Jolee's disney 3D stickers, 2d stickers, postcards, maps, basically everything you need to make a complete Disney scrapbook. Here are some pictures, obviously not of everything.