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12-28-2010, 12:47 PM
Hi DVC-ers -

What is the difference in availability for a DVC resort when you're a member vs not a member.

I should explain.

Say I want to get a Saratoga Springs Treehouse Villa.

As a non DVC Member - paying cash, its available to me about 1 year in advance. (I believe - please correct me if thats wrong)

As a DVC member - when is the resort available for booking? Does that change based on your "home base"?


12-28-2010, 02:11 PM
Hi there!

As a DVC member, your currently have either an 11 month or 7 month booking window depending on what is your "Home Resort" (or "base" as you call it). If you own at Saratoga Springs, you could book the Treehouse Villa at 11 months out; if you own at one of the other DVC resorts you can book Saratoga Springs/Treehouse Villas at 7 months out. Since Treehouse Villas are popular (same points as for a 2 bedroom) it might be tough to get at 7 months certain times of the year.

Hope that helps!

ETA: I don't know how many Treehouse Villas are currently available for cash reservations but I'm pretty sure there are more available for DVC bookings.

12-28-2010, 04:03 PM
To add to what Toocherie mentioned, there are always a certain small percentage of DVC units set aside for cash ressies as well as units set aside for maintenance. (ie: not being available for use at all.) However, which units are being held for whatever reason is not really a known fact.

Like it was said, chance are better for those who are DVC members to get the rooms they want than those who are looking for a certain DVC room a year out, paying cash.

Im not going to say that something is not going to be made available a year out for a cash reservation, but it may happen. It would be more likely to see such cash rooms available as you get closer to your desired travel date.

Since SSR is my home resort, I can book there, including the THV's 11 months in advance. However, since there are significantly fewer THV's available than other types of rooms at SSR, they are harder to get regardless.