View Full Version : The Haunted Mansion: Phantom Edit

09-17-2010, 10:56 AM
I have long been fascinated by Imagineering concept art. That coupled with my love of the Haunted Mansion drove me to create this "mash-up" of the Haunted Mansion.

"The Haunted Mansion: Phantom Edit", is a 13 minute, 13 second look at "The Haunted Mansion" through the concept art of the Imagineers. It's the traditional ride we Disneylanders know, but with a twist - the John Debney score from "The Phantom Manor" is the musical score for this journey.

I hope you enjoy this unique view of "The Haunted Mansion".

(The link below takes you to my youtube channel - replace "(dot)" with a "." - I don't seem to be able to embed the video directly in the post yet)