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06-24-2010, 08:22 PM
We left about 530AM, we arrived at the Doubletree Anaheim/Orange around 1015 AM, I was very happy with the parking and the hotel service, I used priceline for 4 nights, $46 per night, awesome deal. The room was ready for us at that time, I was very happy about that, so after checking in, we took our stuff to the room, we were on the 4th floor and overlooked the roof and parking, I didnt mind, the room was nice and I dont like being up on the higher floors anyway, we were able to make the 11AM shuttle to Disneyland, yippee! we walked in at about 1120, we went straight to Indiana Jones and got fast passes, then rode Pirates and Haunted mansion, then to BTMR for fastpasses and was able to ride, now we were getting hungry decided to see if we could get into BTM Ranch BBQ, yes, we only waited like 10 min. it was great, it is all you can eat and well worth it, boy were we full. now it was time to head over to space and get a fast pass for later, it was getting hot, off to the hotel for a swim and shower and made the 7pm shuttle back to the park to use all the fast passes, it was really nice walking right on indiana jones and space mountain, didnt need to use the fast pass for BTMR, no wait that night, wondered around the park a bit and back to the hotel on the 915 shuttle, now we were very tired! slept in on saturday, annual pass block out day, we went to the Costa Mesa swap meet and newport beach, what a fun day we had! sunday off to the park again on the 730 shuttle, went right to space and got a fast pass and rode, then off to indiana jones, pirates and haunted mansion, this was our lets get really wet on water rides day so we were prepared, went over to splash mountain and rode twice, no line! we really didnt get that wet, now it was time to head over to Calif adv park to ride GRR, what a long line for fast passes to see WOC!! thats ok, we were planning on seeing that on monday, we rode GRR twice, got soaked!! off to soarin for a fast pass and breakfast then wondered around a bit and back to the hotel for our afternoon swim. we returned back to the parks on the 7pm shuttle again, straight to captain EO and space mountain and star tours, was able to ride matterhorn and Indiana jones and BTMR, over to calif adv and on soarin and monsters. we experienced Glow fest that night, I am really not sure what to think about it, everyone seemed to be having fun, dancing and singing, the music was fun and watching the CM dancing my DD thought it was fun but didnt need to stay a long time to watch, she was fascinated with the dancers, I think the only thing I wasnt sure of is the bars that they have right in the middle, maybe i am getting old, 15 -20 years ago I may have enjoyed that part, but my thoughts now are, this is disney and they are serving alcohol? I just thought that was weird, having all ages of kids running around with the bars right in the middle, whatever, we saw it, the glow parts were cool and people seem to be having fun. on Monday we were on the 730 shuttle again, this time wanted to hit fantasyland early and make it to calif adv when it opened for our WOC fastpasses, boy was I wrong, the line was soooo long, we didnt want to wait on it, so we ate breakfast and off to enjoy some rides, we did the bakery tour and tortilla tour, that was really fun, have never done this before. back to disneyland to canoe, this was first time, it was really fun!! by the afternoon we were ready to swim again! that night we watched the fireworks and rode a few rides at night, BTMR is always fun at night! tuesday we were off to HoJo, just one night, we really like this hotel, had never been in the tower before, building 1, it was very nice, we had a freeway view, always read bad reviews of these rooms, it wasnt so bad, couldnt really hear too much traffic, just the loud trucks and sirens, it didnt bother me, next time I think I will get a disney view! anyway, the room was really big, it must have been a deluxe queen, I meant to ask when we check out, but I forgot. we got to the hotel about 730 am, the room wasnt ready, I didnt expect it to be, but we were able to park there and walk to the parks, now today we had to stand on the WOC fast pass line if we wanted to see it, so we went into disneyland and went over to calif adv about 10, well the lines to get in were really long, we finally got in about 1015 the fastpass line was even longer today, DD wanted to eat breakfast first then stand in line, whatever, how much longer could it get I thought? we ate at the soup in a breadbowl place, not sure the name of it, anyway we found our new favorite desert, the chocolate cupcake!! we ate it while waiting in line for WOC, about the line, it now wrapped around the mountain past soarin, but we just had to wait, I timed it, we waited 45 minutes, i guess that is not so bad, the show that night was fabulous!! it was totally worth the wait, we had a great viewing spot. we got fastpasses for the 1015 pm show, on the fastpass it says to return between 9 and 930 by the redwood creek trail entrance. we of course went back that afternoon for our daily swim and rested to be sure and feel awake, we were about to have a long day! we returned back to disneyland about 630 and used our fastpasses we collected for BTMR and indiana jones and were off to use our soarin fastpass at about 815, but decided to check and see what was going on with the line for WOC and where we needed to be, good thing we did, they were already lining up, cast members had the area closed just past the GRR, unless you had a fast pass you could not go through, yes we had ours, so we were told that soarin would be open until 11 and that the WOC is only about 25 min so we decided to wait til after the show to go on soarin, I thought it was very organized, they had us line up outside the redwood creek trail and at about 9 - 915 they started walking us through the trail inside and around, the line for WOC was so long that when they started to move us to our viewing area, we saw people still outside the entrance, wow, that is alot of people! anyway boy am i glad we stayed in line at 830, because we had a great viewing spot, right by the railing on the second tier, the show was great! we were so tired after that we didnt use our soarin fastpasses, I wish I had given them to someone when we were over there earlier, oh well. wednesday we had to check out, but could keep the car parked at the hojo all day if we wanted, so we did, slept in that day and went into calif adv first, we rode the silly symp swings that morning, boy is that a fun ride! i was so nervous when getting on it, I rode it when it was the orange stinger and didnt really like it then, just not a fan of heights and going in circles, anyway DD wanted to ride and I thought I needed to try it again, let me tell you how much i enjoyed it, so cool without the sides, I even let go, usually I am hanging on for dear life! next went over to Mul. Madness, line was really long, so we went on the single rider line, the new part of the Grand Calif hotel looks great! I always like the view from that ride, even though I dont like the height! anyway, we had a great trip, it went by way too fast and I am going to count down to my next trip, I hope in October, I love the holidays at disneyland! I have to say, one highlight of our trip was the petting area with the goats, they had 3 babies and they were sooo cute! we had to visit them every time we walked that way!

06-25-2010, 03:01 PM
Sounds like it was lots of fun!

06-25-2010, 03:35 PM
great report thanks for sharing it on here