View Full Version : MouseAdventure day and first time without my 16 year old on a family trip to DL :(

06-01-2010, 07:26 AM
This is going to be a mixed review, and since my adorable 16 year old son does not understand the angst of a mother letting go.....Ill come here, I know y'all get it.

So....about 3 months ago, we planned a trip down to Lala land, and my favorite de-stresser of all time the big DL. My children, my husband, my 2 nieces, my husbands sister and her two kids are all going to come along for the fun!

My son, has big league baseball dreams, and minor league grades...with this in mind, he worked hard to pass his classes so that he could attend an expensive prospecting camp to be held in Monterey. He was accepted, and in my hopes for him to go to college close to home, or college at ALL...came to us, in the form of "baseball can help pay the way". So, my son, for the first time chose to attend the camp and spend the week with coaches getting ready for prospecting. I was so happy on one side, my heart in glory...my little boy growing into a man, right before my eyes....then came the tears, selfish, motherly instincts surfaced in the bathroom that night....awe woe is me.

This last week at work, has been somethin' crazy...hospitals are healing places, and my co workers are some of the best nurses that anyone could every hope to work with...however...when it is Disney time.....I get a lil' ancy.

My best friend, and fellow DL lover...amazingly got the same time off that I did..and in our lil' heads, weeks ago....starting plotting and planning about how in the world her family and my family could meet in the middle, and by some great chance, we would be able to get some time to spend together in Disneyland!

Then it came to me.....MouseAdventure, day in the park...my gosh, REALLY?! on the actual day that we were both going to be there?! Yesterday, at work I make a very slow and calculated phone call....

Me: "babe....um there is this thing on Sunday with Mousplanet, and it is like a game, and I know you do not really like to do games, but Angela and I wanted to know if we could possibley, maybe, hopefully....."

SOUNDED a little like, "can I go out and play on Sunday with Angie please? please?" :)

husband: "that sounds fun."

Me: "You want to do it with us, we could put your on our team."

husband: "no, Im oh k, dont worry about me"

Me: guilt guilt guilt

Then the moment came, where my guilt disapearred....



I should have known he had plans to watch the race! yay for Nascar Sunday in my selfish way!!! :)

So....on Sunday the 6th, with all 8 of us, we are going to get to join FINALLY a Mouseplanet game, I can not tell you the level of excitement that is in my heart.

As I watch my son, grow and mature.....a piece of my heart aches a bit..then I am proud that he is making decisions for his future.

My DD, now 11 is happy to go without her brother, so she can have all mom's attention to herself...I am sure she will miss him too.

I can not wait to continue this trip report with you all as the days progress, and believe me, I welcome any advice on transitioning through the senior to college kid stuff :)

"see" you all soon!

06-01-2010, 09:07 AM

So....on Sunday the 6th, with all 8 of us, we are going to get to join FINALLY a Mouseplanet game, I can not tell you the level of excitement that is in my heart.

YAY!!!!! Can't wait to see you there! :D

06-01-2010, 10:53 AM
We were there on the 22nd and 23rd for the game, but did not play. It was fun seeing all the mouseadventurers with their clipboards though, They were very tense!

06-01-2010, 01:02 PM
YAY!!!!! Can't wait to see you there! :D

Thank you!!! :)

06-04-2010, 07:17 AM
So....where are we? Well...we are ALMOST in DL, that is where! yay! Can't wait!

So, my BFF Angie who is the most awesome over achiever that I have ever met...made our MAdventure team the COOLEST t shirts!

Since there are only 4 to a team...we are going to be called.....


You like? You like? :) I LOVE :)

She made a shirt for each person, with matching knee high socks, and huge bows for us to wear...the "classy" is one of her 7 children...and we, girls are all the dorks...isnt that cute? Ill post pics once this is sniff, sniff over....

I am "ditzy", my DD is "cooky" and my niece is "artsy".

We will make a family team using this name for the October game....we are seperating into 4 and 4 this time around.

We did priceline for this trip...trying to make things cheaper, and mainly because my beloved Hojo was booked...we got the Holiday Inn and Suites for 46 dollars a night! I will allow the exclamation point for now, Ill give you a thorough review once we get there...I hope the exclamation point will stay!

God bless you all and "see" you soon!

:) Nurse Chrissy aka "ditzy"

06-04-2010, 07:19 AM
We were there on the 22nd and 23rd for the game, but did not play. It was fun seeing all the mouseadventurers with their clipboards though, They were very tense!

I looked at some of the pics...it does look a little tense, I am nervous gonig into the BIG ONE :)

I bet it was fun to watch tho! :)

07-03-2010, 08:28 AM
Oh wow....sooooo Its been a lil while since we got back but I wanted to finish up my trip report for you all :)

MouseAdventure...was so much FUN! I can not wait to try it again! I say "try" because....it was not an easy game...and I am happy that it was not easy...you want it to be challenging and it was.

I got to meet some of the MP staff, I have to say this was one of my favortie parts of everyone getting together...put a face with the MP screen names. My best friend, Angie was there with me...we have been trying to get to DL for years together, and we finally made it! We will definately be at the next adventure, however we will register early so that we can all be a "family team".

We booked through Priceline again...we got the Holiday Inn and Suites on Walnut street. It was too far for me, who likes the convenience of just walking over to DL....but it was a short ART ride away. We did have ART problems....I have since then contacted ART who was awesome with their apologies and offered us a free pass for next time....although I wanted to free pass to go to the family that I had written about...basically the ART bus left someone's Grampa in his scooter at the stop, we started telling the driver we needed to turn around and get him. It took the driver Im not exaggerating 25 minutes to get all the straps out and help the Grampa into the bus, tie it all down...I was so embarrased for the Grampa and his family...they all kept saying sorry to everyone, I felt so bad :(.

Oh back to Holiday Inn...we got it for 47 a night, they charge 9 dollars a day for "RESORT FEE"...aka "FREE PARKING...but we give you nothing else for the 9 dollars" sooooo...it really they charge 9 dollars a day for parking! Why can't you all just say it...WE KNOW WE ARE ON TO YOU! haha. The rooms nice, clean, a bit smaller than I like (I am spoiled by the HOJO). The pool was DISGUSTING full of diapered kids and murky water BLECH!...the spa was oh k...the restaurant there had good food comparable to Denneys. Kids eat free with paid adult, which made breakfast for the 5 of us 22 dollars and dinner 26 not bad. There is a bar there with mixed drinks and beers...bloody mary was good, kids had virgin daquiris which they liked. Walk to Disney way way way too long...like 25 minutes. It is on the backside of the Mickey and Friend Parking structure, but there is no hole to go through to catch the parking tram HAHA of course I looked!! :)

We had such a great time, we saw DL in a different light with all the quests...you see things you never saw before (and we have seen alot I thought! ). We spent time lookin at all the little things....it was pretty cool doin' that.

It was a great trip...super busy though during the day...we just went and hung out by a murky pool during the day, and went back at night to enjoy the cool breezes and lighter lines.

I am goin' back...very very soon! Ill let you all know when :)