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05-12-2010, 10:19 AM
Who: Me HOM-37
When: May 5th-10th 2010.
Where: Howard Johnsons of Anaheim- Entertainment rate for all nights!
Why: My Mother's Day Gift from DH

I arrived Wednesday the 5th around 2:30 in the afternoon and was picked up by my very good friend. We met her dad the CM at the CM employee store to look around. I liked the store it was nice but nothing other than some scrapbooking stuff caught my eye. So I bought that and then we went and had dinner at In and Out! So yummy! We hung out and chatted for a while and then she took me to the hotel to check in. I talked to my kiddos and they were all doing well. My room was nice and clean but unfortunately backed the freeway. :( Getting to sleep was a bit difficult but I eventually managed.

Thursday_ Day One in The Parks!
Got to the ticket booth around 9:30 and got my hopper and turned in my volunteer voucher! I just love saving money!:D
I decided to open DCA and after waiting about 25 mins for rope drop was the 5th in line for Tower of Terror! Love that ride! TSMM was down for testing I assumed and so I rode Monster's and walked around a bit. Around 10:45 I headed off to DL! Saw EO, still fun to watch, the theater was about 1/2 full this time round. Got a FP for SPace and then went to eat. I was starving! Had a BBQ Chicken Potato at Troubador Tavern and it was quite tasty! Made when you order and my potato was huge! Talked to DH while I ate and could not believe I was finally here. :) After lunch I rode Small World, Roger Rabbit and met Mickey. Not the talking one and the guy told me that the talking one was hush hush and then the next day it was in my DisneyPark Blog about him! :) Took some pics and found a big wedding ring by CHip and Dale's house and took it to City Hall. Surely someone would be missing a big diamond ring like that! Walked to see the ROA and the front was open but the sides were still blocked off. Talked to my friend for a bit and took her on the HM with me! She listened anyway. :) Yeah I am weird like that. Visited the bathroom ride and looked for Muppet Vinlymations in NOS but did not find any but did see the purse Hannahbelle wants. I walked onto Pirates and got a FP for Indy.
Went over to DCA and sat in the new Pier Amphitheater, talked to my kids at home since it was now after school in CO. I rode the Maliboomer, found some Muppet Vinylmations, (YIPPEEE) waited 35 mins for TSMM,I hate that they took away the single rider line! Rode with a nice guy from Utah though and shared some secrets of the game and some of the Easter eggs. We got the balloons to rain down and got the alien to pop up! He was jazzed he beat his old score of 60,000. This time around my score was 145,000. Rode single rider on Screamin, wait, 5 mins. Snooped through the shops and had an early dinner as my tummy was still on CO time! Had Sonoma chicken salad in a bread bowl and sat by the water. The salad was good but since when is shredded lettuce salad?? Took some pics again.
Back to DL and watched the end of the Flag Retreat and then rode the train to Tomorrowland. Saw some of the new animals on the ROA. Rode SPace Mountain and took a funny picture at the end. Probably not to the delight of the group in front of me though! Rode Buzz scored over 200,000. Those vehicles need some new paint. Sent my family my picture with my awesome score. Took some pics in the hub and was annoyed by a group who kept walking in front of me while I was taking pictures. Please be aware of your surroundings! Walked through Sleeping Beauty Castle, it is nice. Wanted to ride Peter Pan, line was super long, (this would be the trend). Sat down by the waterfall by Dumbo and talked with a nice janitor who teased that I could not dive into the waterfall because I sure looked like I wanted too. :)
Decieded at 7:00 I was pretty jet lagged and headed off to DTD to check out DStreet. Bought my Muppet Vinylymation, watched the confectioners make carmel Mickey and Minnie apples and since my feet were howling I went back to the hotel. Watched some telly and then crashed for the night!

05-12-2010, 02:22 PM
Day Three Friday
I opened disneyland after checking for the Walk in Walt's Footsteps Tour! I thought it nice you got to pick your sandwich,side and drink for lunch. I people watched for a while until about 9:20 when the tour guide came out to say hi to everyone. His name was Steven and he was really nice and very enthusiastic. I had heard the guides are hit or miss and I was glad he was so friendly and peppy. There were 8 in the tour and after getting our headsets, we were off.

1st stop was the stairs on the Main St. Train station where we got some history about that and the flag pole and ceremony. We also listened to the opening day speech. We had many stops along the way and he was full of great information. The windows on Main Street, the partner statue, Snow White Wishing Well, the Castle, we rode Jungle Cruise, talked about the sails you can see walking into NOS, went into Club 33, rode the train, had a break, talked about Small World, stopped by the partner statue again, went into Tiki Room and saw the show and then met Ophelia the animatronic after. Then we walked up Main Street, went into the cinema, stopped by LIncoln which was closed so we did not go in and then we had lunch. At lunch we got to look at a bunch of books and the 1963 National Geographic with a huge article on Disneyland in it. That was pretty cool. We got our pins, ate and chatted and then about 1:10 I took off. The tour was great and I had a lot of fun and learned some things I did not know. The headsets are wonderful and make it so easy to hear the guide and block out all the other noise.
I rode Pooh and found a new Hidden Mickey in the beginning of the ride. :) I rode HM, Pirates and then headed over to DCA. The park was pretty busy but not packed, (YET)

Next post DCA and the rest of my night.

05-12-2010, 05:02 PM
Great Report so far HoM, keep it coming!!!

05-12-2010, 07:56 PM
Lovin' it so far HoM!

05-12-2010, 08:20 PM
Loving the trip report HoM.
DFF4's DD9 pointed that Hidden Mickey out to us a couple of trips ago!

05-12-2010, 08:39 PM
Sounds like you had a great time HoM! Cant wait for the rest!

DFF4's DD9 pointed that Hidden Mickey out to us a couple of trips ago!
She loves her hidden Mickey's, I need to get her a WDW hidden Mickey book for her B-day!

05-13-2010, 06:43 AM
I have two Hidden Mickey books. Love them!

05-13-2010, 06:55 AM
Friday afternoon to evening

DCA I rode single rider for Soarin', I drew Daisy, went to ride Screamin but it was down. It was then that the button on my shorts decided to pop off! I freaked a bit and wondered what I could do? I could go back to the hotel and change and hope my shorts did not fall down the whole way or I could go to First Aide and ask. So off to First Aide I went and thank goodness they had a sewing kit! So I went into a room and sewed my button back on! After that I toured the tortilla factory and ate a yummy corn tortilla. :) By the time I was hungry for dinner I went and checked out the really cool Coke machine that is there for the food and wine festival. It was a bit more but I chose a Cherry Sprite. It was pretty good. For dinner I went to award wieners and had a Meatball Magina sandwich, that was also there just for Food and Wine. It was pretty darn tasty, loaded with peppers and shredded Mozzarella Cheese. It was then I figured out why the park was more busy than I thought it would be. There was a Glee, Choir, band and Orchestra competition going on Fri and Sat in the parks. Teenage kids in different colored shirts were filling up DCA.:eek:

Tonight was Fireworks night for me and after riding Autopia and Buzz I sat down to wait. 1 1/2 worth of waiting, boy there were a lot of people staking out spots, I felt like it was July! I chatted with a nice couple behind me who had a 3 yr son with them. When the show started and we all stood up there was the rudest woman who pushed her way in front of all of us and tried to make me become one with the bench lining the street! I kindly said being part of the bench was not on my agenda for the night and she moved over with out saying a word but stood right in front of the nice couple with the 3 yr old! Some people are just so rude! He ended up putting him on his shoulders so he could see. At least there wasn't anyone behind him since it was the walkway by the Partners Statue. I love Remember, brings back fun memories. :)

After Fireworks, I walked around a bit and tried to wrangle my way through the hoards of people, I am not kidding. I know locals come on Fridays but this was very similar to summer crowds!! I walked through the Gallery and headed back to HoJo's. My feet just couldn't take the park until midnight. I think I need better shoes!
Coming up Saturday: It's not as long, I promise!!
Of course throughout the day I texted and talked to my kids. I started missing them Friday night.

05-13-2010, 08:05 AM
She loves her hidden Mickey's, I need to get her a WDW hidden Mickey book for her B-day!

And WDW has so many more hidden Mickey's than DL! She'll love it!

Loving the report hom! Glad the button issue was solved, smart of you to think of first aid! The tour sounds great - wow I'd love to do it one of these days!

05-13-2010, 08:18 AM
Yes the Walk in Walts Footsteps tour can be alot of fun. When we did it there was just two families ours (4 of us) from Colorado Springs and the other family (6 of them) was from Aurora which was pretty funny coming all the way to CA and we're both from CO. We got to know each other and had a blast plus our tour guide was pretty awesome. Keep up the great report.

05-13-2010, 10:39 AM
Saturday May 8th

Okay let's keep this thing moving along shall we?

I got to Disneyland around 8:45 and since it was going to be warm and I was tired of carrying my jacket around I got a locker. I headed over to Riverbelle Terrace for a breakfast of yummy Mickey Mouse Pancakes, picking up a FP for Indy! Today was our community garage sale so I sat outside and called hubby and asked how things were going. At that time, the garage sale was pretty much a dud. Actually the whole day was a dud as we made a whopping $65.00.
Okay after my delicious and relaxing meal, I rode Pirates, Jungle Cruise and used my FP for Indy. I watched EO, peeked into Fantasyland and it was so crowded! It was almost 11:30 and my SIL and BIL were coming up with my two nieces to meet me for lunch at La Brea Bakery. Had a great visit with them but I swear my nieces,10 and 8 never talk! SIL said they talked about me all week and I joked they could talk about me but not too me! After we ate we took the the girls to the Lego Store to look around and we chatted while the girls played with the Legos. It had been two hours and they had a long drive home to Coronado where they were having a Mother's Day Fancy Dinner someplace they had won in a raffle on base so we said our goodbyes. My nieces are so darn cute! Can't wait to see them again this summer.
I took the Monorail back to DL. Rode the Matterhorn, chatted with a nice family who had never ridden and dad was convinced he was going to get soaked on this ride.:confused: So I promised he would stay pretty darn dry.:) Then I watched the Pearlies with Mary Poppins and Bert after missing them all last summer. They are not on a schedule! It was a cute little show.
Speaking of cute shows I totally forgot that on FRIDAY I saw the Tiana show in NOS. It was nice, she sang 3 songs. I got a few pics.
Okay back to Saturday. Went into DCA and still band kiddos everywhere, both parks were really busy! Drew Dopey today, he was pretty good. :) Rode TSMM, love that ride. Rode Mullholland, single rider. Still bumpy but I wanted to ride it again just in case it is closed this summer for the re-do. I went to chill in Paradise Park and called my kiddos. Decided to watch the parade. I had been wanting to play with my long lens for my camera, so I stuck it on and took pics of the parade from a distance away. I got some good pictures I think. Today was all bubbles not water and no squirt guns. Do they not do that anymore?
Headed back to DL and grabbed my jacket, had dinner at Stage door and rode HM with a bunch of screaming teenage girls! Grr.. Rode the train to Main Street and watched Great Moments with Lincoln. I liked it. Did some widow shopping and headed back to the hotel around 9. My feet once again were mad at me.
Next up Mother's Day and the big Surprise!:D

05-13-2010, 10:51 AM
We had some screaming teenagers, who were quoting along with the elevator, so you know they weren't scared, when in chimes from behind me, a young (9ish) lady telling them to "shut-up". I gave her glow bracelets.:p Glad your trip is going so well.

05-14-2010, 04:05 PM
Sunday, Mother's Day!

Woke up and talked to my Kiddos and got a text from my dad saying they were on the way to breakfast. I also found out my In-laws kinda invited themselves today. That's okay, they did not know I was here and they are pretty cool to hang with at DL. My FIL is a huge roller coaster freak, so I knew I would have a buddy for that!

Weather was cooler today and the sun kept playing peek a boo. :)

Got to the park about 9:15 and changed my hopper over to a DLAP! Yipee!! No one hassled me or asked any questions, like some have said so I was happy about that. About 15 mins later I was good to go. :) Grabbed Space Mtn fastpass and then rode, Buzz, Pinocchio, and Snow White. Then went to watch Laughing Stock at 10:15 outside. That show cracks me up. Heard from my dad that they were waiting on the tram. So after a potty break I headed up Main Street hoping I did not miss them. After not finding them after about 10 mins I was worried I missed them. However, they were stopping at the potty outside the park. I love that my dad can text!

7 mins past and I spotted them coming under the bridge. My dad saw me but not my mom and I quickly ducked behind the trash can and watched and waited to make my move! I ran over to my mom and yelled "Happy Mother's Day!" The look on her face was priceless, she does not surprise often I swear she has a 6th sense or something but this time she was. She replied, "Oh hi!" I got a huge hug and she started to cry. What I found hilarious was she then said "You cut off all your hair!" I did. :) Anyway my in-laws were just as surprised it was great. Part of me felt bad that they did not know but the other part had to keep it from my mom.

Off down Main Street we went and took some pictures together and my mom assured me the tears were because she was so happy to see me. We rode Buzz, took some pics at the Partners Statue, rode Pirates and then it was time for our lunch at Carnation. One thing I was glad I knew the inlaws were coming as on my way down Main Street earlier I changed the PS to 5 people.
I was the only one who really ate lunch, as everyone was still full from breakfast. It was 12:30 and I was starving! I ate my usual turkey on a pretzel roll and noticed it was smaller this time. Sign of the times.
After lunch we headed over to TSMM and the in-laws went to do the canoes. My mom cannot canoe as she has a bum shoulder. We had a 40 min wait for TSMM and hooked up with the in-laws after. FIL and I rode Screamin two times in a row and did not need the FP he got for us. :) We walked on both times. Cracks me up that TSMM has a long wait and the popular coaster is a walk on.
About 3:30 the in laws left for the day and we headed back to DL after some shopping and browsing through Paradise Park. My mom got a new zip up Tink hoodie as she was a bit chilled.
Since today is so long I am going to wait a bit to post the rest. :) Thanks for hanging in there with me!!

05-16-2010, 01:02 PM
Wow I cannot believe it has been a week since Mother's Day! Time does fly by!
Mother's Day Part Two!
We went back to DL and rode the train all the way around the park and then to NOS. We walked right onto HM, love this ride! Then we did Jungle Cruise and had to go upstairs but just the first part, not so good for my mom's hip. About 10 mins later we boarded the boat! My mom told the skipper he needed new jokes!:eek: Can you still be embarrassed by your parents at 37??
Okay so now it was getting a bit chilly and since the park was not too crowded we went to see if we could get into Cafe Orleans a bit earlier than our PS. We asked for inside and less than 10 mins later we were seated. We are shared the Pomme Fritts and my dad and I shared the Monte Cristo (sans the charge too!) The food there is so tasty, we had a nice dinner and my gift from my dad was he bought my food. :)

Rode Buzz again, rode with my dad and did well but still cannot beat my top score! After I went to ride Space Mountain but it was down.:( My Mom was getting pretty tired and it was about 7:20 so we walked to Main Street stopping to do a bit more shopping. I then walked my parents out, said goodbye, gave hugs and told my mom not to cry as we would be there all of us soon in two months! She said it was the best Mother's Day she had had since we moved to CO in 2000. :)
By myself again I went into DCA and once again drew a character, can you tell I love this? This time it was Pluto. I think he looked more like Goofy but hey I am not the pro. Took some pics and then rode Screamin with the FP my FIL got us earlier.
Ran back to DL, rode Space 5 min wait and they said just hang onto to our FP. I did not use it later. The park was pretty dead. I watched the rest of the Fireworks from Tommorland, rode Buzz and then went to FL to wait for Alice to open. Wow what a wait, they have to bring all the vehicles out of the ride and then run them through an entire cycle before they ride opens again. I think I ended up waiting 20+ mins even though the line was pretty short!
After taking more pics I headed back to the hotel. Passed out, I was so tired. Of course I talked to my kiddos too that day and since DH will be gone for Father's Day this year my Mother's Day with my kids will be on Father's Day seeing Toy Story 3!
Last Day Coming Your Way Soon

05-17-2010, 09:09 AM
Monday May 10th- Last Day:(

Well not sure if anyone is reading anymore but I finishing this up!!

I woke up pretty early and forced myself to go back to sleep since the park did not open until 10.

Today's goals: Star Tours, Billy Hill and the Columbia if sailing.

Checked out of the hotel and had them hold my luggage. Found out someone's car had been broken into the night before. Sad. Glad I did not have my car. They have had it happen a lot. I wonder if the sad economy has anything to do with it.

Anyway today was Disneyland only no DCA today. Wanted to spend my last day enjoying Disneyland.

1st ride Star Tours, 15 min wait. I was surprised by that because even in summer we don't wait that long for it. Must be because it is changing. Sat next to a little girl who did not like the ride but was very quiet and just clung to her dad. I felt bad for her.

Went to Frontierland next and saw yes the Columbia was finally sailing today! 1st though was the Billy's! Good show, shorter than I remember. They sang, The Letter, Surrey with a fringe and a really long rendition of Orange Blossom Special with 3 of the Billys taking turns playing and of course the main Billy putting in his goofy teeth. :)

Then I got right on the Columbia and videotaped this time around. I was going to ride again later and take pictures of the new stuff. So relaxing on that boat and the new narration is good too. I loved seeing the live horse running around but swear it was a Clydesdale, his hooves were huge! Anyhow I like all the new additions even if they don't move or move much. The real smoke in the Indian Village is nice too.

Lunch was another BBQ chicken Potato and I talked to my dad and friend Deb. Rode Small World, walked through Fantasyland, Peter Pan still too long of a line for me! I told you this would be the trend. :) Walked through Big Thunder Ranch and then sailed on the Columbia again to take some pictures. I miss the Mine Train though with the gophers that popped up they were so cute!
Not sure what order I finished my day but I rode Buzz, the train, HM, did my shopping, bought carmel apples!! Like the discount still is going on for AP's. Every little bit helps. Bought two Vinylmations for me this trip and ended up with a Miss Piggy and a SpectroMagic Mickey. They are pretty cute. Bought 2 keychain ones for a friend. They are pretty little. I watched the Flag Retreat, thinking one day too soon I will have a son serving in the military who can go up and represent the AF. I actually teared up a bit today. Talked to my mom on the way out and headed back to the hotel to wait for my friend to pick me up to take me to the airport. So long DL see you in July!

Things I learned:
I can survive being alone. It is weird at first but then it is fine. I missed my kids though alot!
2. It is good to talk to others in line. Most are pretty friendly. Mostly chatted about why it was just me. :)
3. Ask to have your pic taken, so you can prove you were there!

Rides I missed or chose to skip:
1. Subs.
2. Rockets
3. Dumbo- need my DD for that one.
4. Tea Cups- umm no fun alone.
5. Storybook
6. Go coaster- Need my Elisa for that one.
7. Peter Pan- for reasons already mentioned.
8. Mr. Toad
9. Splash Mountain
10. A few in DCA too. :)

Hope you enjoyed reading this. :)

05-17-2010, 09:22 AM
Great report! I would love to have a day or two at DL by myself! I think I'd spend the day taking photos.

05-17-2010, 09:22 AM
Great report HoM! Love the surprise!

05-17-2010, 09:41 AM
went into Tiki Room and saw the show and then met Ophelia the animatronic after

Oooh who is Ophelia?

Great trip report by the way! Sounds like you had an awesome time!

05-17-2010, 09:43 AM
[QUOTE=houseofmouse;1537890]Took some pics and found a big wedding ring by CHip and Dale's house and took it to City Hall. Surely someone would be missing a big diamond ring like that! /[QUOTE]

That is great -- I'm sure someone was VERY happy that a good citizen of the Magic Kingdom turned it in!

05-17-2010, 09:44 AM
Great report HoM!!!!:D

Great report! I would love to have a day or two at DL by myself! I think I'd spend the day taking photos.

me too for sure...I always "spy" different things there that would make great photos for the scrapbooks.

05-17-2010, 12:17 PM
Oooh who is Ophelia?

Great trip report by the way! Sounds like you had an awesome time!

Meet Ophelia:

05-17-2010, 04:59 PM
Great trip report! It's getting me excited for our next trip at the end of June!

05-18-2010, 08:14 AM
Really fun to read hom! It definitely made me think how a few days alone at your own pace can be wonderful! :) Heehee, and apparently our parents never do stop embarrassing us, and I'm sure my own kids don't doubt it! :p

And CONGRATS on being a Colorado girl with an AP!!!!! :fez:

05-18-2010, 09:01 AM
I went to Disneyland alone, too, once. By the last day I was missing my kids so much I wished it was a shorter trip! And it was only three days.

I spent a lot of time explaining why I was alone, too.

05-18-2010, 03:20 PM
Great report!