View Full Version : WDCC “Tiggerific” Sculpture Spring Premiere Event at the Disneyland Resort

03-12-2003, 05:03 PM
Received from the Disneyland Resort:

Spring Premiere Event
March 28-30, 2003

World of Disney, Downtown Disney District

Bouncing into your heart this spring, from the Walt Disney animated feature “The Tigger Movie,” is our favorite “Bounciful Buddy” Tigger, featured in a heartwarming moment just after little Roo rescues him from a dramatic avalanche. This fine art porcelain treasure is being released in a numbered limited edition of 7,500 and comes complete with nylon plussed whiskers and a pewter heart locket.

With the purchase of a “Bounciful Buddy” event sculpture you will also have the opportunity to purchase our loyal little marsupial Roo, as the “Bestest Little Brother” ever.

In addition, if you choose to purchase your Walt Disney Classics Collection “Bounciful Buddy” sculpture from World of Disney, you will receive an exclusive crystal piece, created by Arribas Bros.

The “Bounciful Buddy” sculpture is being offered for $99, plus tax.
The “Bestest Little Brother” sculpture is being offered for $35, plus tax with the purchase of a “Bounciful Buddy” sculpture.

(Bounciful Buddy sculpture stands approximately 5 ¼ inches tall. Bestest Little Brother sculpture stands 3 inches tall.)

A “wish list” will not be taken for this event.
Information subject to change without notice.