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04-27-2010, 01:00 PM
Trip Dates: April 22nd-25th
Hotel: Motel 6 Anaheim Maingate
Travel Arrangements: Car
Cast of Characters: Julia: Self (22 & Pregnant), D: DH (22), Robert: DB (23), and Binnie: BDGF (Brotherís Disney girlfriend) (21, DBís girlfriend)

Thursday April 22nd-
Met up with DB & BGF and hit the road about 2AM. It was actually a great drive down the 5 and through the Grapevine. Hit L.A. traffic around 7, made it to Motel 6 by 8:30, and they let us check in early! I was very impressed. The new rooms are very nice, although, I was disappointed that ours smelled like cigarettes even though we requested a non-smoking room.
We made it to the park by 9:15! Rode Pirates, Haunted, DH did BTMRR, all literally walk-ons. Grabbed a bread bowl of steak gumbo at the new little place by Pirates (It was good! And enough for DH and I to split.) Hit Indy (Which I rode twiceÖ Donít judge me! Iíll never do it pregnant again.), Peter Pan, and the duo of Pirates and haunted about 4 more times haha. Rode Itís A Small World, and I have to say, Iím totally impressed with the make over. Way more interesting when youíre looking for the Disney characters  Jumped over to DCA, ran onto Soariní! Rode Toy Story Mania (which is waaaaay better than Buzz, and worth the 45 minute wait IMO.), rode Mickeyís fun wheel, jumped back to Disneyland, went to ESPN Zone for dinner which was fantastic! And I canít remember the rest of the night. I remember being exhausted! Haha we did go back for a nap at some point that day.

Day 2-
Pirates and Haunted again. BTMRR for DH again. This was DB and BDGFís anniversary, so we didnít see much of them. Did all the usuals, had PS for Carnation Cafť @ 11:50 which they let us in early. Delicious. Absolutely wonderful. I had the Cafť Steak Melt, DH had their Loaded Baked Potatoe soup. So, so yummy! Let DH ride Indy alone this time, more running around. Most of the rides we did were the same each day. Grabbed dinner at Pizza Port, then met up with DB & BDGF for fireworks which were fantastic. Iím so glad we stayed for them.

Day 3-
Breakfast @ River Belle Terrace which was good enough. Got my special Disney Brew coffee from Market Square (Free refills btw. Highly recommend!!!), did all of our crazy rides, did Splash with the whole crew, SO fun! The crew did Matterhorn while I waited (It had been closed all trip) Lunch @ Hungry Bear which was good, but not like I remembered. Kind of cold. We had PS @ Blue Bayou for 5:40 which we had never done before. Absolutely wonderful. Shared a plate, jumped on Pirates, went back to the hotel around 8:30 since we planned on doing our MM the next day (Plus my legs and feet were killing me!)

Day 4- Magic Morning
Made it to the park right at 7. Rode Alice while DH rode Matterhorn, we also did Star Tours, DH did SM, we rode Mr. Toadís, then waited for Adventureland to open to do our favorites! Didnít get a Dole Whip this trip :-\ the line was always so long for it! DH and I rode Splash 3 times in a row that morning! Fantastic. Breakfast @ Village Haus, got my special coffee again , hit all our favorites, then took off around 4:30 to head home.

It was a great trip! I highly recommend Motel 6 to anyone looking for a good deal. They have a shuttle for 4 bucks a day, but we walked everyday which wasnít bad at all. As a pregnant woman, I donít recommend riding Indy (even though I did it twice, it wasnít worth it.) But Splash is fine for sure, and Star Tours isnít awful either. Its all about what youíre comfortable with. Baby girl is doing fine in there! Canít wait to go back!

04-30-2010, 10:25 AM
Refresh my memory; how do you get Magic Morning?
I thought you had to be at a Disney property for that? Did you book tickets through Disney directly or how does that work?:confused:

04-30-2010, 10:40 AM
I think you get one MM on 3 or 4 day tickets. I know with AAA bookings you do get a MM.

04-30-2010, 01:07 PM
Thank you.

05-07-2010, 03:19 PM
We bought our tickets through the Disneyland website and that's how we got it.

05-07-2010, 04:37 PM
Our trips were exactly the same time. Reading your trip report, we barely missed each other several times. :)