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04-27-2001, 01:57 PM
I was wondering what other people thought of Disneyland bringing back the electrical parade. I think it is aa bad atempt to bring in more people to a dying park. Disney is also breaking their word when they said it was going away forever. They brought record crowds and alot of limited edition souviners (including a light I bought) and now they are probably going to be worthless. I wonder if this is going to have an effect on peoples trust in the Disney name.

P.S. I found an add for the Fantasia video when it first came out. On it it said that it would "never be relesed on another format". Last year they sell it on DVD. Disney is surely losing my trust

Alex S.
04-27-2001, 02:20 PM
Is bringing back the MSEP a blantant attempt to boost attendance at DCA? Obviously.

Is this a bad thing? I don't see why. Those of us less than impressed with DCA have been clamoring for them to make improvements that will make the park more exciting.

You may disagree about how exciting MSEP is, but I don't think it is fair to complain that there's nothing to do/see at DCA and then complain when they provide something new to do/see in DCA.

Elsewhere people are constantly crying that a closed attraction should return (Subs, PeopleMover, SFR Treehouse, etc.). MSEP was certainly beloved my many thousands of people. I'm betting most people will be tickled to have it back however they can get it.

As for the collectible value of the lightbulbs, I don't see how that value is affected by the parade appearing at DCA any more than it is affected by the parade appearing at WDW, TDL, and DPR.

Does this show a dishonesty in the "Glowing Away Forever" tagline? If the parade had been appearing in other locations ever since it had closed at DL, I'd agree with that. If they had brought it back to DL under any circumstances I would definitely agree with it. But they are showing the parade in a park other than DL and they've been doing that for the last five years.

Admittedly, if DCA attendance were good, they almost certainly would have put the parade back into DL, but for whatever reason they've kept the promise, I feel they have.

Also, Disney has not responsibility to maintain the value of collectible items, unless they promise to. If the only reason you buy a sculpture is because it is #8 of 150, make sure they broke the mold. You bought a lightbulb from the last show at DL. On July 5th, you'll still have a lightbulb from the show at DL.

(The video issue is a no-win. If they kept their promise and never released a non-VHS version they would be slammed for the rest of time - or at least until Fantasia fades into the mists of memory. If they release it on DVD or LD they are in trouble for breaking a promise. They never should have made that promise, but it was a stupid promise, and I'm glad they broke it.)

04-27-2001, 02:38 PM
Considering that they billed the MSEP as "Glowing away forever," I would think that that meant that it would NEVER be coming back to Disneyland.

On top of that, they sold (to make money) the bulbs. And why did so many people buy these bulbs? Because they were mislead into believing that MSEP would NEVER return to Anaheim.

How many people would have bought bulbs if Disney said that "MSEP is going away for a few years. You can go see it in Florida and Tokyo in the meantime and It won't be too long before it comes back here to Anaheim. Do you want to buy a bulb?"

The arguement that it's not coming back to Disneyland is not really pertinent. It IS coming back to Anaheim, 100 feet from Disneyland. And had DCA not been failing, it probably would have come back to Disneyland.

The bottom line is that this is just another example of how the Disney commitment to guests is steady on its downhill slope. But we have to remember that Walt is not around anymore. Disneyland was Walt's child. And this child is now being "taken care of" by total strangers. That love, caring, and commitment was a special bond that is hard to replace.

Ralph Wiggum
04-27-2001, 02:58 PM
As for the collectible value of the lightbulbs, I don't see how that value is affected by the parade appearing at DCA any more than it is affected by the parade appearing at WDW, TDL, and DPR.

Correct me if I am wrong(which I am sure you will) but the collectors lights that you got after they stopped the parade at Disneyland would probably not be worth much more if they didnt continue the parade at other parks. In fact they sold sooo many lights that it would take a couple lifetimes for them to become rare and valueble. They not only sold the lights that were on the floats but also the lights that were in the replacement light bins backstage.

The lights were mainly just a way to make money and to give something fun for people to take home. I think the lights would have sold just as well if the parade was still going on but thats just my oppinion.


07-19-2001, 05:23 PM
what are tehy gonna be worth when the parade returns to dland?

07-19-2001, 05:38 PM
I don't think that the bulbs worth will go down IF the parade returns to d-land because well they replaced them with a different bulb type (or so ive heard) ALso just to re-enforce it the Parde was "Glowing away forever" they kept witht he probise because it doesn't appear at Disneyland

Ralph Wiggum
07-19-2001, 05:38 PM

07-19-2001, 06:16 PM
but al has mentioned a few times that they will be going back for the big 50