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02-08-2003, 04:52 AM
Our package came with a breakfast voucher for each of us. Valid at Club Buzz or Pacific Wharf Cafe, up to an $8.75 value. My questions are - does anyone have a menu showing what they serve at these places? I've found them on several different web sites, but they all just list lunch/dinner menus.

What time do they serve breakfast from/to? Most of the days we'll be at the park, there's a 10am opening. I hate to use my early morning (if you can call 10am that!) time eating instead of riding rides. I'm guessing the restaurants don't open early, so how late is breakfast until? (11am seems like a short breakfast time).

Has anyone tried using these for lunch items - especially at around the cutoff time? For example, if breakfast ends at 11:30 or noon but by that time they're also serving lunch stuff, could we possible get that instead?

I guess my hope is to have eaten breakfast earlier in the day, then after hitting some big rides, to make my breakfast a lunch somehow. This is also why I'm interested in the menu. If I know they have, say omelets, we could have pancakes for our "first" breakfast, and this would seem different. But pancakes twice in 3 hours would be pushing it!

Finally, if anyone's eaten at both restaurants, which would you prefer?

Thanks for any help!

02-08-2003, 08:35 AM
Another option to consider~Check into using them toward a breakfast at one of the hotels (character breakfasts)or at the Plaza Inn in DL. The hotel resturants open at about 7:00am and offer **much** better breakfast fare...

We turned ours in for $8.75 credit off of our breakfast at Goofy's Kitchen. They opened much earlier and had a great buffet and characters. I know that Goofy's is more than most people would spend on breakfast, but we didn't eat lunch that day because the buffet was so awesome, so it was breakfast and lunch for us...And we still made it into the park at opening time.

Just somethin' to think about~otherwise, Club Buzz had your basic eggs/bacon dish or cereal or muffin and "fruit". I'm assuming that the other one has the same (I've never checked them out). And you end up sitting there eating when you'd rather be on a ride (if your like we are) ;)

Enjoy your trip!!:)

02-08-2003, 08:42 PM
Last time we were there I believe we had three options for the breakfast at Club Buzz - one had eggs and potatoes, one had french toast and one had fruit and muffin. We had purchased the meal plan vouchers and had an extra breakfast voucher that we couldn't use, so we asked and they allowed us to trade them in towards any other meal. They are worth $8.75 each. These breakfasts are not one of my favorite meals at Disneyland.....so I would recommend just using them towards another meal in the park.

Also of note, breakfast closed at 11 a.m. when we were there, and the park had just opened at 10 a.m. They are actually pretty strict about this and go through the breakfast line - which is usually pretty long - and hand out a ticket to the last person in each line right at 11 o'clock. So if you get in line past 11 you have to buy from the lunch menu.

Have a great trip! If I remember correctly, you are visiting soon? I will be there Feb 24-28 - at the Grand Californian!! I can't wait :D

02-09-2003, 04:19 AM
Thanks for the help! Yes, Mickeyandme - we'll be there the 20th-28th (only 5 of those days at the park). Kidsroo, if I can use this for other than a character meal, I think my kids would prefer it. Although they're only 7,9,10, they were embarassed that I made them go to one during our last visit to WDW more than 2 years ago. So we'd go for the food, not the characters! But the earlier starting times would be useful.

Question for either of you or anyone - where did you go to "trade in" the vouchers? We got our from AAA - can we still go to the Travel Co. window or whatever? Where is it? In or outside the park? Our hotel (Embassy Suites) serves a hot breakfast each morning, so if possible, I'd really like to trade them in for lunch vouchers! Thanks!

02-09-2003, 08:21 AM
You actually won't be trading them in - just redeeming them for other food instead of the breakfast. Just tell the person at the restaurant that you couldn't use it for the breakfast and would like to redeem it at their restaurant. I think they are familiar with this process by now and shouldn't have any trouble knowing what to do.

02-09-2003, 03:04 PM
At Pacific Wharf, they have croussants (however you spell it) with egg and bacon in them which are pretty good. If you have kids going with you, I would recommend trading them for early breakfast at Plaza Inn or Goofy's Kitchen.