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08-26-2009, 06:35 PM
I wear two hearing aids and they serve me just fine when it comes to the majority of rides and attractions at WDW - I'm already familiar with the plotlines and songs. But I had a heck of a time trying to understand the words in "The American Adventure" (EPCOT) and "Nemo the Musical" (Animal Kingdom). I rented the (ALD) Assistive Listening Device for Nemo but the device did not work at all. I'm going to WDW next January and now I'm thinking I should try the (RC) Reflective Captioning for Hall of Presidents, Nemo, and American Adventure. Are these RC devices successful? My one experience with an RC device shield was in a movie theater at Downtown Disney and it didn't work because the theater didn't turn on the captioning. Should I try renting the ALD again or hope that the RC works?

08-26-2009, 07:38 PM
I find reflective captioning to be perfectly fine, and a better alternative in theaters where the glow of the screen from a handheld unit (like the one we tested out at WDW) might bother other people.

What was the issue you had with the ALD? Was this the headphone-like device that they also use to provide foreign-language translation, or was this the handheld reader? We've tested both - I had the handheld captioning unit and Tony tested the French-language headset, and I didn't think his headphones were nearly loud enough. (And they are obviously completely unsuited for someone with moderate to profound hearing loss).


Cheshire Figment
08-27-2009, 07:24 AM
I am not completely familiar with these, but I know about six months ago there was an article in The Orlandoi Sentinel that Disney had developed some new devices for assistive listening. You might want to check into that at one of the Park Guest Relations Offices for additional information.

Also, for all the Disney shows that have reflective captioning the system is on at all times, all you have to do is get the stand and panel from a CM.

And many of the shows will also have interpretation to ASL; again I do not know which parks on which days but they are always the same days of the week and each show that is interpreted is always the same time. For example, last winter I worked at Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular and I knew the 4:15 show would be the interpreted one.

08-30-2009, 08:55 PM
Sorry it took so long for me to respond - I had oral surgery and was not feeling well for a week. The device that I rented was the Assisted Listening Device and it was composed of a box and head-set. When I sat for the Nemo Musical in Animal Kingdom, I attempted to use it and nothing come out of the headset! It was completely useless and the theater was too dark for me to look at the device to figure what was wrong. Because of the set-up of Nemo, I found it impossible to follow the dialogue or lyrics. i found myself to be bored yet everyone says this musical is greatly entertaining (if one can hear it!) If the Reflective Captioning devices work, I want to try again when I go to WDW in January.
I do not know American Sign Language. I just depend on my hearing aids and use Closed-Captioning on my TV at all times. For someone like myself, who is accustomed to reading captioning constantly for DVD and TV-watching, the Reflective Device is something I'd enjoy trying. Thank you for the information concerning the fact that reflective captioning is on and broadcast at all times and that no CM has to remember to turn it on.