View Full Version : Can someone explain how Mickey's house works?

08-05-2009, 10:45 AM
Before I get upset, I want to be sure I understand. How many families usually go into a room at a time? Also arenít the cast members in the room suppose to help monitor the situation?

My son, is scared of crowds and the dark (he has autism). We were told to go to the exit, get the cast member. We did all that and said we would wait the correct time frame; just can we please not go to the switch back in the screening room. "Sure not an issue, wait here for five mins" we did, then another cast member put into the switch back, and my son gets upset. :::insert snotty comments from those around us::: and after about 10 mins we get to the front. Go into see Mickey and my son was pushed down by a group of about 3 kids.

Here is my issue four cast members were in the room with us...shouldn't one of them helped defuse this, or am I expecting too much.

08-05-2009, 11:19 AM
It sounded like a loss of communication. The first CM handled things correctly, and the second one didn't follow through. I would recommend asking for a lead next time, or making sure the same CM handles things through the entire thing. Unfortunately, these things happen. I guess patience and a clear explanation of the situation are your best tools. Most CMs will do the right thing. You just got someone who didn't understand the situation. I hope the rest of your trip was less dramatic and more fun.

08-05-2009, 11:46 AM
Thank you for the imput. It all went smoothly else where. I just didnt know since it was an attraction/meet and greet if things maybe changed from other rides.

08-06-2009, 08:05 AM
First off, sorry you had such a negative experience at Mickey's House. Unfortunately, whichever CM told you to use the Mickey House Exit, was not using current correct GAC policy. If you have the appropriate GAC, you will still have to go through Mickey's House to the screening room. When you get to the screening room, you approach the rope with the GAC visible in your hand, wait for the right moment to get the attention of the CM who is loading the filming rooms.

They will approach you and tell you that the room is accessible and you need to show them your GAC and request an alternative wait location. The CMs should accommodate you from that point.

As for the other people, did you specifically request to be your own group? If not, here's what I do every time we go to see Mickey: we always let the other people in our room go ahead of us. This gives us a much better experience because we get a lot more personalized time from Mickey.