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01-07-2003, 07:43 PM
Can anyone tell me about the discounts that are available for the Disneyland Hotel when you have an annual pass? Is it worth it to get one if I am going to be there for 5 or 6 days and returning within the year not being an option? I have read about the other discounts that you get with a premium pass and they are great, but just not too sure we would use them much. Help!!

01-07-2003, 09:11 PM
mousesavers.com (which is a great site that I'm not affiliated with but I think another Mousepad poster is) had this informaton (http://www.mousesavers.com/dlresorts.html) about AP discounts at DLR hotels. The info is about half way down the page.

01-08-2003, 02:25 PM
The rates vary so you need to call. The rates I got yesterday were high (I don't think they were the AP rates), but I didn't say anything, since at the time I was fishing for information. Next time I call I'll have the correct dates.

EDIT: WOW!!! I just checked mousesavers.com and the LMQ promo rate is great. When the time comes to make my reservations I'll have to remember that one.

NOTE: You would think with all the hotel sites I have checked in the last 24 hours I would have thought to check over there. Guess I should go add it to my discount travel sites. Duh!