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05-16-2009, 12:52 PM
I was reading the disability guide and have a few questions. On some rides we will be dealing with Parent Swap and my Mom in a ECV. There are some rides where my Mom must enter from the exit and on those rides someone needs to switch out with the 2 year old. Off the top of my head Indy and Star Tours are like this. Do we all go up the exit and explain our situation? Should I talk with the CM in the normal line?

Thanks as always....

05-16-2009, 02:10 PM
Ok first of all how many are in your group and how many are too short to ride those particular attractions? I ask because the 'plan' works different depending on the answers. We have done the EVC/rider switch often when the youngest of the ohana grandsons was too short to ride. On both Indy and Star Tours the evc goes thru the exit and up to 5 people can go with the person using the EVC, it is NOT a front of the line situation, it's merely an alternative route and loading zone. If your mom takes a group and one adult stays off with the two year old even with a rider switch only that adult and one more person can go back and ride. If it were ME, I'd use Fast pass for those attractions....have the group use the fast pass to go on the ride with grandma staying off with the two year old, then when the big group has gone thru the fast pass line and been on the attraction, meet up with grandma and the designated baby swap person takes the two year old and then grandma takes up to 5 with her thru the HCA access line (Indy it is up the exit until the CM switches you into a line that puts you thru the screening room and up the ramp to get to the elevator for the loading area, on Star tours it's up the exit thru Star Traders. Once again let me say this is NOT a FTL situation, there can and usually is a wait time but it is the alternative access/loading zone for those using an EVC.

Edited to add, if your party is 6 or less then you 'might' be able to do the rider switch at the exit but I'm not sure and if they do allow it, you're back to the fact that only 2 can go 'back' to the ride after the bigger group has been.

05-16-2009, 04:14 PM
We have 9 in our party and we only need to worry about the 2 year old that can't go on certain rides. This is why I'm confused as to what we need to do? I had read that she can only take 6 people with her. I forgot about using the FP for Indy, and we do plan on taking advantage on the FP system.

So for instance at HM does she wait at the handicap entrance and then we go through the normal line and once we get to the front we just say "were with her" so we can all go on together?

If the lines are short (wishing) then we will have no issues since she is able to walk and stand for short periods of time. She doesn't need to stay in her ECV to ride the rides.

I'm not looking for a front of the line pass but would rather figure this all out before we get there so we don't waste time. I also want to enjoy the attractions that she wants to go on as a family.

05-16-2009, 05:13 PM
Ok now I can give you more hands on advice, I use an EVC every trip. Sometimes our group is larger than the 6 allowed. Remember that in DCA every queue is HCA accessible so that park is easy, just get in line and wait and when you get to the CM that hands out rider switch passes (Soaring and Screaming and Tower of Terror come to mind (if your mom wants to ride those attractions) you can ask for the rider switch pass and decide who will sit off with the 2 year old and who gets the extra ride with the person who sat off OR use the fast pass system for the rides and just split into two groups, remember you can hold multiple fast passes at one time...using the system wisely helps overcome the issues you're going to find with the EVC having to go thru the HCA line no matter how short the regular one is.

I will tell you this, in theory that oh our mom is over there waiting sounds like it should work but often it just doesn't...the CM's are really good at their jobs and that means loading the rides efficently...the problem is there are gaps between CM's so if you tell the exit CM oh I'm waiting for my family and the family is in the regular queue and the wait is say 90 minutes (I'm thinking Peter pan) they aren't going to remember that your mom is sitting at the exit for all that time and they don't want the evc blocking the exit from the attraction while you wait.

The biggies here that will slow you down that don't offer fast pass, Pirates of the Carribean and Haunted Mansion - even if you wait in the regular queue and she waits in the HCA area they only allow six down with the EVC so 3 of your group are going to have to exit the attraction and the rest of your group will be on the HCA doombuggies and be brought back up the stretching room.

A good working system is to get fast passes for every ride that offers it, if mom can walk short distances ok, park her EVC where the CM's don't see it (trust us on this, if they SEE her they are going to direct you to the HCA entrance thinking they are being helpful) For those attractions without fast pass your options are to have mom take 5 with her thru the HCA and the other 3 use rider switch with the 2 year old but that only works on attractions with height restrictions. Keeping all 9 of you together is going to be difficult for most attractions, some that should be ok ...it's a small world, storybook boats, the carousel, jungle cruise, Mark Twain, the trains, any of the shows.

Remember how fast pass works, send your fastest walker with everyones passes to the attraction most important first...pick up those passes, check the mature time, usually it's fairly fast, as soon as they mature go get the second set of passes for the next ride while you're doing rides that you don't need the passes for, save the passes for later in the day as you collect them. Use the train as both an attraction and transportation, if the HCA car is full, have mom just scooter to the next train depot that you're going to but put everyone else on the train to save steps and sore feet. The monorail can accomodate the scooter and the stroller but you will have to fold UP the stroller so be prepared and empty the basket ahead of time.

One exception that I can think of that the CM's are more generous with the group thing is if you want to use the M.O.O. at the finding Nemo subs, it's the alternative to actually going in the subs for people with either mobility or other issues that make the subs not a good fit for them. there is only seating for about six but you can sit on the floor as well, we've had large groups in there and it was actually fun because it's private, cool and the little one can cruise a bit.

05-16-2009, 05:52 PM
I had read that she can only take 6 people with her. Just to clarify, it is the ECV user and 5 people for a total of six.

So for instance at HM does she wait at the handicap entrance and then we go through the normal line and once we get to the front we just say "were with her" so we can all go on together?Like MammaSilva said, you will need to break up your group if she needs to take it to the buggies. She can wait at the HA area, while the rest go through the line, then join up, but the easiest is if she can walk the way from the front door down to the buggy's and out. Then she can wait on the ECV til you get to the doors, and you can all walk down together. When you come back, the ECV will be just inside the gate as you come out of the exit.

05-16-2009, 06:39 PM
I don't know how restricted your moms mobility is but keep in mind that both Haunted Mansion and Buzz Lightyear have moving sidewalks to load and unload, if that's not a 'safe' situation for her then have her take the EVC down so they will stop the walkway and give her ample time to load/unload on both attractions.

05-16-2009, 07:36 PM
THANKS A LOT! You guys are always a big help!

I think we will try out a moving walkway and see how she does. Her legs don't work as good as they used to, so I will let her know that option is available. I don't want her to injury herself. She will need to walk some because if she depends on the ECV it acutally makes her legs stiff and then she is worse off. When she walks she does need to use a cane for stability.

Is it really true you can use the FP after the expired time? I was always nervous to do this. We do plan to get FP's as soon as the time becomes available. We did this in WDW and it was so nice, but there was only 3 of us that time.

05-16-2009, 08:04 PM
You can use them after they mature but only on the same day, that's why I advocate having a designated fast pass 'runner' to collect as many as you can in the area you're planning to spend time in 'that day'...example...you go to the park and send the runner to pick up fast passes for space mountain, they are going to mature well before the 2 hour mark (if you got there at rope drop) second set of fast passes for either Buzz Lightyear or autopia depending on your preference...then the 3rd set of passes for the one you don't have yet. The only rule is you can't hold two sets of fast passes for the same attraction BUT if your space mountain fast passes mature you can get a second set for space mountain if you wanted to ride twice later in the day. The trick is to remember the mature OR two hour rule...no matter what time the last set matures, two hours after you got them you can get another set of passes.