View Full Version : New Years Eve Question

12-27-2002, 04:15 PM
From the 12/27 Disneyland Update:
"New Year's Eve Countdown at 11:59p

Does this mean that there won't be a countdown on Main Street?
This is my first time going on NYE.

12-27-2002, 04:20 PM
I'm surprise there's no "countdown" or party at NOS, since that's the most popular hangout next to Main Street.

Umm... since Matterhorn has holes in it, I guess they won't do projections onto the mountain either? It would look awful ugly.


12-29-2002, 12:24 PM
Actually as of Yestrday most of the holes seemed to be patched, maybe this is in preperation, but the list of events included New Orleans Square and Main Street, as well as FOF arena as I recall, they haned the list out a bit early when entering the Timon lot yesterday...LOL, but that's ok.....basiclly it's not being as advertised, they want to get more people into DCA I think, as last year DCA didn't even hit full capacity.