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12-03-2008, 11:49 AM
Just a basic overview of the food and restaurants on our trip. Traveling with wife, 2 boys (3 and 7 and very energetic), and in-laws (no comment please!)
We went meal plan but ate off it a bit. Meals were quite varied in quality, quantity, service and feel. Mini reviews below.
We stayed at the Saratoga Springs, but only ate breakfast there at the counter service place (artist palate?). Fair although boring. but enough. This was the first experience I had with the kids meal plan, and new that right away, we should have bought adult for our kids. Microscopic portions, a bag of grapes and a drink. Not enough if we ordered 2 for each kid, so we ended up ordering extras almost every time for the boys. In no particular visit order:
Chef Mickey - Cool hotel and great views/people watch. Meal was no better than the average homestyle buffet kind of place. Characters were fun, but the meal wasn't great. B- (extra points for feel).
Ohana (breakfast) - Good basics. Bacon, Eggs, mikey waffles, biscuts, fruit, sausage. All served family style in a big pan. Nice feel and all the food while basic, was good, hot and fresh. B+ for fun.
Pizza Planet. If ever there was an F grade restaurant, this is it. Absolutely terrible on all levels. Dirty, crowded and the worlds worst pizza. Plus the portions were a joke even for a lunch. A personal pizza was about 1 slice. A kids pizza was about the size of a Peanut Butter jar lid. I kid you not. We were starved, so when we saw the food coming out, we ordered 4 more pizzas than the meal plan allowed and forced them down. Stay away. F-
Boma -One of the best buffets we've been to. Varied, fresh and fun, although the drink service was annoying, mostly due to our waiter. Still, cool food and great place. A-
Mama Melrose - Surprisingly good at all levels. Peroni beer, veal chops, and good cesar salad. Service right on. A-
Germany (buffet place, forgot the name). Best fun restaurant. Great german music band, very good german food and for me, great beer. Lots for the kids. A
Raglan Road. very slow meal prep/service, but the server was nice. Good food but the beer wasn't as fresh as I'd like. Will go back though. B+
Pecos Bills -reheated pressed burgers and dried out pulled pork. Gross. And what's with the 4 dried out chicken nuggets for the kids. I'd bet that the combined weight and size are less than 2 of the mcdonalds ones. Sorry, but after walking all morning, my son needs more than 2 nuggets. D- at best.
Cantina de San Angel - decent lunch food, but ordering was a chore. It took them no joke - 12 minutes to take our order and ring us up. That a long time for a few baskets of whatever small choices they had. Food was filling and good, but sloppy. Hovers between B- and C+
T-Rex - Loud, busy and overpriced. Probably not overpriced if you take into account the 20 million dollar environment, but I would have probably spent 1 mill of that on cooking lessons. Basic pub food, at $30 a pop. Didn't love it and even the kids tired of the noisy meteor shower every 30 minutes drowning out every thought. C.
Trip was good, but we'll put more effort into the food selection next time. We wanted more than good or ok. Our fault.

12-04-2008, 09:03 AM
Thanks for the report. Eating is a HUGE part of my WDW trip, and I select my restaurants with great care. I'm more of a sitdown dinner type of guy, so I tend to lean to the places like the California Grill and the Coral Reef - truly wonderful experiences.

May I ask a favor of you? Should you post reports in the future, would you mind spacing things out a bit? It's kinda hard to read one HUGE paragraph! Thanks.

12-04-2008, 04:50 PM
Sorry you didn't have great experiences everywhere, we usually have a flop or two each trip, but we have given second shots to a few. I'm like Dan... the dining experiences are high on my list at WDW and I make a pretty good effort at incorporating ADRs into our trips by visiting our favorites and trying to add new restaurants to our repertoire. We are generally very, very happy with our choices, but once in a while we either catch someone on a bad night, or just find a place that isn't for us for one reason or another.

12-04-2008, 05:39 PM
Thanks for taking the time to review your eateries. I really appreciate others' input! I'm with Dan; eating is especially important to me on vacations, and WDW is no exception...