View Full Version : Looking for Mickey Vampire Snowglobe

10-31-2008, 02:23 PM
I went online this morning to buy the Vampire Mickey Halloween Snowglobe...had it and other items in my 'cart' then my internet went crazy, I rebooted and was back online within minutes but had to get all my items all over again. ANYWAY....when I clicked on the snowglobe it said it was no longer available!!:eek:I called and found out that the last one had been sold-by phone-within the last couple of minutes!!

I REALLY wanted this a a xmas present for my (grown) daughter who is a Halloween freak.

So I suppose I am asking all you Disney lovers if you know of anywhere else I might purchase one. I tried calling the Disney Store (local) and they don't have any. Maybe someone has seen one at an outlet???? I am willing to pay and pay for shipping if someone can get (or has) one....

Thank you!!!!!