View Full Version : for sale: Cubs | Dodgers | Saturday Oct. 4

09-30-2008, 08:45 AM
Being the Cubs fan that I am, I decided I HAVE to go to the playoff game against the Dodgers here in LA... unfortunately, after purchasing two tickets for $120 apiece, the girl I was supposed to go with decided to change her mind & stick me with the ticket. SO, MPers seem like safe people & a lot of you are fairly local...

who wants to go to the game with me?

Dodgers fans, this is the first home game of the series!

I am willing to let the ticket go for $100 OBO... the seats are in section 9, top deck, row O.

The game is Saturday, October 4th, 7pm at Dodger Stadium.

I promise I'm very friendly (just check out my other posts... & I won't let politics get in the way!) & super safe & trustworthy. Seriously.

Please private message me as soon as humanly possible so we can work something out or, since I'll be in Disneyland today as per usual, if you see me there, just say something.

Yay baseball!