View Full Version : No more early entry?

10-21-2002, 02:20 PM
I think I read somewhere recently that there was no early entry anymore to Disneyland. Is this true? Since, when?
What time to arrive at the gates, then? Hmm..m...m.. over Christmas season...

Bill Catherall
10-21-2002, 02:38 PM
Yesterday I saw people going through the gates 1 hour early. I've also read here many times that they usually drop the rope at the end of Main Street about 30 minutes before the posted opening time.

10-21-2002, 02:58 PM
No more early entry as of about a year ago. As for rope drops, they allow people onto main street (or sunshine plaza, depending on which park you're at) 30 mins. before opening and then drop the rope allowing you everywhere else at opening time.

Pirate Bill
10-21-2002, 03:16 PM
That's strange, because I was there this Saturday just before 8am when the gates opened. There was no rope anywhere holding the masses back. In fact, I had gone straight to the Blue Bayou for reservations and don't recall hurdling over any ropes. :D

RideMax Mark
10-21-2002, 03:41 PM
I believe that when the park opens at 8am, there is no "rope drop." They simply open the gates at 8. When the park opens at 9 or 10, *then* they open the gates 30 minutes early, and put up the rope at the end of Main Street, which they "drop" at opening time.

Pirate Bill
10-21-2002, 04:37 PM
Ahh, that would make sense then.. :cool: and, it's good to know for the future. I had thought that ALL early entry was discontinued.