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10-19-2002, 12:10 AM
Anaheim: Strictly Mickey Mouse (http://www.examiner.com/news/default.jsp?story=n.gogiants.1018w) - San Francisco Examiner, 10/18/02

QuikQuote: For example, in addition to its classic animated films, Disney also distributes hardcore porn through what has become the nation's largest pay-per-view service.
As a result, San Francisco's own Marilyn Chambers, who starred in the Mitchell Brothers' groundbreaking 1972 skin flick, "Behind the Green Door," has become one of the company's biggest earners.

10-20-2002, 02:50 PM
Anyone read it? It sounds like the worst bit of libel and half-truths, wrapped up in unsubstantiated heresay and served as a reason to root for the San Fransisco Giants.


To read that, you'd think that Disneyland is overrun with mulletheads, pedophiles, peeping-toms and knuckle-draggers (okay, maybe during MouseAdventure, but everyday?).

Why even post that nonsense? Is there any basis for these charges, or is it all heresay, attributed to some tell-all book of dubious journalistic standard?

10-21-2002, 11:38 AM
I wrote to Frank Gallagher at the address posted at the bottom of the article:
I know your rant was intended as a rah-rah put-down of the opposing team's hometown, but aren't you laying it on a little thick? And committing slander? And confusing the ownership with the baseball team?

The veiled accusation of racism leveled at Walt Disney is just puerile and spineless. Say what you mean, Gallagher. You think he was a racist? Be a man and spell it out.

The reports of inappropriate behavior among Disney employees may or may not be true, but I'm certain that strait-laced San Francisco has never, ever experienced similar problems. You're right - sexually deviant behavior just isn't seen here. Surely there are no pedophiles, knuckle-draggers, or mulletheads in San Francisco. Um, Frank? Been for a stroll down Broadway lately? Or through the Tenderloin?

A 1994 report is supposed to indicate current conditions? Following the same logic, it could be said that The Examiner is currently in grave financial condition and circling the figurative toilet bowl.

You cite one book in your article - with a title like Disney: The Mouse Betrayed, the tome clearly wears its heart on its sleeve. How any reasonable person could be expected to believe this is a balanced look at the Disney Company is beyond me. Look only for dirt, you'll find plenty.

And by the way, the Bay Area's own Stanford Research Institute chose the Disneyland site.

I thought the World Series was about baseball. My mistake - apparently it's really about smear campaigns directed at the owners of the teams. I sure hope McGowan's clean; I'd hate to see what the Anaheim papers are writing about him.