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10-10-2002, 06:54 PM
I ended up teaching a class in the area in the morning, so after class, changed and drove to the DLR.

First place I went to was the ESPN Zone, i was interested in watching the LA Galaxy Playoff game (It was offered live on Direct TV, and tape delayed on Fox Sports West 2). I wanted to know if they were going to offer both feeds, plus watch the two baseball games, the other MLS semi-final game and the opening night of Hockey. Yesterday was a big day in sports, I wanted to know when I needed to be back at the bar. Alas, I get there, and there are a few CM's and a big sign saying the place was closed for a private party. Yes, the ENTIRE place was rented out by HP/Compaq due to the Microsoft convention:( OH well, back up plan, off to the Lost Bar, they would show both Baseball games, and the MLS Galaxy game after the baseball game. Ok, I know have the important stuff solved, time to do a quick check of the resort.

Took the Monorail into the park, saw many bobsleds sitting out next to the Indy building, plus many holes in the Matterhorn. Also noticed that a portion of the track has been removed near the base of the hill (near the pond at the bottom). Also, while waiting for the Monorail (they only had one train running, just after I boarded, they did add a second monorail), the guests were backing up at the DtD station. One guest was complaining to her friends about all the attractions on rehab, and this wait is just the frosting on the cake. (She wasn't too happy with Disney).

So it was straight to HMH to pick up a FP, the wait was only about 40 minutes, next thing I did was go to Pirates to confirm how the FP machines are working. The Pirates FP is still independent :), got a Pirate FP with no problem. Then off to Splash and a single rider pass (but the wait was very short, about 10 minutes for the regular line).

Checked out the Pooh queue, and they have brought back Max, Buff and Melvin. They have placed plywood over the entrance to the attraction (bridge), and have placed the same sign talking about the new attraction coming this spring. The Winnie the Pooh sign is visible above the plywood on the bridge.

They have also placed the green meshing around the actual track area of the ride, but you can look through it, they had one of the two doors open at the rides exit, but you really couldn't see much, they had some supplies on the ground, nothing exciting.

Also, checked out the Pooh Store, with two-thirds of it being worked on (the old Mile-long bar and Teddi Barra's Arcade area), but of course, the one area was selling lots of Pooh.

By the way, with the plywood gone, it has opened up the area that was clogging up due to the Pooh meet and greet, though it is still a congestion problem near the photo booth (and this was a slow day).

Did Splash, then checked out the Disney Gallery. They still need to update the signs located at the bottom of the Stairs talking about the old exhibit "The Art of Disneyland". It is worth checking out the gallery. Then I checked out BAT n Rouge, no big deal there.

Then my HMH FP window opened, so i went and got a second FP, then decided to run over to DCA to get my AP pin and check out the area.... saving my HMH FP's to use after DCA closes.

Of course, the first stop was the Beer Truck, they close at 5 PM, found out that Rita's Margarita's is now only open Friday, Saturdays and Sundays (just like the Avalon Cove Bar), leaving just the Beer Truck (and a couple of restaurants) to grab a drink on the weekdays...

Then it was off to the FFF area, picked up my collector's map (just a blow-up of the park map featuring the FFF area, and due to the increased size, was blurry). Walked thru the Farm area, or what USED to be the farm area, as the "farm" has been converted to flowers, shrubs and plants (which look like they need less attention than the actual crops they used to grow), in fact they have added "props" including Bug's Life characters, and took some plants to make them look like "Candy Corn" plants... that is how to teach kids about farming, tell them that Candy Corn is grown in Central California from plants..... Looks like the farm area is really no more, just an area to walk thru on the way to FFF.

FFF wasn't that busy, the waits weren't long (two cycles for the bumper cars), seemed like the puddle park area was the most popular.

Then walked by the Soap Opera Bistro, both it and the gift shop (Soaplink) were closed.

Back to DL, walked down Main Street, then Tomorrowland, and saw more views of the Matterhorn, I doubt that it will open before next year.

Checked on iasw, I presume that they will paint BOTH the gist shop and the character greeting area the white and gold motif when they do the holiday changeover (I am hoping).

Both Storybook and Casey's Jr. were up and running, Peter Pan was closed. The Carrousel metal framing is coming along, the dome supports are being added....

Verified that they removed the UGLY safety tap from the drinking fountain next to the old Castle walkthrough entrance :D (By the way, the "rehab" has been extended on Disney.com, looks like it is TBD now, on its way to a Rocket Rods fate:( )

Used the back path to HMH, caught the last Mark Twain ride of the day, the climbing rocks have a lot more "graffiti" now, (Fill, remove, add, cut off, etc...)

Good news, they have gotten rid of Pooh along the Rivers of America, the animals backs are no longer white :cool: Also you could see they were working on the railroad track in the area, and worked on at least one drainage pipe from the track to the river (new rock (gravel) in the area).

The Pontoon bridge was closed on TSI.

Finally got to HMH, not any wait, didn't need the FP, the line was only the direct path from the gate to the mansion in stand-by. The ride was pretty much the same as last year, with the change in music. I was expecting to be more disappointed than I was with the new music, it does change the tone of the ride, but it is now closer to the movie "feel" . I didn't see this new feature of the unveiling of the pin artwork at the loading area. Decided to only ride HMH once, and headed off to the DH and the Lost Bar to watch the last half of the Angels game.

There happened to be two conventions in town, the Microsoft one, and a Military one, so suddenly a beer showed up in front of my seat, some clients of mine were there.... It was a nice surprise.... :)

And of course with both the Angels and Galaxy winning, it was even better..... :D

10-10-2002, 07:06 PM
I woke up early.
Toss out the stinky dog.

Went for a walk. Found two giant black birds eating off of half of a cat. Changed direction of my walk.

Nagged the kids awake, fed them. Schooled one, told the others to go someplace, no reason for them to be stuck here, too.

Son had an interest in cupstacking for a while. Then it became cup building. Followed by cup knocking over. All over.

Didn't run into any clients. Actually, when my teaching was done, I chose to hide .

Um. I want to trade days with you. :D

Doh. Well, glad you had a fun filled day!!